Monday, December 15, 2008

Eve Silver - His Wicked Sins

Title: His Wicked Sins

Author: Eve Silver

Series: No

Publication Date: August 2008

Reason for Reading: Because it's Eve Silver! I will read everything she writes, regardless of genre. She is fabulous. And this book seals the deal!

Summary From Book: In the quiet hamlet of Yorkshire, the hallowed halls of Burndale School stand...and evil lurks in its dark corners. For a serial killer with a proclivity for blonde women has struck again-this time, murdering two of its teachers. Now everyone is wondering when the killer will seek his next victim...

Elizabeth Canham has accepted a teaching position at the local boarding school in Yorkshire. But her quiet life takes a surprising turn when she meets Griffin Fairfax-the handsome father of one of her pupils.
His mesmerizing stare quickly draws her in, and she can't deny the fierce attraction between them...

Griffin Fairfax appears to be a doting father and gentleman. But one disturbing truth lies at the heart of the murders-all of the victims were intimately connected to him. When Elizabeth discovers this, she wonders if it's a mere coincidence or if Griffin could be a charming, seductive killer so many women have lost their hearts-and lives-to...

My Thoughts:

This book absolutely blew me away! I swear, Eve Silver just gets better and better. This dark, disturbing tale will have you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page until the end. The romance is rather limited throughout, but don't think for a second that hindered this book, the scenes when Beth and Griffin are together are quite powerful. Griffin’s reactions to Beth were perfect…so caring, even though he claims to be a villain because of his past. And the scenes with Griffin’s daughter…heart-wrenching, yet full of hope. The characters and their intertwined roles was so superbly done, I was left guessing till the very end how the story would come together. And, man, it was fabulous! The heartache and fear that each of the characters felt simply leaped off the pages. It has been a long while since I felt so much reading a book. Truly a fabulous read. Eve Silver ROCKS!! If you haven’t read one of Eve’s gothic historicals, don’t pass this one up! Go…go now…get this book…you’ll love it!!

Keeping it or Passing it on: Definitely keeping it!

Score: 5 out of 5

Any other thoughts: To learn more, if you don't already know, about Eve Silver/Kenin click here!

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