Friday, March 27, 2009

Recent Reads - E-Books

I was on an e-reading binge the last couple days. And all three of them were really great. I especially enjoyed Surrender Dorothy by R.G. Alexander. Anna introduced me to the first book, Not in Kansas. It was very cute and Z, the Wizard, well, with his golden body and dripping sex appeal, I just had to get his book, Surrender Dorothy, when it released this past week on the 24th. It was another really fun and engaging read! I love the tie ins to The Wizard of Oz. They'll make ya chuckle :). I'd definitely recommend looking into these two books.
Learn mo
re here.

Next up was Vivian Arend's Wolf Signs. I had looked into her because her name is on the list of authors attending Lori Foster's Get Together in June and since my mom and I are going, I wanted to read a few things by some of them. Wolf Signs is her first published book with Samhain and it was well worth the read! I very much enjoyed it also. The Heroine is deaf, which added to the story. The hero's brother, TJ, was quite the character at times. I enjoyed him and hope to see him have a story of his own in the future. As well as the heroine's brother, Tad. Great shifter story with some hot lovin! Learn more here.

I squeezed one more in last night. I found this one from Lea's blog, which she learned from Beth Kery's blog. The blurb sold me
...Dan issues a challenge Nicole can’t refuse: if he can prove that mere mortals can have mind-blowing sex, Nicole’s next book will feature humans and not stamina enhanced werewolves or super-endowed aliens.
And rather than wait to see if I win a copy from Beth's blog, for 2.99, I bought it last night. It was good! Quick and fun, with some more hot sexy lovin. And Dan proves himself to be all that even though he isn't some paranormal, sexy god, superman! A lot of fun! Learn more here.

Overall, I'd recommend all three!

Last week I read two other e-books from the Spice Briefs line at Mirror, Mirror by Amanda McIntyre, and This is What I Want by Megan Hart. Both of them were very good! Mirror, Mirror had a twist at the end that made me laugh because I did not see it coming...At all! It was quite different, in that I wouldn't call it a romance. It was erotic, without a doubt. Very interesting story line and some really hot scenes :). This is What I Want was a romance, and I loved that Megan Hart used blogging as the main theme of the story. Very interesting, and highly engaging. I thought the set up was unique and made it interesting. I'd also recommend both of these Spice Briefs! Of course, I'd recommend The Diary of Cozette by Amanda McIntyre as well as Stranger by Megan Heart (It's the only Megan Hart I've read in her Spice books, or I'd likely recommend them all! As well as any future ones by Amanda. Both of them are fantastic writers!)

I have another book by Amanda McIntyre to read soon. Thanks to her, I have it to read! I had ordered the anthology, Faery Song, with her and Isabo Kelly from the e-publisher, but I was never able to get a link to download the book. So, Ms. McIntyre sent me a print copy! Thank you, Amanda, for that! I'll be reading that one soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Gosh I've really got to get an e-reader!
Glad you enjoyed these books. :o)

Cecile said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am actually trying to get my hands on a copy of Stranger by Megan Hart and I have few more from her on my wish list. Amanda McIntyre... I will definitely be checking out those books this weekend!

Question for anyone... what you guys think of ebooks and the kindle or any e-reader? I am new into this and the rate by TBB/TBR pile is piling up... There is nothing like holding a book in my hand, the smell of the pages, the feel of the book in between my fingers (I know this sounds like a love affair with my books, but I love my books), so I am very torn and looking for some advice... if you will please give me some!
Thanks for allowing me to ask for help!

Amy C said...

Cecile, I am with you with paper books. I use my ereader for e-published books from places like Samhain and Ellora's Cave. I have an Ebookwise e-reader so I am limited on what I can upload to it with the secure ms reader formats and digital adobe, I can't convert them to upload so I never get mainstream books in ebook. Now, sometimes I can convert secure ms reader format but it doesn't always work. I don't get them that often. The Spice Briefs work so those are about the only ones I'll buy.

Someday I'll upgrade to a sony, but not anytime soon. For now my ebookwise suits my needs. For me it's not about replacing my paper books with ebooks. It's about being able to buy e-pubbed books and not having to read them on the computer/laptop. So many books like the ones I just posted about I would not have read otherwise :).

Amy C said...

Yes, MsMoonlight, you should get one! :)

Tracy said...

Wow they all sound so good! I've seen so many great reviews for so many books lately my head is spinning with the desire to buy them ALL! lol

And how could you not love a book called Booty Call, I ask you? lol

Amy C said...

LMAO, Tracy! You got that right! It was a really fun read too.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I'm just going to have to get an ereader. So many books available and it would be great for the car. I can download to my laptop, but it's too heavy to carry all the time and the battery doesn't last long in car. I'm thinking ipod touch....but not sure.


Lea said...

Hey Amy!

Sounds like some great reads for you! I'm so, so happy you liked Fiona's novella! That's great. :)

Hope all is well.


VampFanGirl said...

Hi AmyC,

I'm really glad you enjoyed 'This Is What I Want' by Megan Hart. It was a fun read and I agree, the fact that she incorprated blogging into the novella made it extra special.

Awesome, so you loved 'Booty Call'. I'm so in love with the cover. Although I'm not big on ebooks, I will buy this one if I don't win the contest.

Have a great weekend,

Fantasy Dreamer said...

Hi AmyC, wow you fit in a ton reading in just a few days! So jealous, I wish I could read so many in so little time. :) Tonight, I promised myself I would get some quality reading time in.

Take Care,

Amy C said...

Hi Donna, actually, it may look like alot but they were all short stories! I don't all three of the first three would even equal one full length book :). But they were all very good :).

Yes, VFG and Lea, Booty Call was worth the time to read. It was cute and quick and hot! I'm certain you two will really like it too!

Mandi said...

I have heard really good things about R.G Alexander's books...I need to get them. I have been wanting to get an ereader for them same purpose..I can't give up my paper books, but it is hard to sit at my desk and read ebooks off of my computer. I do have a birthday coming up...:)

Amy C said...

Hi Mandi! Your birthday is a grand reason to get an e-reader! And, yes, R.G. Alexander has a funness to her two stoies based around the Wizard of Oz!

Blodeuedd said...

Would so love an e-reader :)
And soem great books there...even if my eye mostly goes to the side and spirits unveiled

Amy C said...

Thanks, Blodeuedd. It is a nice cover :), eh? Very Sexy!

Blodeuedd said...

Very eyecatching ;)

Fiona Jayde said...

Hi Amy - I'm thrilled that you liked Booty Call!
Ladies - please check Beth Kery's blog where the winners are posted!

As far as e-book readers, I have an eBookWise and while I like it alot, it seems outdated compared to the Kindle, plus I have to jump through hoops to put non-fictionwise books on it. BUT - it works great, and I can read on my couch same way I would a paper book, and its large enough so that I don't have to "page down" every two lines.

Amy C said...

Thanks Fiona! That's awesome, congratulations to Cecile and VamFanGirl!

I agree, Fiona, that the ebookwise is outdated compared to the Kindle and Sony, but like you said, it serves its purpose and it works great!

Cecile said...

Thanks for the congrats!! I was excited to see that I won! I think I am going to try to work it in my budget to invest in a kindle or something like that. I love the feel of the book in my hand... but there are some REALLY good stories on pdf and I hate that it would be stored on my home computer that EVERYONE uses, except me of course.