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Jeri Smith-Ready - The Reawakened

Where do I begin? The Aspect of Crow Trilogy stands apart from anything I have ever read. The story may take place in it's own fantasy world but the reality of the events that happen is all too real. The invasion of the Ilions is no different from countries that wish genocide on other cultures and races across our world. Defeating a people because they are different and they fear what they do not understand and are unwilling to co-exist together because they feel they are right. But, really, who is right? No one has the right to make those decisions.

I know I won't aptly describe these books. There is so much in all three that the only way to understand is to read them yourself. It's no different than for me to try to describe The Black Jewels Trilogy. I can't do it. It's too amazing of a set of books that I know I could never give them the justice they deserve. But I will try with these ones :).

In the Aspect of Crow trilogy, people are gifted with the aspect of a Spirit. When they reach a certain age they venture into the wilderness for three days with no food or shelter and await their bestowing. But then there are the Ilions who are much like we are. They do not embrace the Spirits. They fear the magic and only want to claim the land and suppress the ones who embrace what they do not understand.

In the first book, Eyes of Crow, Rhia is bestowed with the gift of Crow. She helps people pass on to the other side, freeing their souls. On her way to Kalindos to train with another Crow, she meets Marek. Together, Marek helps Rhia accept her Crow aspect and Rhia helps him overcome his past. They may have found love but the inevitable war begins at the end with a battle with the Ilions. Tragically, lives are lost, but out of that battle an Ilion is saved and healed. Which leads you into the second book, Voice of Crow, and a wonderful romance. However there are some tough moments to get through in regards to Marek and Rhia. And now, 18 years later, in
The Reawakened, the war between the ones who embrace the Sprits and the Ilion's is here. With the Ilions trying to gain full control over the two main cities, Asermos and Velekos, there is still resistance.

Several of the characters from the previous two books play important roles in this one, as well as the children and babies from Voice of Crow, now grown with their Spirit aspects bestowed upon them. In Voice of Crow a prophecy revealed that The Raven would bestow her gift on one child born of a Crow. The people have held on to that hope, because Raven has never bestowed her Aspect and they believe that when she does it will save their peolple. In Voice of Crow you're left wondering if one of two babies will be gifted with Raven.

In The
Reawakened, it's battle to push back the occupation of the Ilions. To regain their land and freedom, to make a stand. The Aspect of Crow Trilogy is an Epic story encompassing all three books. The first book was wonderful, the second was fabulous, and the third was superb!! Combined together, producing one Phenomenal Trilogy!

The abundance of emotions I felt while reading this book was almost too painful to read at times, but I couldn't help but turn the page knowing hope was there. No matter how much violence and bloodshed it was there as long as they did not give up hope. No one person did not feel the affects of the war with the Ilions. Even the relationship between Dravik and Sura seemed hopeless. My insides were twisted through so many parts of this book. For
Jeri Smith-Ready to be able to express in words, giving you that feeling over and over again, shows how truly talented she is. Not one time did I feel certain the outcome would be joyous and happy. She kept you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page, wondering what would happen next.

Reawakened was a superb conclusion to this Trilogy. More than I ever bargained for. There is romance in all three books, but this Trilogy is soooo much more than three books focusing on two people in each book, searching for their HEA. This series is about survival and standing up for what you believe, fighting for what is yours.Each book enhances the previous creating one heck of a story.

I recommend this Trilogy to everyone. It''s simply Amazing! Perfect! An emotional roller-coaster you don't want to miss!!

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