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Judith James - Broken Wing

Broken Wing is not a mere romance, but a grand story of love, acceptance and forgiveness, which spans over five years.

This wonderfully poignant story both warmed and ripped at my heart. I was left breathless and bleary-eyed several times throughout the budding friendship/romance between Gabriel and Sarah. My heart ached for Gabriel due to the horrid, unspeakable acts dealt him during his years as a whore in France, before being rescued by Sarah and her brother for keeping their young brother, James, safe.

The innocent air between them was so remarkably written, I could do nothing but fall helplessly into their world and believe with my whole heart of their true and honest love for one another.

The strong characterization of Gabriel packed a powerful punch to the gut. Watching him grow over the year, his emotions and feelings toward both himself and his Sarah, was beautiful and raw. The respect and kindness, regardless of his past, given to him by Sarah and her older brother, Ross, allowed for that inner-growth and his self-worth.

Broken Wing is a beautiful love story, centered around Gabriel and the peace he finds within the relationship formed with Sarah. He flourishes due to her compassionate and understanding nature. Yet, he finds himself, a year later, setting out for a grand adventure at sea, to build a fortune so that he may support his Lady Sarah properly. It's also very critical for him as a man who has never been allowed to make decisions or explore opportunities of his own choosing. Little does he know of the dire circumstances that await him. During the four years of his ill-fated adventure, Judith James built tension, creating a deep longing to see Gabriel find his way back to his Sarah. And what sweet bliss it was. (have tissue handy)

I hope Ms. James gets all the recognition due her for writing one of the best romance books of 2008 I have read, and quite possible one of the best love stories I've ever read.

I loved this book and it will sit proudly amongst my shelves.

Here are a few scenes that I thought were extremely memorable and loaded with emotion. Of course, it's only a snippet, so I doubt it will have the same effect than if you read up to these points.

They turned to look at each other, still holding hands, grinning in awe and excitement. It was the most beautiful moment of his life. It was something that he'd never done, never even imagined possible, sitting under the stars with a young lady, hand in hand. It was something that lovers, sweethearts, people who cared for each other did...He gave her hand a soft squeeze, and she turned, smiling, and gently squeezed him back. Page 81

That was their first truly real encounter, sparking Gabriel's need to return to her night after night, finding solace from the nightmares that haunt his sleep. It's quite a significant scene.

Now here he was, lying comfortably in the bed of a lovely woman, holding hands like lovers, talking and chatting like old friends, and falling asleep together like a happy and contented old couple.

It's scenes like that one that allowed me to fall into the wonder of the relationship being built.

"I am fluent when it comes to sex, my dear, believe me." Looking away he continued, "But kissing, well, it's something that lovers do, sweethearts, husbands and wives, not whores and their clients. It's far too intimate and personal...You are, in fact, mignonne, the only woman I have ever kissed. I trust it was memorable at least. My apologies, mademoiselle," he sketched a mocking bow, "for botching the job.

Sarah's reaction to that was wonderfully done. The scene was so full of warmth and love, an encounter that didn't demand from him for her own pleasure, all simply for him.

About the cover...until reading, I didn't realize the significance of his arms. Amazing that a cover can hold so much emotion.

I hope any who read this has either read, bought, or plan on buying Broken Wing. It truly is a fabulous love story between two superbly written characters.

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