Friday, March 20, 2009

Some local authors I wanted to share with you...

I'm pokin my head out of the hole I've been in for awhile. I wanted to share a few things. I discovered last week that there is now a monthly romance book group that meets at my local B&N on the third Wednesday of the month. We happened to be in there and I saw a sign by a book, Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor, that was advertising it as the March book group selection. My mom hadn't read it yet so she bought a copy and I was more than happy to pull it off my shelf and reread it. Sin and Callie are just so good together. I really love that book. My mom and I went this past Wednesday. It was fun. I really enjoyed discussing Born in Sin and look forward to next months book, which is Fantasy Lover. The lady who formed the group thought it would be fun to read one of each of her books. It's been awhile since i read Fantasy Lover, so I won't mind at all revisiting that one either.

I discovered two local romance authors in the last few weeks. One of them is published with The Wild Rose Press, Jocelyn Saint James. Her fist print book is Serenade the Moon. She happened to be signing at the Borders in the mall last weekend (where Anne Bishop will be again tomorrow!). Me and Devin stopped and talked with her for a few minutes. I look forward to reading her book and posting my thoughts. She was a really nice lady.

Here's a little about Serenade the Moon-

Serenade the Moon April 2008

Jade Novak is a beautiful gypsy fortuneteller longing to escape the burden of her past indiscretions and flee from an arranged marriage. Danny O’Brien is a magazine editor torn between his career and a doomed engagement. Destiny brought them together, but are they strong enough to battle tradition, family, and greed? A moonlight serenade holds the answer. Available from The Wild Rose Press.

I had to update and remove one of the books I had listed. Unfortunately, I would not recommend that one to anyone now that I've read some of it. And that's all I'm sayin :).

Happy Reading! And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


Lea said...


Amy's back! I've missed you girl!! What a great post. :) Your book group sounds wonderful and nice selections for discussion.

The local author books you've spotlighted sound really good Amy!


Anonymous said...

Good post Amy! I don't know any local authors, but your post makes me wonder just who I am missing.
Happy spring! :o)

Amy C said...

Hey, Lea :).

Hugs to you too. I'm looking forward to reading these two books. Oh and the book for June is Outlander! Now I'm definitely going to read it. I know so many people say how wonderful it is (you, Renee, Julie).

Amy C said...

MsMoonlight, when I was talking to Jocelyn Saint James she said there were a few other local romance authors. I always assumed there weren't any around here. You might be surprised, there could be some in your area too :). Maybe ask your bookstore, they should know. If I had asked before I might have known before last weekend. I did find on Jeanne Treats website that there is a local author night at another B&N in my area on the 27th that I plan to stop in and see who they are and what they write :).

Charlotte Featherstone said...

These look great! I'm particularly interested in finding out more about Jeanne Treats book!
Oh, and my Anne Bishop book arrived this morning!!!! Looking forward to diving into them! Thanks for the recommendation.

Lea said...

I think you will LOVE Outlander Amy. It is a timeless novel and placed in... Wait for it... Scotland!!!

Jamie Fraser - yum...


Amy C said...

Haha, Lea! I am actually surprised I have never read Outlander since it does get such great reviews. But that is soon to change :).

That's wonderful, Charlotte! I really hope you like the Trilogy. It's amazing as far as I'm concerned :). I think I'm going to order Jeanne Treat's book today. The more I think about it the more I want to read it!

Anna said...

Your book group sounds like a lot of fun! :)

That new book your reading looks good. I might have to check that out. Cool cover.

Amy C said...

Anna, I really like Carol Berg. It's been years since I read a book of hers. I glommed her books a few years back but turned to romance and hadn't picked up this new series of hers but have thought about it. Berg is very much high fantasy. Renee described her as being a dense writer and I couldn't agree more with that descriptive word. You're not reading through this in a couple hours! But her other books I have enjoyed tremendously.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi AmyC! It sounds like you're going to be reading some awesome books with your newly discovered book club. I haven't read 'Outlander' yet. I have it but gosh, the size of that thing! It's a little daunting.


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!!

Really missed your blogs!! Your two new local authors, Jocelyn Saint James and Jeanine Treat sound awesome!! Lets us know how the books are, the cover art is great. And lucky you!! Anne Bishop *turning green with envy*, we live in a small rural community, and our local Borders (about the size of a shoe box) had an author in, but his book was only 47 pages long and it was about horses. He's our local author.
Oh, he also played the ukulele, while signing his books. We have to move to a bigger place! I'm on Harper Collins author alert, but the closest place so far has been Chicago, and it's four hours away :( I hope you post again real soon, it's been a big dry spell without your witty comments!

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Thank you, Dottie :).
That's funny! Maybe if he wrote about the mating habits of'd be kinda like romance...then you'd get a real good idea of the saying 'Hung like a horse' :P. Yeah, a bigger place might be good...Ukuleles and horse authors!

Yes, VFG, over 800 pages! But I hear from so many how fabulous it is.

Eva S said...

The books sound interesting, I wish we had local authors like that... Most of the authors here seem to write only crime and thrillers! I'm really happy to have internet where I can meet my kind of authors and readers, thanks!!

Judy H said...

Hi Amy C
Welcome back, I've missed you! And as always, great post.

Kytaira said...

I wish there was a local romance book club here! I've checked online at various places and haven't found any in nearby cities. There are quite a few authors in the pacific northwest even of none of the bookclubs are for romance.

To be honest, I only went to meet one author. That was Debbie Macomber to get books signed for an internet friend. I prefer paranormals, regencies, and erotica.

Amy C said...

Hi Kytaira :),
Debbie Macomber did a tour last year or the year before, she traveled all over the US and she did stop here. One of the places was at a grocery store! I was quite surprised that the Buffalo area made it on her list of destinations. I did't go, because I don't read her but a friend of mine does and her niece went and met her.

And yes, Eva, thank goodness for the internet. It makes this huge world feel not quite so big.