Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catherine Kean - A Knight's Temptation

Catherine Kean
A Knight's Temptation: Knight's Series Book 3
April 2009
Medallion Press
Historical Romance (Medieval)
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I was thrilled when I opened up my email last month and Catherine Kean asked me if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing her new book releasing April 1st, A Knight's Temptation. She wasn't aware that I had already read the first book in her Knight's series, A Knight's Vengeance, a book which I really enjoyed :), so I was pretty excited with the offer.

The first book, A Knight's Vengeance, is about Geoffrey de Lanceau and his Lady Elizabeth. Geoffrey kidnaps Elizabeth as part of his plot for revenge for the foul deeds against his name and his murdered father's name. Geoffrey believes Elizabeth's father is responsible. Now enter a love sick fool who is deceived into believing that Geoffrey has hurt his Lady Love, Elizabeth. Aldwin Treynarde, the hero of A Knight's Temptation, shoots de Lanceau in the chest, thinking he is protecting Elizabeth and her father, but boy, was he wrong! Three years later, after pledging himself to serve de Lanceau, he finds himself kidnapping his own lady, the Lady Leona in A Knight's Temptation.

Twelve years earlier, a childhood game of Damsel in distress turns tragic when eight year old Leona is reluctantly tied to tree by her brother and a boy that he befriends that is visiting their household. Aldwin. Leona is not happy that they leave her there, alone, she wants to be part of the sword fighting also, not the trussed up lady needing rescue. But young Aldwin doesn't leave before he places an innocent kiss upon her lips, which just infuriates Leona even more. Then tragedy strikes when a swarm of bees sting her little body that nearly caused her death.

Now twelve years later, Aldwin and Leona's paths cross again over a stolen ruby pendant that belongs to de Lanceau. Aldwin believes all these years later that Leona died from the bee stings she suffered. His shame and dishonor from that fateful day and then the shooting of de Lanceau three years earlier weigh heavy on him.

Aldwin winds up taking Leona against her will to de Lanceau. And the journey begins as Aldwin and Leona discover an attraction that neither can resist. Between their battle of wills, Leona finds herself dreaming of the next kiss Aldwin might steal from her, wanting his heat and the feelings he provokes within her.

There were some interesting twists that added to the plot from A Knight's Vengeance regarding de Lanceau and Veronique. I enjoyed revisiting the characters from the first book. The two antagonists were once again front and center in this one. However in A knight's Temptation one gets what is deserving of their foul deeds, and one gets away to live another day, Veronique. Oh, she's a cruel, disturbed woman. I can only hope she gets whats due her in a future book. And I'm curious to see how one of the events plays out in future books.

If you like the kidnapped heroine who falls for her capture as they journey to their destination, a strong-willed heroine who isn't afraid to fight, a hero who wants honor and respect but doesn't quite go about it in the best of ways, a lot of action, and some stolen heated kisses, then check this book out. However, I would recommend reading A Knight's Vengeance first. There are a lot of references to that book in this one. I don't know if you would also benefit by reading A Knight's Reward (Book two in the Knight's series) before A Knight's Temptation. I didn't read it and everything seemed okay.

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The next book in Catherine Kean's Knights series, A Knight's Persuasion, is set for release in May 2010.

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