Thursday, September 27, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday - Diana Pharaoh Francis

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By Diana Pharaoh Francis
Book 4 - Horngate Witches
Release Date -
December 26, 2012
Set in apocalyptic America and featuring a magically enslaved heroine who is “a riveting mixture of guts, compassion, and furious anger as she struggles with a world coming apart at the seams” (Romantic Times), the fourth in a dynamic dark urban fantasy series unlike anything you’ve ever read before.
Winter is coming to Montana and Shadowblade warrior Max is expecting trouble. People are hoarding everything. They are banding together, many flocking to the congregation of Sterling Savage, a fire-and-brimstone preacher. A charismatic cult leader who claims to be the Hand of God, he’s determined to create a human utopia and destroy all magic, starting with witches.

Unbeknownst to him, the “divine” voice he’s been hearing isn’t God but a demon that feeds on hate, death, and destruction. Savage is the perfect puppet for the demon’s ambitions. Max and her people at Horngate are all that stand in its way, and they are woefully unprepared.

Conducting terrible, bloody ceremonies to boost his own power and that of the demon riding him, Savage starts a war between his congregants and two other powerful gangs in the city, fighting for food, fuel, clothing and territory. When he manages to capture Max’s niece, brother, and several teenagers from Horngate, Max tries to free them but finds that Savage has twisted their minds. They worship him—even her brother, who is a witch and whom Savage intends to burn at the stake. Going undercover in the cult compound, Max swiftly realizes just how seductive Savage is. His charisma is reinforced with magic. His followers adore him and will do anything for him. Anything.

But courage, loyalty, and friendship are powerful forces—and Max doesn’t like to lose.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 I just started reading this series. I bought the first book when it released a few years ago, Bitter Night, because I followed her Crosspointe series, so I thought I would try this series as well. I never did read it, but for whatever reason, perhaps something different to read, I thought it time I pick it up and give it a try. It has great reviews and I really enjoyed the Crosspointe series (Still waiting for another book !) So far, I am enjoying it.

I also have her other books in the Path series. I haven't read them either. I need to remedy that too.


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Ain't he sweet?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Series I Haven't Finished

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This week the Top Ten Tuesday topic is 
Series I Haven't Finished...

1. The Mageverse Series by Angela Knight - I read the first five books and have the sixth. Perhaps one day I'll get caught up. I did start reading Master of Fire. It's on my nightstand.

Master of the Night
Master of the Moon
Master of Wolves
Master of Dragons
Master of Swords
Master of Fire
Master of Smoke
Master of Shadows
Master of Darkness

2. The Breeds by Lora Leigh -This series I would like to get caught up on. I have the next three books. One day I'll get back to them.

Tempting the Beast
The Man Within
Elizabeth's Wolf
Kiss of Heat
Soul Deep
Megan's Mark
Harmony's Way
Tanner's Scheme
Wolf's Hope
Jacob's Faith
Aiden's Charity
Dawn's Awkening
Mercury's War
Coyote's Mate
Bengal's Heart
Lion's Heat
Styx's Storm
Navarro's Promise
Lawe's Justice
Stygian's Honor

3. Paladins of Darkness by Alexis Morgan - Wow, I didn't realize how many books there are in this series that I haven't read. I doubt I'll try to finish this one. Not sure why I lost interest. It's been quite awhile since I read them.

Dark Protector
Dark Defender
In Darkness Reborn
Redeemed in Darkness
Darkness Unkown
Defeat the Darkness
Bound by Darkness
The Darkness Beyond
Darkness on Fire

4. The Dark-Hunter's by Sherilyn Kenyon - After I read Ash's book, I had no desire to read anymore. I loved the first 6 or 7 books, but after awhile, I just wasn't much into them and now there are just so many to read to get caught up. I'm not even going to list them :).

Fantasy Lover through Seize the Night were some of my favorite books I've read.

5. The Lee and Taro Series by Moira J. Moore - I really wanted to like these books. I enjoyed the first and second one, but found it difficult to get into the third.

Resenting the Hero
The Hero Strikes Back
Heroes Adfift
Heroes At Risk
Heroes Return

6. The Psy/Changling series by Nalini Singh - This seires I am finally working on getting caught up on, so it probably doesn't exactly fit with the theme of this top ten list. I had stopped reading them about three years ago, but have recently read the next two books from where I left off and now only have 3 more to get caught up. I really love this series and am not sure why I didn't keep up with it.

Slave to Sensation 
Visions of Heat
Caressed by Ice
Mine to Possess
Hostage to Pleasure
Branded by Fire
Blaze of Memory
Bonds of Justice
Play of Passion
Kiss of Snow
Tangle of Need

7. Daughter of the Glenn Series by Melissa Mayhue - Maybe someday I'll read some more books in this series. Not sure why I stopped reading these ones either. I did find that she has another series that I might have to look into...The Warrior Series :)

Thirty Nights With A Highland Husband
Highland Guardian
Soul of a Highlander
A Highlander of Her Own
A Highlander's Destiny
A Highlander's Homecoming
Healing the Highlander
Highlander's Curse

8. DragonFire Seires by Deborah Cooke - This is another series that I do plan on continuing. I just kinda stopped reading for awhile and now I am slowly trying to get caught up. She has a young adult series that branched off of this one that I would like to someday read also.

Kiss of Fire
Kiss of Fury
Kiss of Fate
Winter Kiss
Whisper Kiss
Darkfire Kiss
Ember's Kiss

9. Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning - I love her Highlander books and then this series started, but I just couldn't get into it like so many others have.

Blood fever
Fever Moon

10. Mists of Ireland by Erin Quinn - This series I'd really like to get caught up on. I didn't realize, though, I'm only behind one book...

Hauting Beauty
Haunting Warrior
Haunting Desire
Haunting Embrace

I'd say more than half of this list is more a reminder of how far behind I am on series I still would like to read but for one reason or another have fallen behind.

The Spoiled Baby!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yay...I Can Crochet!

I always wanted to learn how to crochet, and yesterday my aunt Judy taught me how to do a double stitch row. I'm so excited! My first attempt last night didn't turn out so well. I got the chain and an entire row done when I realized that my chain was done entirely too tight. When I started my second row it was curving down and around...umm, so not going to work. So sadly I had  to unravel what took me 5 HOURS to do and start over. I knew doing the first row that I did my chain too tight, but I thought it might still be okay. I wasn't ready to admit defeat just yet. It's all good though. I picked it back up this morning and started over. It only took me half the time to do twice the amount today as compared to what I did yesterday.

My aunt has like three times more done than I do! So I'm pretty sure you can figure out whose is whose.

UH-OH It's Trouble! With a capital T!!

 Actually, that black and white fur ball is my new kitty, Silly Simba. I brought the little stinker home in June right after we moved into the house. He was so tiny. I took him to the vet and turned out he was only about 3 1/2 weeks old :) I had to bottle feed him for a while. He weighed less than a pound, now he's about 5 pounds. He's the best cat. Loves everybody and plays all the time.

Awww....He's so sweet!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preparing For the Back Yard Transformation...

One section at a time.

Gonna be doing some more landscaping today. No planting, but lots of tilling to get the ground ready. I have big plans for the backyard. It's gonna take some time and muscle, but the end result will be all worth it!

Shawn was able to get a tiller from a guy he works with. He brought it home yesterday, went to start it and the gas line broke. Oops...Not a big deal though, he's a handy guy to have around and the tiller hasn't been used in eight years, so he figured there might be some maintenance work needed on it.

We're gonna work on leveling out the ground, getting it ready so I can do my concrete walk way as I did in New York around my garden and deck. I got my tools yesterday, but had to order the concrete form online. It should be here on Tuesday.

My aunt had a great suggestion. The area we are going to be working on up by the house actually sits up higher than the rest of the yard (You can see it in the bottom picture). I'd have to say that the previous owner built it up for something but never got around to doing anything with it. So she suggested building a retaining wall, perhaps using railroad ties, having that section of the yard raised. It would eliminate the slope and add a nice decorative viewing element. That slope has bothered me since we moved in. It would be a little extra work but we can do it!

I'm so excited to get started on this and it's so wonderful that I can even still consider doing yard work this late in the year. I'm so not missing New York right now :).

One of these years when everything is done and had a chance to mature, my back yard is going to be my oasis!

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lusting for Covers

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This book has been released in hardcover since last year, but I want it in paperback to go with the rest of the series and so far there still is no known release date. The books have been out in Australia for quite awhile now, it drives me crazy that it's taking so long for each book to release in the US. I love this series and her other series, The Hythrun Chronicles. I'm halfway through the second book in that one. She's an excellent author, great characterization and world building. This is the epic fantasy stuff I love reading. There's even a little bit of romance in them :).

Not so much lusting for the cover of this one, but I am seriously craving the words within!

Jennifer Fallon
Book 4 - The Tide Lords

The magical Tide has turned and the Immortal Lords once again have their full power. The Immortal Lord Cayal welcomes this power as a means to an end—his end, preferably.  Cayal has wanted to cease his existence for longer than human history and it looks like he might finally get his wish.  Rumors swirl that the Chaos Crystal, the mysterious prism that brought the Immortals to the world, has been found. Cayal is determined to seize the gem.

Among those who search for this long-lost object is Cayal’s former lover, the very mortal Lady Arkady.  She’s been captured by Jaxyn, a Tide Lord who is decidedly against Cayal and is seeking the Crystal for his own nefarious schemes. Arkady escapes, and is off on her desperate search…for if the gem falls into the hands of the Immortals, what will become of humanity?

The stakes are high, with mortal and immortal fighting to grasp this ultimate prize. Whoever holds the Crystal can decide the fate of the world.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oops...Impulse Buyers, We Are!

The Old...

Hadn't planned on redoing the front yard landscaping this year. But we stopped at a nursery that we found by accident and couldn't pass up the Crape Myrtle that was 50% off! Which is what we wanted to plant at the corner of the house.
I have a huge disliking for boxwoods, and there were six of those dang things planted around the front window. And then that obnoxious bush that looked more like an over grown weed...well, they are no more!

That was quite a chore digging out the roots. I wasn't sure what it was. It looked kinda like a lilac or a butterfly bush. I knew it wasn't a lilac, and I thought for sure it couldn't be a butterfly bush because of the size. Turns out, according to the neighbors, that it was indeed a butterfly bush! I had no idea they could grow so large.

The new!
I LOVE Crape Myrtles! In a few years it should be nice and full. Everything should fill out by then and there will be lots of color throughout the entire growing season. The two dwarf crape myrtle shrubs have a darker pink flower so I got the white rose of sharon. I figure next year I'll add some annuals along the front. I do plan on adding one of those narrow holly shrubs where the bird feeder is. It seems like it could use something with some height right there but nothing that will get wide, and one of those would be perfect!

We also picked up this small Crape Myrtle. I had to prune it up some, it looked a little tattered around the bottom. It should grow real nice right there on the side of the house.

When Shawn was digging the hole, he came in the garage yelling my name, I was in the house fixing dinner. I went out and he's standing there holding the shovel out with a pile of dirt on it. He's like, "Quick, come here and see this." So I went out and he took off running back to the side yard. So I took off after him, thinking what the heck am I running after him for! But I did. He says, "Look." and tosses the dirt on the ground and out scurries the largest frikkin mole I have ever seen! OMG, it was flippin huge!! He managed to catch it again and put it in the container, so I snapped a few pictures.

Look at the size of those claws!!
He had to be at least five inches!

I probably would never have planted roses. I don't know why, maybe I thought they were hard to take care of. But this rose garden was planted last year, and it is so pretty and they continuously bloom! I won't be redoing this one.

My hibiscus that I'm hoping doesn't die in the house through the winter. It's such a pretty tree and the day long flowers have been plentiful. Hasn't gone a day yet without at least one flower in bloom!

I love landscaping. There are a lot of things I still want to do with the yard, mostly all in the backyard. But it's a good start so far!

Hope you are having a great weekend!