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Amanda McIntyre - The Diary of Cozette

The Diary of Cozette
Amanda McIntyre Harlequin Spice
October 2008
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The Diary of Cozette is just that, the diary of Anne Cozette Bennett, which spans from August 1869 to the winter of 1875.

At the age of fourteen, Cozette's mother becomes too weak from illness to care for her, and sends her away to an aunt and uncle's home to live. Her mother gives her a diary and tells her to keep track of her adventures. Of course, I doubt her mom would have thought Cozette's entries would be of the explicit sexual journey Cozette embarks upon.

After an incident with her cousin shortly after Cozette's arrival, she finds herself shipped off to an orphanage. There she meets a young man named Ernest. Eventually their relationship turns to one of a sexual nature, awakening her feminine passion. Ernest fears for her well-being and sends her to London with the promise he will follow her shortly.

He never shows and over a year later, after suffering terrible tribulations, Cozette finds herself serving a most unlikely lady. She gave Cozette a safe and secure home, even though she was a servant, there was still much respect, allowing Cozette to grow into a decent young lady. Within that home Cozette also learns of her inner passions and longings, that which is denied ladies of the time.

Men enter her life, offering her what her body craves since that night of passion with Ernest. Ernest awakened her passion. Francois breathed life into it. And Mr. Rodin refined it. But who will claim it and keep for themselves? For Cozette has a passion that will be neither banked nor denied.

I loved watching Cozette grow and change over the course of this book. Watching her go from inexperienced with Ernest, to thinking herself in love with Francois, to knowing that what she has with Mr. Rodin is no more than two adults enjoying the companionship of each others bodies. And then of course the one man who matches her and stokes the flames inside her that she dreamed she could spend the rest of her life with without worry he might tire and seek passion elsewhere. That one man she could love.

The Diary of Cozette is not really a romance, more erotic fiction with romantic elements. It's more what I said previously, Cozette coming of age and accepting and exploring her sensually passionate nature. It was very elegantly written. The words flowed very poetically. Ms. McIntyre can pen some really amazing sexual encounters. And the great thing, they are rather short but pack a walloping punch! Truly an awesomely talented writer Amanda McIntyre is<---hey, that was kinda like Yoda :). I also loved the unique set-up of this book, entry dates as if it really were a diary, rather than chapters. I am loving this Spice line with Harlequin. I've only read one other book, Stranger by Megan Hart, that was published in this line, and I love the "out of the box" motto it seems to have. Both of them have been so different from the normal romance book, yet still have that satisfying romantic ending. They have a more real life aspect to them that I love. I will read more in this line, without a doubt! Amanda McIntyre's next Spice book is Tortured and man, does it not sound like a great book. I couldn't find a blurb on her website for it though. I had read a blog post about it and, yeah, it sounds wonderful! And that cover is just beautiful, don't you think?
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