Monday, December 15, 2008

Eve Silver - Dark Desires

~Eve Silver - Dark Desires~

On the streets of Whitechapel, a man steps from the fog-shrouded shadows, looking for company. The women are always happy to take his coin-just before they take his knife...

Darcie Finch has come to the East London brothel as a last, desperate choice. Instead, the mad
am turns Darcie out into the harsh night with new hope-to seek employment from one who owes her a favor, Dr. Damien Cole-as well as a last warning: Have a care. Steer clear of his work and his secrets. He is a man to fear...

The Cole residence is a strange place, indeed. Servants disappear. Unsavory characters call at odd hours of the night. And Darcie has seen the handsome doctor leave his laboratory splattered with blood. Now, Damien has offered her the chance o
f a lifetime, using her skills as an artist to work beside him. Long hours together soon ignite an unexpected-and irresistible-passion. But the closer Darcie gets to Damien and his secrets, the more she wonders if he is a dedicated, charming healer...or a cold blooded killer.

Finally! I have been wanting to read this one for a year and a half. But I didn't want to buy it used. I hoped that it would go into reprint, and I still do. But so far it hasn't. The used copy I received from was in pretty decent shape. I'm just so happy that I have finally gotten to read it!

And it was sooo goooood! I LOVE LOVE
Eve Silver's Gothic Historicals. She knows how to give a nice eerie sense to her stories. Her first three, Dark Desires, His Dark Kiss and Dark Prince are all written in the female protagonists point of view, which helps lend to that dark and creepy atmosphere regarding the hero. Her word choices enhance the eeriness. I think she is just wonderful!

I read her futuristic novels written under
Eve Kenin and her paranormals under Eve Silver, and while I do very much enjoy them, I am partial to her Gothics! They're just so good :).

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