Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sue-Ellen Wefonder - Seducing a Scottish Bride

Seducing a Scottish Bride
Sue Ellen Welfonder

February 2009

Book Six in the MacKenzie Series

Books in order
1. Devil in a Kilt
2. Bride of the Beast
3. Only for a Knight
4. Until the Knight Comes
5. Bride for a Knight

A strong heroine and a hero who thinks himself being honorable made this book another wonderful addition to Sue Ellen Welfonder's Highlander series.

Ronan MacRuari finds himself betrothed to the fiery-spirited Gelis, daughter of the Black Stag of Kintail, Duncan MacKenzie, when his grandfather propositions Duncan to pay back a debt inquired years past by giving his youngest daughter to the Raven, Ronan MacRuari. Thinking it best to keep her at a distance in hopes she leaves the blighted, cursed land his clan occupies, he attempts to deny her. He fears her fate will be no different than his two previous wives...an early death due to the curse he and his clan carry upon their shoulders.

But the stubborn lass refuses to see things as Ronan does, not after discovering she has the same Second Sight as her mother, Linnet. After having a vision of the Raven, Ronan MacRuari, she is determined that she is the one to save him and his clan from the evil that haunts them. He needs her and she will have it no other way.

The mystery of the curse upon the MacRuaris slowly unfurls throughout the story, but you don't really know until the end. I enjoyed that bit of crypticness that carried throughout the book. I think Sue Ellen writes such wonderful descriptions of the land of Scotland. The heather strewn hills. The mist clouded lochs and mountains. The life she breaths back into the castle ruins of today, giving them back the life they had in their time of greatness. I love reading her books because you can feel how much that land means to her. She always adds a bit of lore that I find interesting. I enjoy reading her books for more than the romance, I love being swept away to that medieval time.

Her website is such a wonderful place to explore. She has tons of pictures from her travels to Scotland, recipes, just all sorts of fun and interesting things! Click here to journey to her magical place.

The next book in Sue Ellen Welfonder's MacKenzie series is coming in October 2009. A Highlander's Temptation is Gelis's older sister, Arabella MacKenzie!

Darroc MacConacher spends sleepless nights dreaming of a raven-haired beauty that makes him ache with desire. Then his dream comes true: the lady with her lush curves and delicately fair skin appears shipwrecked on his shores. Darroc is immediately drawn to her strength and beauty, and from the moment she lays eyes on this powerful, broad-shouldered warrior, Lady Arabella MacKenzie knows she'll never want another man.

But theirs is a forbidden love. The MacKenzies drove the MacConachers from their lands and destroyed their honor. Now, Darroc can use this sapphire-eyed seductress to shatter his foes. Yet how can he deny the passion that burns between him and Arabella, and ruin the one woman who touches his very soul?