Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kiss of Darkness ARC Giveaway

*Contest Closed*

I received an email from Ms. St. Giles asking if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing her next book in her Shadowmen series that is scheduled for release on the 31st. I had read the first two as they came out, so of course I said yes.

I should have done this sooner, but better late than never, eh? I have an ARC of Kiss of Darkness to giveaway to one lucky commenter! So leave a comment and I'll pick a name Friday. afternoon :). I I I
Kiss of Darkness
Jennifer St. Giles
Book 3 in the Shadowmen Series
March 31, 2009
Series order-
Touch a Dark Wolf
The Lure of the Wolf

Kiss of Darkness
Bride of the Wolf

A vampire bite has Sheriff Sam Sheridan on the fast track to hell and demons are taking over Twilight Tennessee. He's battling not only to save both his soul and his town, but also his love for one woman, Emerald Linton. Emerald has a secret that could destroy both her and Sam. She is an angel, and if she can't save Sam from turning evil, then she'll have to kill him, no matter how much of her heart belongs to him. Sam is determined to take as many demons and vampires down with him as he can and to protect Emerald, but as the seductive dark power in him grows will he condemn Emerald to share his doomed fate, or will they both find a way out of hell. ind a way out of hell.

I would recommend reading the first two books in this series before reading Kiss of Darkness, Touch a Dark Wolf and The Lure of the Wolf. With the continuing plot line I think the books should be read in order, or you may feel lost with who's who and what's what. There is a lot going on.

Enter a world with demons and vampires, angels and otherworldy warriors. The plot is quite thick and begins in the first book and builds from there throughout each book, adding and complicating things further. The bad guys wreak havoc in a quaint town set in the Tennessee Mountains called Twilight as their plan to unleash horrible evil into the world thickens. But a small group of people have come together over the course of the books to fight back and save the world.

At the end of the second book Sam, the hero in Kiss of Darkness, was bitten by a vampire. Now he struggles with the horrifying transformation. As the battle continues to keep the demons and vampires at bay, Sam and Emerald fight together the darkness that threatens their future. Emerald's secret past haunts her as does the tragic events of Sam's haunt him, complicating their already complicated relationship.

I enjoyed revisiting previous characters and finally seeing Emerald and Sam front and center. These books are very much centered around the plot with lots of action. There are some light moments that I really liked. For instance, the Truffle scene. Even in the midst of the end of the world as we know it, it was an uplifting scene to see the characters have a teasing moment.

I enjoyed this third book in the Shadowmen series. Another fine addition to a very detailed plot and vivid, well-crafted characters to go with it!

So leave a comment and I'll draw a name for an ARC of the book! And it's one of those arc's that doesn't have the cover. Well, it has a cover. It's that light blue cover, very neat! I have an Eve Silver ARC like this one. It's pretty cool, if you ask me :).

Comment by Friday morning! I'll announce a winner by Friday afternoon!

Thank you, Jennifer St. Giles, for the the books! So awesome of you, and so wonderfully appreciated.

One more thing...for my overseas bloggin friends, this is open to all!

Happy Reading!


tetewa said...

This is my favorite genre and would love to get this one!

Blodeuedd said...

Is it open worldwide?

If so then I am all in

Amy C said...

Yes, Ma'am, Blodeuedd, it's open worldwide :).

Good luck to both you and tetewa!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!!

Count me in, vampires and wolves--does it get any better?


Dottie :)

Judy H said...

Ha! Finally something I have actually read the first two books in! I feel all grown up!
Nice review Amy.

Lea said...

Hey Amy:

Wonderful review. Even in my sleep deprived addled state I was able to enjoy. Sounds like a wonderful read!

So yes, thank you for the contest and please count me in!

Becky said...

Kiss of Darkness sounds like a really good read. I can't wait to read it. Touch a Dark Wolf and The Lure of the Wolf both were really good.

Cecile said...

The covers are rather... ***dreamily looking at them and sighing heavily*** yummy. Please count me in ths for sure!
Thanks for giving me another author to add to my TBB list!
Your review was very insightful! Great job!

VampFanGirl said...

Those covers are uber hot!! This series sounds really good. Thanks for the great review Amy. Count me in for the drawing.

:) VFG

Mona said...

Hi Amy :)

Please, count me in. Never mind about the cover ;)

Jennifer St. Giles said...

Thank you Amy! And thank you to all of you readers out there! Us writers would be lost without you! If anyone needs signed plates to go into their books just email me through my website and I will get them out to you in a somewhat timely manner for a writer (we excel in the art of procrastination. Thank you all for making the release of Kiss of Darkness so Special.
Jennifer St. Giles

Tracy said...

Oh count me in baby! Why the heck not, right? :)

Amy C said...

Thank you all for the comments!

And thank you, Jennifer, for stopping by. Bookplates you say? Hmm, I must ask for some of those :).

OVER 400 covers?? OH MY!! That's alot!! Hmm, I wonder how many I actually have in my library. I must do a count someday :).

Eva S said...

Hi Amy,
thanks for your great review! I think I have the first book in this series somewhere in my TBR pile, have to go searching...! I would of course love to read this one too!!
And thanks for thinking about us overseas too!

Blanche said...

This looks like a great series!!I'm sending this comment from the beach and would love to be entered!! Thanks Amy!!

The_Book_Queen said...

Enter me-- I'd love to win it. I've read the first book, and really loved it. Been awaiting the next ones...

Lori T said...

I would love to be entered. These books sound really good!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered. Thanks. What better way to spend spring by reading books under the sun? :D


Wendy said...

Love this series! Please enter me :)

wendyhines (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kytaira said...

I discovered I have the first book but haven't read it yet! I need to get a move on after reading this. The series sounds great. Count me in!
lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

Caffey said...

I loved the first two books in this series!! So unique! I was hoping there would be more! Do you know if there will be after this? I know that once I read these I went out and got a Gothic Historical romance of hers, I believe its hers!

Love your blog here! I'm adding books to my wishlist just by seeing the side panel here!

buddyt said...

Its great that you open contest to worldwide readers ! So many are restricted these days.

Good for you.

Please enter me in the giveaway.
Thank you.

Neville Thompson

Amy C said...

Blanche, the beach! I hope you had a nice relaxing day!

I'm so happy to see that some of you read this series or have or may have the first book or two! As Caffey said, it is a unique series. I like her spin on things.

Okibi-insanity, no reading under the spring sun for me for another month! Oh but it does sound so nice :).

And you're welcome, buddyt. Doing overseas shipping isn't so bad when it's a single title book. I would have to reconsider though, if it were a heavier package. But hey as long as it's a single title, it's open to everyone.

Thank you all so much for commenting! Good luck to everyone.

Amy C said...

Oh, and thank you, Caffey. I'm happy you found some good sounding books here, and added them to your wishlist!

Amy C said...

One more thing, Caffey, or maybe two :). There is one more book after Kiss of Darkness. It's Bride of the Beast that comes out April 28th. It's Marissa and Navarre. And there was some really nice build up for that book.

I also have one of her Gothic historicals. I haven't read it yet :(. It's Midnight Secrets. I pulled it out and I plan on reading it soon.

mindy said...

sounds wonderful thanks for the giveaway and what a fabulous blog as well

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Love this contest, count me in.

Kristie (J) said...

I love a good Werewolf story and I already have the first two in this series - still unread though - so count me in for this one too~

Lady Roxi said...

This sounds like a great read! Thanks so much!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Mindy!

Kristie, that's awesome you have the first two books! Even if you haven't read them ;)

Thanks again all of you for leaving a comment :).

liane66 said...

Sounds like a great read.
Thanks for the giveaway!