Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now for something uplifting...

Books...There are two e-book releases today that I've been waiting for. This first one I discovered browsing the list of authors that are attending Lori Foster's get together. I believe this is Vivian Arend's first published book and it looks really good!

“Wolf Signs” by Vivian Arend

Read An Excerpt Online
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: March 24, 2009

Buy here.

Talk about getting your signals crossed…

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1

Robyn Maxwell doesn’t care that her brother has to cancel out on their backcountry ski trip. She can do it alone. The fact she’s deaf doesn’t make her survival skills any weaker. The chance to get away from it all and relax in the Yukon wilderness is just what she’s been craving.

Meeting wilderness guide Keil at the cabin starts cravings of another kind. Keil’s one hot hunk of ripped, tasty male. Now she has to deal with raging hormones as well as strange questions about wolves and mates and challenges to the death.

Keil was trying for a nice reflective retreat before challenging for the Alpha position of his Alaskan pack. He wasn’t planning on meeting the woman destined to be his mate, or finding out she’s not aware she has the genes of a wolf.

Between dealing with his accident-prone younger brother, a deaf mate with an attitude and an impending duel to the death, his week—and his bed—is suddenly full.

Far from the relaxing getaway any of them had in mind...

Warning: Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “talking with your hands”. Includes dangerous use of sarcasm and hot nookie in a remote wilderness sauna.

And this second is Surrender Dorothy by R. G. Alexander. Anna had read the first one and it looked fun and quick. So I read it and liked it and now here is the second one. The Wizard from the first one, Not in Kansas, is front and center in Surrender Dorothy. And it sounds yummy and I just love Samhains warnings :).

“Surrender Dorothy” by R. G. Alexander

Read An Excerpt Online
Genre: ,
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: March 24, 2009

Buy Here.

What Happens When a Wicked Wizard Woos a Wary Witch?

Sequel to Not in Kansas.

Dorothy knows her new neighbor is too wicked to be trusted. As a natural witch, she recognizes the Wizard for what he truly is. As a woman, she recognizes him as a threat to her sanity.

Z has tried everything. Pursued her in dreams, bribed her cat, enticed her with peep shows meant to whet her appetite and drive her crazy. And still she resists. What’s a Wizard to do? He came to Earth to have an adventure, not lose his heart to the one witch whose guard he can’t get past.

When he finally gets his hands on her, the power between them is undeniable. But Dorothy’s family secret could make him sorry she surrendered.

Warning: Voyeurism, lurid dreams, raunchy dirty wizard sex in public places.

Happy Tuesday :)
(There's some good books coming out next week that I can't wait to get my hands on. And Anna told me she has one of them signed that she'll be giving away :). I loved the first book, so I am so excited for this second book...Fantasy Romance! There just isn't enough of those out there. When one does come out, I get really excited. DragonBound by Jade Lee. If you're interested, look for the first book, DragonBorn. Great fantasy world and great characters. And I love the covers.)

One other thing, if you're still reading, I have an ARC...singed...of Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles that I need to do a giveaway for. I think tomorrow, I'll post that. I'm trying to get things back in order. They're getting there.

Thank you all so much!


Judy H said...

Amy, great reviews. Wolf Signs really sounds interesting.

Lea said...

Thanks for the heads up Amy!

These sound like great reads.

I'm so happy you are feeling a little more "uplifted", today.


Anonymous said...

"hot nookie" in the wilderness? "raunchy dirty wizard sex"? Sounds good to me! :o)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...


I hope all is going better today. Your reviews sound great, hoy nookie and dirty wizard sex--does it get better? I will have to read the Not in Kansas series for sure, see what kind of trouble another Dorothy can get into!! I love were books, so I'll have to try Wolf Signs too!



Tracy said...

Wolf Signs sounds really good! And I love the cover.

Christine said...

I love a good wolf book! And I just had to LOL! for real over those Warnings! LOL!

Mona said...

Wolf Signs sounds really interesting and the cover is very beautiful :)

Blodeuedd said...

I just read about the wizard book over at Samhellion...nice :D Have fun reading that one.

And since you have the coolest blog (my TBR pile will never be empty) I want to give you an award :)

Proximidade award

Amy C said...

I agree, the cover of Wolf Signs is beautiful.

I have them uploaded in the ereader now. Both of them are short. I'll likely read them soon.

Oh yeah! Those warnings are just so funny sometimes and i have bought books based on those warnings! LOL It's a pretty good idea on Samhains part and marketing. I'm sure there are alot of people that have bought books based on the warnings. It's a great selling tool.

Amy C said...

And thank you, Blodeuedd :) I dig going to your blog too!

Anna said...

I thought about getting Wolf Signs, but I have about 12 ebooks on the ereader to be read. So, I just got Surrender Dorothy. :)

Blanche said...

Oh those look like good books, I need to visit Samhain!! Thanks Amy! :)

Amy C said...

You're welcome, Blanche, now go buy some more books!

Anna, I read the short e-books alot sooner than I read the full length ones. I was happy that both of these are shorts. Only takes a little time to read them :). They won't stick around on the ereader for long :).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you seem to be in better spirits today :)

Oh, and I remember meeting Jennfier St. Giles at RT. I took a pic with her. It was before I knew who Nathan Kamp was, and when my mom and I saw him on the cover of Jennifer's books we were drooling all over the place, lol.

Amy C said...

Damn! I thought she was at RT. I was thinking she was. I missed her. I don't know how I managed that. I had already read her books, but I missed meeting her there :(.

Puh, my mom was already in the know with Nathan! When she spotted Bobbi Smith, she pointed out to her that Nathan was on all her covers and then bought what she had! LOL

Renee said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Amy! I picked up Wolf Signs at Fictionwise (thank goodness for micropay, since I put myself on a spending moratorium till payday!) ;-)

I'm looking forward to reading it. It sounds really good!

Eva S said...

Thanks, I love a good wolfstory! I'll go looking for it...

Take care of yourself!

Amy C said...

Awesome, Renee! I hope you like it.

Thanks, Eva :). I read on Lea's blog that you were going to start Daughter of the Blood soon. Be sure to let me know hwat you think!

Viv Arend said...

I don't know if it's okay to drop in here, but thanks for posting about Wolf Signs, Amy. I had such fun yesterday, and hope that people who picked up the story enjoyed it.

The only complaint I've gotten so far is that it's too short! So there are pros and cons to both sides.

Angela Waters rocked as far as making the cover. She's incredible and I'm hoping she's working on my second cover right now!

Have a great day!

Vivian Arend

Amy C said...

Vivian! Of course it's okay to drop in. I'm thrilled that you did! I'm so happy that my blogger friends have showed an interest in your book. I'm looking forward to reading it :).

And Congratulations on your release!

Viv Arend said...

Wow- your blogger friends make an impact. I just hit number one on the My Bookstore and More Best Seller list!

And for a newbie author, that feels very, very good!

Hoping all of you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


ps- looking forward to meeting you at Lori's!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Vivian. That is so wonderful to think that I had a hand in helping you move to the number one spot!

I plan on reading Wolf Signs today!

And yes, definitely looking forward to meeting you too :). It's not that far away either!

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