Friday, April 17, 2009

Pati Nagle - The Betrayal

Pati Nagle
The Betrayal (Book One)

Fantasy with a nice splash of romance
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This book happened to catch my eye the other day with the cover and the book blurb. I'm always on the look out for fantasy with some romance in it and this one has it. This turned out to be one of those buys I'm glad I found.

With hints of a looming invasion from a clan that was once part of the Aelven and long ago ousted for their vampiric ways, their leader, Shalar is determined to provide survival for her clan with whatever means she can provide. Feeling unjustly persecuted and aiming for revenge, the leader of Clan Darkshore plans an overtaking of the Aelven land her clan once governed.

Eliani is nextkin of her father to govern one of the Aelven lands known as Alpinon. She meets the son of another governor from another Aelven land when he travels to honor and witness the ceremony that marks Eliani as nextkin. Learning that she and Turisan have a very special, very rare ability called mindspeech, Eliani is afraid that if she should give in and allow herself to speak with Turisan that she will lose herself, opening herself up to heartache that would far surpass what she has already experienced. Now with the fear of an attack from the Aelvens enemy, the kobalen (an inferior race of beings), and quite possibly the beginning of a new war, Eliani is faced with a decision she is reluctant to make. But if she doesn't choose to mindspeak with Turisan, and accept this ability they now share, she could be making a most grievous error. With the land and its people in turmoil, Eliani and Turisan have the ability to sway things in the favor of the Aelven people.

What an awesome new world to get lost in. Pati Nagle really has a wonderful, vivid, and extremely imaginitve creation in The Bertayal and the world of the Aelven. A very well fleshed out story with fantastic world-building. Never that I can recall have I read a book where I felt a strong compassion for the antagonists like I did in this book. Shalar and her people are not evil bent only on destruction and revenge, and I am very intrigued to see how the story further unfolds in future books. The end of the book is in no way the end of the series. Several things were left open, leading you into book two that will hopefully release this time next year.

The romance was not a strong one, meaning it was not what drove the plot forward, but it was a fine romance. It was enough that kept me in tune to see how the plot would unfold as well as the relationship between Eliani and Turisan. The Betrayal had a very nice, slow building romance that added to the overall plot.

Pati Nagle has an awesome website dedicated to her realms of the Aelven. Defintiely something to peek at while reading the


Blodeuedd said...

I do love that cover :D
And i love new worlds to get lost in

Lea said...

Great review AmyC. This does sound like a beautiful story and as Blodeuedd said, the cover is lovely!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Amy!

Warm Regards

Anonymous said...

Great review Amy!


Anna said...

The cover is amazing. I seen this featured in the RT Mag or on amazon, I can't remember. I'll have to see if I can find it next time I go shopping. :)

Cecile said...

Hey Amy!!! I am glad to see you back!! I was getting worried about you... check your last post! Amazing cover and awesome review!!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Amy...

Welcome back...

I love this review - the characters sounds like people you either love or hate and with a minimal amount of romance - the story is actually a story..

I love these fantasy quest related books - the plot has so much possibility.

The cover is brilliant..


Amy C said...

Hi, E.H.,
That's exactly it with this book. There is a lot of possibilities with this book for future books. It's a journey that is leading to a war of some kind. I love a good (not too complicated) fantasy that spans several books with the same characters. I certainly hope she is able to continue past the second book with getting them published.

Regarding the cover...I need to query the author...from the descriptions of the characters in the book I believe the lady on the cover is the antagonist. Which is truly bizarre! I have never heard of that before. Eliani is described as having russet colored hair where Shalar has whitish colored hair. I'd like to know more about that :).

Amy C said...

Thanks, ya'll, for stopping by :).

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Missed you for a while there!

This book sounds and looks great! The cover art is beautiful and what a great review!

Sounds like maybe you found a new author.

Dottie :)

Eva S said...

Hi Amy!

Great review! I think I'll be looking for this book, sounds like an interesting fantasy world! And I'd love a new series...

VampFanGirl said...

WOW, that cover is amazing! I love the castle in the clouds. Gorgeous!

Great review Amy! Thank you for the recommendation.

:) VFG

azteclady said...

Amy, could you email me, please? azteclady1 at yahell or googlemail. Thank you!

Christine said...

Hi Amy! :)
I added this book to my wish list after our convo the other day, but now that I've read your final thoughts, I must say I'm even more intrigued to read it! I think you won me over completely when you said, "Never that I can recall have I read a book where I felt a strong compassion for the antagonists like I did in this book."I LOVE when an author can pull that off. The conflicts between both factions have much more power over me when that happens and makes for a really satisfying reading experience.

And how interesting that the antagonist is on the cover.

Pati Nagle said...

Hi, folks -

The cover art was done by Craig White, who also does the covers for Carrie Vaughn's Kitty series. I was really pleased by that.

Amy is correct: that's Shalár on the cover.


--Pati Nagle

Tracy said...

That cover would have caught my eye as well - very nice.

The story sounds great. You be my fantasy book pimp. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Well always fun to see someone else then the Heroine or the hero on the cover :)
Would never have guessed

Fantasy Dreamer said...

I saw this book at the Barnes & Noble today! That cover caught my eye but I didn't pick up since I had an arm full. Wished I would've read your review before I went today! Darn, darn, darn! *slaps forehead*

I love a good fantasy book, this one sounds especially yummy. Like the idea of cheering on the antagonists, that's a nice twist on the norm. Good review, thanks.

Amy C said...

Thanks, Pati, for clarifying that Shalar is on the cover. I really think that's neat. Makes me wonder how future books will unfold!

Tracy, LOL! I love my fantasies :).

Christine, that's awesome! I would love to hear your thoughts.

As well as yours, Fantasy Dreamer. This book (series) is definitely one I think you would enjoy.

I hope one of you reads it! It is really a wonderful fantasy with some romance in it :).

Eva S said...

She has an interesting website and I'm going to order this book right away! And more Anne Bishop!

Amy C said...

That is so wonderful to hear, Eva :). And more Anne Bishop! I don't know if you noticed but Anne Bishop also did a quote for cover of The Betrayal! One of the deciding factors that helped seal the deal with me purchasing it :).