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Faery Song (Review)

Tirnan'Oge by Amanda McIntyre
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Crescent Moon Press
June 26, 2008
Fantasy Romance

I don't know if Amanda McIntyre meant for this book to be emotional and tear inducing, but the story of Roan McNamara broke my heart in a sad, yet wonderful way. He was simply an amazing guy. Some thought him crazy and mad, eccentric in his desire to be alone. But that was his fate after one beautiful, soul-shattering faery kiss when he was younger. From that moment on Roan's heart would forever belong to the Sighoge faery named Feeorin.

You won't find a traditional romance in Amanda McIntyre's Tirnan'Oge, but what you will find is a man and his touching, selfless sacrifice to pass along the stories of the Fey, without it, peoples beliefs will disappear as will eventually the Faery people. So Roan chooses a life of solitude in which he gathers faery stories that he writes for publication. And when he feels he's passed on enough of the tales maybe then his sacrifice to remain alone rather than take what his faery love offered him three times in the past will pay off: A mortal life with him, or an immortal life with her.

This may be a novella, but it had an epic feel to it, encompassing more than 50 years. And not one time did the story feel rushed. It just kept sucking me in, and sucking me in. Amanda McIntyre's writing voice in Faery Song was simply amazing. There is no action and fighting, heck there isn't even a raised voice in all the pages. It's just a simple, profound telling of Roan's lonely life and the small amount of people in it. Roan does have a happily ever after, but it's a lonely journey for him to get there. But he's okay with that, because he believes in his heart that he has made the right choices. I loved this story.

One thing I've come to appreciate about Amanda McIntyre's writing, is that her stories are so original in their set up. I've read three so far, The Diary of Cozette, Mirror, Mirror, and Tirnan 'Oge in Faery Song, and each one of them have there own path to get to the HEA. There isn't the typical formula. Her stories are fresh and original and she is an author I will never hesitate to pick up one of her books.

Lady of the Herd by Isabo Kelly
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The second novella in Faery Song, Lady of the Herd, the fairy Diarmaid, a Tuatha De Danann must find Grainne, the Lady of the Herd, and also his lady love. After a terrible incident Grainne fled the fairy realm for the mortal world. For 5 centuries Diarmaid has searched for Grainne. He must find her now more than ever. For the deer herds in the fairy realm are suffering, which eventually affects the essence of the entire realm. The magics are tied together, and all must be in harmony.

Diarmaid finds Grace, and knows that it is his Grainne. She may look different after 5 centuries of being reborn a human, her spirit is still the same. Now Diarmaid must convince Grace who she is and that she must return with him to the fairy realm. Will Grace give in? Because Diarmaid also says he will stick by whatever decision she makes, even if it is a life forever to remain in the mortal realm...alone. You see, if Grace should die one last time in the mortal realm, Grainne's spirit will no longer be reborn. But Grace must believe.

I liked this story also. The relationship between Diarmaid and Grace was very sweet and sensual with the phantom touches from Diarmaid.

I love the fairy lore that was used in both Tirnan'Oge and Lady of the Herd. Two very fine fairy tales!


azteclady said...

Tirnan'Oge sounds amazing--thank you for tthe review, Amy! This one goes on the ohmygawdstopaddingtitlesfortheloveofpuppies! TBB list.

Lea said...

This sounds like a beautiful story Amy! I've enjoyed reading some of the posts from Amanda's site. It's been a long time since I've read tales of the Irish and the fey, but maybe I will this one a read when I have time.

Warm Regards

Amy C said...

LOL, azteclady!

Lea, it is a great book, and I love things fey. I think both you and azteclady would enjoy the stories.

I finally purchased the other two books of Amanda Macintye/Pamela Johnon books I hadn't read yet. Got em uploaded and ready to read!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Being Irish, I'm now going to have to go buy this book! See - this is what happenes when I go blogging...I should be writing and here I am making a list of books to buy that will keep me from doing what I should be doing (writing)and the natioanl's are coming up soon that I really need to have two book done by the time I get there! Hummmmm }:-/ But you made it sound soooo good IT HAS TO GO ON MY BUY LIST!

I'm leaving now before I put anymore on the list! {:-)


Anonymous said...

Good review Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed this book.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Love your reviews! It made want to rush out and BUY THIS BOOK. I love all things fey and Irish for that matter! Are Faery Song only available as an ebook? Further investigation needs to be done, I haven't purchased a ereader yet, looked at Sony's, ipod, but leaning toward Kindle....more pondering to do.

Keep those reviews coming, seems my list is getting longer!!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Dottie, and yes Faery Song is in print and you can get it at amazon!

MsMoonlight, yes, I did it enjoy, there's no menage in it :wink:, heck there is hardly any sex in it, but it was still really, really good :).

Hawk, being Irish is a good reason to read this book! The first one was just wonderful and the second was really great also.

Stacy~ said...

Wow, this sounds amazing. You know now I have to add this to my tbb list, don't you?

Christine said...

I love faery stories, too, Amy, and these sound like the kind that pull at your heartstrings. I love that. I'm going to have to add this one to my list as well. Thanks so much for the compelling reviews.

Anna said...

This one sounds interesting. Between Karen Marie Moning's fae and Laurell K. Hamilton's fae I kinda got burned out on faery stories, so I haven't read many fae stories in a while. But I do love them. :)

Amy C said...

Anna, I'm surprised I haven't tired of Fae stories. I think I read more than I think I do :). It's the magic! But I understand getting burned out. I think I'm there with the paranormal genre.

Christine, I hope if you get it you like it too! I really did love Amanda McIntyre's story in that one.

LOL, Stacy! It's a good one! I love Celtic and Fae lore stories!

Anna said...

I'm not sure if I'll ever get burned out the the paranormal genre. LOL! Although I love Urban Fantasy, I sometimes need a break from it.

Amy C said...

Anna, It's all the action that's in paranormals that causes me to lose interest. They get crazy for me sometimes. Paranormals that are more magical or time travel, those I love! Maybe not alot of time travel. It really depends on my mood I suppose :).

Anna said...
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Anna said...

I have to agree with you on that. I love Paranormals. But sometimes the action makes me loose interest. Especially if it slows the story down. :)

Blanche said...

Wonderful review Amy.........I'll be adding it my list as well!! :)