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Kirsten Saell - Healer's Touch

Kisten Saell
Healer's Touch
Samhain Publishing
Publication Date - August 2008
Length - Category

Genre - Erotic Fantasy, with f/f and m/f/f
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She’s determined to break his eight centuries of celibacy—at any cost!

Darjhian healer Aru has been in exile for eight hundred years, barred from the Deathless Land and parted from his wife. Now fallen from grace and no longer immortal, he can never return to her.

Yet he cleaves to his marriage vow and holds himself apart from everyone—especially Viera, the former prostitute whose sexual energy provides the power needed for his healing work. She presents a temptation he must constantly hold at bay if he’s to keep to his vow.

Viera isn’t interested in fighting temptation. She wants Aru. He wants her. What could be simpler? After three frustrating months working with him, her need for him has reached the breaking point. He claims he can never touch a woman again, but Viera isn’t the type to take no for an answer.

Over four glorious nights, she shows Aru everything he’s denied himself for eight centuries. But a shadow hangs over their passion. Aru is keeping secrets about the nature of his mortality. And now he faces a terrible choice…

Break Viera’s heart, or risk destroying her with the knowledge of what he truly is.

As I said in a previous post, I wondered about f/f and even m/f/f in romance today. And the other day to my delight while I was browsing Samhain, I happened across Kirsten Saell. She writes exactly what I was looking for--a little f/f and fantasy. Sometimes erotic novels can be a hit and miss with me. Usually I find them merely okay reads. But then sometimes, like with Kirsten Saell's books, I feel like I hit a gold mine!

Aru, once an immortal Darjhan, finds himself betrayed, cast out from his people and fallen. Now he is a mortal Omahru-azhi, walking dead. If anyone knew the ramifications of what that meant, it would freeze the blood of those who knew. And he's a healer among the mortals. All he has left to keep some semblance of honor within himself is the marriage vow to his wife, Zharina, whom he has not seen in centuries. But he knows that now that he is no longer a Darjhan, Zharina no longer holds her vows sacred as Aru does. But still he battles his urges to find comfort and release with another woman, clinging furtively to that last string of honor.

Viera, once a prostitute, is now Aru's healing assitant. The power they are able to wield together is stronger, more intense. And the way they go about it is very unique--a nice touch to the rules of this fantasy world. She wants Aru. As she knows he wants her, but she knows he is afraid to take that step and sever the last thread of honor he holds of his marriage vows. But what she doesn't know, is that there is more to his battle to remain aloof to her advances. His fear of who he now is--Omahru-azhi.

In a moment of weakness, Aru finds himself standing in Viera's room. And the voyeuristic games begin. For several nights the two find pleasure watching the other masturbate. In Aru's tormented, sexually deprived mind, he felt he was not breaking his vow because he was not actually touching Viera.

Viera forms a plan in order to hopefully make Aru put aside his misgivings and touch her at last, the way lovers would by bringing another person to his room, to taunt and tease him, make him crave her as he watches another touch her and her touch another. Make him wish it was his hands, his mouth on her body, as well as her mouth and her hands on his body. But not a man. She doesn't want him flying off in a jealous rage.

Viera approaches a woman that her and Aru recently healed, Inella. Inella agrees to help Viera, because she wants to experience passion, arousal, completion, that she had never experienced in her years of marriage. But after her healing, and the feelings it provoked within her--the healing power is an extremely sexual one for both the healer and the one being healed--Inella agrees and Aru is dismayed yet terribly and painfully aroused when they enter his room and do to each other what he wants to do to Viera.

In a moment of utter weakness, Aru does something that was so damn neat. It brought a tear to my eye. It was a unique twist that I thought was perfect. But Viera finds her plan backfiring after that incident when Aru tells her she must And that they can no longer heal together. But it's not over! Aru cannot remain fighting the intensity of his urges toward Viera, and when that time comes...let the sparks fly!

I must say that I am so damn pleased I stumbled across this author. Aru's torment in denying himself the pleasure he wants more than anything within the arms of Viera was felt each time you were in his perspective. You feel the turmoil of his emotions, his yearning for Viera.

The scenes with Viera and Inella, wow! I am most definitley a fan of f/f and m/f/f. The two together was extremely well written. Viera and Inella shared some tender moments that I thought were just wonderful. Of course, one scene did nothing but torment the stuborn Aru. Well, I suppose they all did, but one more so due to the nature of it.

Yes, in a way Viera used Inella with her ploy to break the bonds that hold Aru back, but Inella only wanted to experience passion that she hoped Viera could ignite within her and ignite within her Viera did. But the bonds of friendship that soon forms between the two women sets into motion a budding romance between Inella and a most unlikely man!

This was truly an erotic romance, not merely explicit scenes. With the voyeurism so prominent throughout, it plays on your senses. The book is not riddled with explitive words, but has scenes that are highly charged regarding the nature of them, rather than the blunt usage of nouns describing anatomy.

Without a doubt, I am a fan of Ms. Saell and will continue to follow her work as it's published. Her compelling prose will grip you and sink under your skin.

Now I must ask her if she has goodies! :) Dude, her covers are awesome! Notice the light. It looks as though the cover is actually lit up, both this one and Bound By Steel! I love them!

Rather than linking to the excerpt available for Healer's Touch, I am adding it here for your reading pleasure!

Healer's Touch
Viera lay alone in her too-big bed, her body on fire, every inch of her flesh in a state of agonizing hyper-awareness. The linen sheets were cool and hot at the same time, slipping imaginary fingers across her flushed skin. Her nipples were hard knots of tender flesh longing to be touched by fingers other than her own. Longing to be kissed, licked, suckled. Her belly felt heavy with the imprint of Aru's hand - it was as if his touch was branded into her skin. She felt him there, above her womb, but not in the places she wanted him most.

How many times had Viera come during this afternoon's healing? Seven? Eight? And yet her body was as primed for sex as if it had not known release for days and days. She thought back to their altercation in the salon, to the arc of need that had sprung between them, to the bleakness on his face as he sternly denied himself everything a man should want. Thought about her own body's response to his anguish. Mere moments after rising from a pleasure so intense it felt like her body had been turned inside out, all it took was one look at Aru's turgid cock and she wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees in front of it and drink him dry.

And it would never happen. She knew he wanted her - she had only to picture the thickness of his organ straining the seam of his trousers to have her proof - but he would never
touch her beyond that one, sterile point of contact necessary to draw her power. He would never use her the way she wanted to be used. And he would never allow her to give him anything meaningful other than the power of her womb. Not pleasure. Certainly not love.

As her eyes began to sting, she slipped one hand down between her legs. She was slick and swollen, her labia plump and hypersensitive, her clit a knot of agony. She began to rub, but it was no use. She didn't want to
touch herself. It seemed as if touching herself was all she'd been doing for as long as she could remember.

With a sigh, she drew her fingers away and clenched her fist. Rolled onto her side and closed her eyes, forcing thoughts of
Aru from her head, trying to remember instead the last man she had fucked. She lay there a long time before she finally came up with his name, and his face remained a blank circle in her memory.
Aru's limbs were steady as he crossed to the stairs. He had half-carried Gil back to his own apartment in a state of inebriation bordering on coma, but it took a very great deal to intoxicate a Darjhan - even a fallen one. Aru's coins had vanished one by one down Aliannet's bodice until his purse was empty, and still, he was lamentably sober this night.

Sober and in pain. Even before he reached the top of the stairs, he was achingly hard, as if all it took was being in the same house with her. On the landing, he stood and stared at her door, then deliberately turned and entered his own room.

Gods, it was hot up here. With a muttered curse, he opened the window, jerking at the ties of his shirt. He tugged it off over his head and leaned on the window frame to let the chill spring breeze caress his bare torso. Across the street, a pair of whores plied their trade, calling offers to passers by, flashing their breasts at those who showed interest. There was a time when
Aru would have watched their games, but he had no stomach for it anymore. His erection was like a steel rod, but it had nothing to do with any woman outside.

Crossing to the bed, he reached for the buttons of his trousers, but his straining cock reacted with a bolt of pain and a wet surge of fluid.

"Paldir help me," he muttered, flopping face-down on the mattress. He closed his eyes, but she was there waiting for him, her pale skin dotted with freckles, her auburn hair like a river of silk pouring over his white hands, her breasts peaked with the dusky pearls of her nipples. Gods, he had seen her naked in all her glory, had sat beside her, one hand on her belly as she writhed and screamed in the extremity of her arousal. He had seen it. He had caused it! It was but a tiny step further down the road to madness to imagine her breasts filling his hands, her nipples pressed between his lips as he suckled her, his cream-slicked fingers sliding high up inside her heat. He groaned at the thought of that pink tongue of hers lapping at his chest, licking a wet trail across his belly and down to his shaft. Her face, smiling up at him as she took him between her sweet lips and sucked him in, hard and deep, her hair spilling across his torso and between his legs.

Damn. With a start, he realized he was grinding his cock into the mattress. Sitting up, he rubbed his hands up and down his face, hard enough to chafe his skin. He'd never be able to sleep. Downstairs in the kitchen, he had a large cask of mead - the closest thing to hennath he could find in Anduni lands - but he couldn't fetch himself any without risking waking Inella or her family. And to be honest, he doubted even a river of drink would soften his cock tonight.

Damn, damn, damn. Rising, he tiptoed to the door and peeked across the landing to Viera's room. Her door stood ajar, a bar of candlelight slanting across the floorboards. She always left one burning next to the bed, in case a patient needed her in the night. Before
Aru realized what he was doing, he was standing just outside her door, peeking in.

She slept, her hair like a dark cloud against the stark white of the sheets. She wore no shift-the dusky tip of one breast peeked at him over the edge of the blanket, and one long, curvy leg thrust out from the covers. Her bare toes enthralled him - so mundane, yet so delicate. He thought about taking them in his mouth, one by one. She stirred, shifting so that her other breast emerged from under the blanket, and he felt his shaft thicken in response, hardening until he thought his trouser buttons might end up permanently imprinted along its underside.

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