Sunday, March 1, 2009

Megan Hart - Stranger

Megan Hart
January 2009

I see Megan Hart’s books described as being emotional, compelling, and intense. You begin reading and it all seems so simple, but before you know it, you’re so twisted up in the emotions of Grace and you wonder how in the hell did this story get so complex?

Grace refuses to have any sort of long lasting, meaningful relationship. She discovered away to do that…pay for sex. But one night she picks up a stranger, the wrong stranger, and it sends her on a journey of self-discovery that just slithers right inside of you and takes you along for a deep, powerful ride.

I read over half the book the first night, and found myself dreaming about the characters, Grace, Jack and Sam. I don’t do that very often, dream about books I read. But I wanted to know the outcome so badly that my brain wouldn’t rest. But then again, I don’t see these characters leaving me anytime soon now that I have that outcome.

Grace, misguided Grace, thinking that if she avoided relationships she would avoid the grief and pain that she sees every day in her job running a funeral home. Neither does she want to be on the receiving end of that grief or the giving end. And Sam, he’s funny. Just a typical guy. Nothing fancy. He’s just a guy that fell for Grace, and no matter how much she rejected him, he kept at her, chipping away her defensive wall. Although his scenes may have been short and infrequent, considering the length of the book, Megan Hart wrote them in a way that you did not forget Sam. No, Sam’s a very hard guy to forget. His presence was very strong throughout the pages. And the relationship between Sam and Grace was phenomenal. But Sam has his own issues to deal with. The realism was simply amazing.

I think how Megan led up to the intimate scenes with Sam and Grace was feakin brilliant for the impact they had. Sam and Grace have one night of sex. That’s it. Then Grace calls and sets up appointment after appointment with Jack. They have sex. Yeah, it’s pretty hot, but something is missing. Emotion. And because of that when Sam and Grace finally get personal it is…OMG, it’s like an emotional melt down. It’s out of this world amazing. It's not the sizzling description of the sex, but the emotions that boil and flame. Your chest feels it as it constricts, your throat as it thickens, and your stomach as it somersaults.

This is undeniably one of the best books I have read in a long time. The characters and their relationships were so unbelievably real. Amazing and remarkable. The ending, I didn't think it was going to happen, the happily ever after part, but when it did, it was a profound moment of reading.

Without a doubt, a top read for 2009!

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