Sunday, February 15, 2009

R.F. Long - The Wolf's Sister

The Wolf's Sister (Novella)

Fantasy - Samhain
November 2008

A love transcending race and culture…
a secret that could cost everything.

A Tale of the Holtlands, Book 1

Elite Fey’na warrior Shan is driven only by hatred for Gilliad, the Lord of River Holt, the human responsible for the brutal slaying of his innocent sister. Vengeance will be his as soon as he can find a way to confront his enemy. His mind is set; his path chosen. Then he meets Jeren…Jeren of River Holt flees for her life, desperate to escape the clutches of her brother, Gilliad, before his misuse of magic consumes what remains of his sanity. She finds safety and protection with Shan…but only so long as she hides her kinship with the Lord of River Holt. As they are pursued across the northern snow plains, their deepening trust turns to love. A love that could shatter when he learns who, and what, she is.

I think the blurb pretty much sums up the book. What I will say is that this has a fascinating world, with a great plot, strong characters, intense scenes, and harsh moments. This little book had me on the edge through every page. You'll not find any of the sex that generally goes with a romance, but you will find one fantastic story. The characters and their actions drove this book, and drove it well. Definitely quenched my thirst for a time for some good fantasy.

My only could have been much longer. She's one of those authors that I can get lost in her writing. I will indeed be on the look-out for more of R.F Long's books.

I'd recommend this book to any fantasy lover who's looking for a quick, fulfilling read!

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