Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Elysa Hendricks - The Sword and the Pen

The Sword and the Pen
Elysa Hendricks
May 2009, Love Spell
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Ever heard the saying "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"? Well, when it comes to this book, that could not be closer to the truth. You hear authors say all the time how their characters talk to them and sometimes take over the story insisting it go this way or that way, that they seem so real to them. Imagine if that were to really happen; a character becoming a living, breathing person.
Words were his strength, his weapon, his shield. With words he could do anything.He spilled them upon the screen like blood across a battlefield. He drained them from his body, from his very soul. pg. 155
That's exactly what happens to Brandon Alexander Davis. He is a writer of an extremely successful fantasy series. However writer's block hinders him from writing the final book and for reasons unknown to him, Brandon's leading female protagonist Serilda appears in his home! Brandon thinks she's a lunatic fan, and Serilda thinks he's a powerful wizard who used magic to bring her to his world.

Thinking this lady is a wacko fan, but not sure what to do with her, Brandon begins to wonder if maybe she really is who she says she is. He's constantly thrown off guard when Serilda mentions something that is part of backstory that only he, the author, knows as backstory! How could she possibly know...Unless she is from his make-believe world?

Brandon realizes by the end of the book that just because he is ready to end a series, does not mean his characters are ready for that end!

I thought this was a fine book. I enjoyed it and appreciate the uniqueness. And Elysa Hendricks has a great writing voice, very smooth flowing. When I first discovered this book a few months ago I thought it would have some quirkiness, not be too serious. I thought it would be kind of a fun humorous tale. Especially considering the heroine, Serilda, is from a fantasy world that has a historical feel to it. So when she discovers phones and cars and electricity and other things of our modern world, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the characters reactions were not silly. The story had a seriousness to it that I'm glad it did, even though I assumed it would be more on the humorous side. I mean some of them made me chuckle, like this little scene...
I edged closer behind him. It looked like no carriage I had ever seen. Its massive, boxy frame looked too heavy to be pulled by any horse. I sniffed the air, it smelled not of straw and manure but of metal and some pungent odor I didn't recognize. "where are the horses?"

He patted the front portion just below another expanse of glass. "Three hundred horses under the hood of this baby."

For a moment I forgot he was a wizard. "How did you squeeze three hundred horses in there?"

His laughter rasped across my already raw nerves. "Well, if nothing else you're good for a laugh. It doesnt really have horse under its hood. It's a machine. It has an engine. We measure the power of the engine by horsepower."pg.62
I don't know what else she has in the works other than a fantasy series with Imajinn Books, but I'd sure pick up something else of hers in the future.


Blanche said...

Hi Amy!

I saw this book at B&N yesterday but didn't pick it up.....I already had 10 books in my hand. Hopefully it will be there when I go back!! :)

Tracy said...

This sounds lovely. I'm so glad you're a fantasy book lover otherwise I'd never hear of some of these books! lol

Anna said...

This looks like a good one. I'm gonna see if Borders has it when I go.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Great review! I love a good fantasy book, and this sounds new and different. All types of fantasy actually.

I'll take a look around for it. Maybe I can find it and we can compare notes.


Dottie :)

Christine said...

I've been admiring this book cover on your sidebar for a while... it's nice to finally know what its about. LOL! I was obviously way too lazy to look it up myself. ;p

The premise sounds like a combination of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (YA) and that sweet Disney movie... *looking title up on* .... brb.... Got it! Enchanted. I like it. :)

Is there a romance between Brandon and Serilda?

Blodeuedd said...

Morning Amy :)
Sounds like a good read :)
And the cover is interesting

Amy C said...

Blanche, I don't blame you! Ten books at one time!! I don't think I have bought that many at once before. My mom has :)!

Thanks, Tracy :). You recommended an awesome book to me, Clockwork Heart. It's been days since I read it but I still think about it alot!

Anna, I think you'd enjoy it, if you should pick it up. I think anyone would enjoy it. It's a relatively quick read, and I liked the fantasy that was in it.

Dottie, that sounds great! Me too, I love fantasy. I'm just not so sure I'm into the same as what I used to be. SOme authors I used to read, I can't stay focused with them anymore. It's too deep into the world building or something. I think it's mostly that it needs some sort of romance in it.

Christine, I think Inkheart and Enchanted would descride this book. I haven't read Inkheart or seen Enchanted, but what I know of them, I'd say they would be similar! Yes, there is a romance between Brandon and Serilda!

Morning to you too, Blodeuedd :). It was a good read. Had a nice steady pace!

Elysa said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks you so much for the kind words about THE SWORD AND THE PEN. This book is very much a book of my heart. The inspiration came from an old Twilight Zone episode called A World of His Own. I haven't read Inkheart or seen the movie, but it's on my list. And I adored Enchanted.

My next book is a futuristic called STAR RAIDERS. It'll be out from Dorchester next March. Think Star Wars meets Pirates of the Carribean. :-)

Elysa Hendricks

Amy C said...

Hi Eysa,
You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :). I saw previews for Inkheart. I wanted to see it at the theater with my son but we missed it by the time I remembered it was out!

I'll look for Star Raiders when it comes out! Thank you for letting me know. Star Wars meets Pirates of the Carribean...sounds interesting!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Amy..

This also sound like how I feel when I really like a progat and wish it was not the last in the series or when you know its just the end of the book..

Good review - Loved the fact that it didn't disappoint you with It's something a little different.