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Annaliese Evens - Night's Rose (Review)

Annaliese Evans (website)
Night's Rose (Book One)

Release Date: March 31, 2009
here for an Excerpt.

Book two, Prince of Frogs, is scheduled for release in September 2009

For nearly one hundred years, Rosemarie Edenberg has worked tirelessly to wipe the dreaded ogre tribe from the earth. Now the tribe has gathered in London to work a spell that will destroy the scourge of their kind, the one they call the Briar Rose.

Two magnetic men will unite to aid Rose--her mysterious fey advisor, Ambrose, and the vampire Lord Shenley, an earl of scandalous reputation and even more scandalous appetites. One will save her, one will betray her, and both will challenge her to face the past that haunts her.

Once upon a time, she was ensnared in the mists of enchantment, cursed to sleep one hundred years. But this beauty wasn't awakened with a kiss and has never known happily ever after. But with the help of her handsome allies, Rose may find it yet.

I don't know much about the original story of "Sleeping Beauty", not even the classic Disney version. I guess I was a bit deprived growing up :). Or maybe just a bit tom-boyish. I wasn't much into girly things. And I'm also not a reader of Urban Fantasy, but something about this book caught my eye a few months ago when I was browsing future releases, and I felt I had to read this one. With it being tagged Historical Urban Fantasy and not written in the first person perspective, it held a lot of appeal. This book is actually the first book I ventured to ask the author for an ARC to review. I'm glad I did.

In this fantasy world set in 1750 England, you will find a plethora of mystical legendary creatures such as the Fey, Ogres, water sprites, brownies, vampires, and even some fire-breathing Wyrms!! DUDE!! The lead character, Rosemarie Edenberg, is an executioner of Ogres. She is known as the scourge to them, the Briar Rose, Woman of many thorns. Rose finds herself knee-deep in a prophecy and a plan plotted by the vile, human-eating Ogres to end her life once and for all.

Rose is modeled after the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, but with a dark and twisted edge. She does no wake after a hundred years' sleep to a kiss, and fall hopelessly in love with a knight in shining armor. The details of Rose's awakening are none too pleasant. As the story unfolds, we learn more and more of the relationships between the two men in Rose's life, the vampire Lord Shenley, and her Fey adviser Ambrose.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters, the world, all of it was very entertaining. Some very nice and surprising plot twists that hadn't even occurred to me. The complex relationships between Ambrose, Rose and Lord Shenely made this story an awesome addition to my keeper shelves. I just loved all the scenes with Rose and Lord Shenely. He's such a good guy...I mean vampire. I think there was an even dose of plot, character, and relationship development throughout. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good Urban Fantasy. Heck, I think anyone who likes a good paranormal would find this book engaging. The ending leaves you wondering if there may be some menage a troi action between Rose, Gareth and Ambrose in the next book! Rating - 4/5

Good stuff, and I'm looking forward to reading more of Rose's adventures in Prince of Frogs in September!

Click here for an Excerpt.
She has some amazing covers!


Lea said...

This sounds like a great book Amy!

Historical Urban Fantasy eh? I love, love the cover.

Great review, I may have to read this one..

Thank you

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Hmm, this sounds interesting. I'm usually not a paranormal reader or urban fantasy, but I just might give this one a go! Thanks for the great review, Amy! You've talked me into it!

Anna said...

I have this one on my list to pick up on Friday. :)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!!

This sounds really good!! Night Rose is on my TBB list for sure! I love paranormal and urban fantasy, (you may have already guessed this)!

I took a class is classical fairy tales because I such a fairy tale freak (again you may have guessed this)!

I would make up stories to my sisters at bedtime combining all fairy tales into one freakishly weird tale--they loved it.

Dottie :)

Renee said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I've been looking forward to picking it up this week. I love the setting, and the cover is just gorgeous! :-)

Blodeuedd said...

I love the cover :)
I didn't know the real Sleeping beauty story either, guess it's not nice at all.
But I do know the real Cinderella version with cut of toes and everything else. I remember listening to the real version as a kid.

Eva S said...

Hi Amy,
this book sounds great! Thanks for the review, I'm not so fond of urban fantasy, but historical and not in first person perspective, I think this will be something for me. I've always loved fairytales....

Amy C said...

You're Welcome, Lea. You read more of the Urban Fantasy kinda books like Anna, you might like this one. It's Historical but I think that might be minor in the whole of the everything.

Awesome, Julie! I hope you like it :).

Same to you, Anna!

Amy C said...

Dottie, growing with you as a sister sounds like it would have been fun and interesting! :) So glad you're going to look into this book also!

Renee, I hope you like it too! I agree the cover is beautiful. And I think the next book's cover is pretty spiffy too :).

Blodeuedd, I think alot of the fairy tales are actually more graphic. Disney put a nice little spin on them though, but I don't know that much about any of them really. I just know they are not as sweet as the Disney versions.

Eva, that's what sold me for trying this one...historical and not in first person.

nath said...

Sigh, me want it too. I wasn't so sure, because it is historical, so I've been waiting for a review. Love the cover!! Now, I just need to find it.

Blodeuedd said...

No the real fairy tales tend to be more real, where was it I read that they weren't really meant for children. They were more what not do do

Tracy said...

Great review Amy. Sounds interesting. You always read such interesting books. :)

The Prince of Frogs - It reminds me of my daughters book the Frog Prince, con't. The story of the Frog Prince after he was turned. Funny stuff.

Christine said...

I've loved this cover art since you first posted it on your blog, too, Amy. It is gorgeous. I love the idea of an historical urban fantasy. I hadn't realized how dark and fantastical this novel was before I read your review. I think I'd like to give it a whirl myself.

Tracy, I keep thinking the same thing as you regarding the title of the sequel. Although, I'm thinking that was the author's intention. Perhaps it is a variation that fairy tale.