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Jeri Smith-Ready - Eyes of Crow

Title: Eyes of Crow
Author: Jeri Smith-Ready

Series: Aspect of Crow

Reason for Reading: I have hear
d so many great things about Jeri's book Wicked Game, but I don't read Urban Fantasy. So I ordered Eyes of Crow and Voice of Crow, which are what I prefer to read--fantasy. I discovered when I looked into them that they are about the animal Spirits. My last book I just finished is about the animal Spirits. However, Jeri is a much better writer than I am!! I am proud of what I did, even if it is a bit simpler than the world she created in the Aspect of Crow books.

Summary Blurb: She was born to die . . . For Rhia was bound to the S
pirit of Crow, gifted with the foresight of Death's approach and doomed to the isolation of one feared and set apart. There must always be one whose magic can ease the passage of the people of Asermos to the Other Side. But to be the guide her people require, to truly know the depth of her gift-her curse-Rhia must surrender herself to the wisdom of the Great Forest . . . and drink deeply of Death itself. And though two powerful men stand ready to aid her, even to love her, the Aspect of Crow demands unthinkable sacrifices from the one who walks its path.
Thoughts:Wow! Fantastic book. The idea of death can be terrifying because it is an uknown to us. But with the help of Crow and the one bestowed with His aspect, he helps to soothe that which we don't know, easing their transition to the Other side. Rhia was chosen to have the aspect of Crow. In this first book we journey with her as she discovers she cannot run from her destiny, no matter how much she fears being Crow. With a war looming, an invasion of the Descendants (those who do not believe in the magic of the Spirits), Rhia has completed her Bestowing and trains with another Crow woman from Kalindos. There Rhia meets Marek. Their relationship is strong and together he helps her with her fear and she helps with his guilt. I thought this book was very intriguing. The detail of the world and the Spirits was well thought out and wonderfully put together. There were some tearful moments and those are always a plus for me. Definitely a great fantasy and a recommended read!

Keeping it or passing it on:
Definitely a Keeper!

Score: 5 outta 5

The second
book in the Aspect of Crow series is Voice of Crow. The third, The Reawakened, will be released in November 2008!
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