Friday, May 1, 2009

April Reads

I read some really great books in April. A couple of them I'd like to make note of. The first one would be Dragonbound, by Jade Lee. It's the second book in one of my top Fantasy series. I think she has done a terrific job with world-building and character building! Next is Karin Tabke, Master of Surrender and Master of Torment. If you haven't read her medieval romances, and you like medievals, then I would definitely recommend looking into her. I loved those two books. Another would be Dru Pagiassotti. Amazing writer! Clockwork Heart will be on my top list of books for the year. Oh, and Pati Nagle's The Betrayal...Another wonderful first book to a new Fantasy series! Totally worth reading if you like that kinda stuff. Others, such as Kathryne Kennedy, Donna Fletcher (Highlander!) and Virginia Kantra, I loved because they are part of series that I must read!

April was definitley a fabulous reading month!

1. Jade Lee – DragonBound
2. Anna J. Evans – Risking it All
3. Donna Fletcher – Return of the Rogue
4. Kathryne Kennedy – Double Enchantment
5. Karin Tabke – Master of Surrender
6. G.A. Aiken – About A Dragon
7. Donna Fletcher – Under the Highlander’s Spell
8. Sherrilyn Kenyon – Fantasy Lover
9. Pati Nagle – The Betrayal
10. Virginia Kantra – Sea Lord
11. Dru Pagliassotti – Clockwork Heart
12. Elizabeth Vaughan – Dagger-Star
13. Amanda McIntyre – Risky Business
14. Karin Tabke – Master of Torment
15. Elysa Hendricks – The Sword and the Pen

What about you, is there a book or books that stood out the most for you this month?


Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of those books yet Amy, but I have a Virginia Kantra in my next top 10 TBR pile! She's a "new to me author". :o)

Blodeuedd said...

What a great list :D
My month, well I really enjoyed McCanns dancer, it was fun to read White Star, and I always enjoy shopaholic chick-lit

Mandi said...

I haven't read any of those books. (Yet!)

I read Jeaniene Frost "Grave" series this past month and loved it. Can't forget Lover Avenged either:)

I do have Virginia Kantra in my tbr.

Amy C said...

Hey MsM, I hope you like Virginia Kantra. My thoughts on Sea Lord will post in a couple days. I really enjoyed those three books. And it was nice that she mentioned the characters from the short story in Shifter in Sea Lord :).

Hi Blodeuedd, I'm goning to try to read White Star this month! I really liked Dagger-Star and everyone seems to think White Star is better so I'm excited to read that one!

Hey Mandi, I hope you like Virgina Kantra also! I just love her covers. The cover artist has done alot of amazing covers for some very popular books. I don't read Jeaniene Frost, but I don't read UF. I'm glad you loved them though!

Lea said...

Hi Amy!

I have Jade Lee on my list based on the strength of your recommendation. :)

The book that really stood out for me this month was "Just the Sexiest Man Alive", by Julie James. :)

Great Read.

Thanks Amy

Eva S said...

Great books! I like your books, perhaps because I've read most of them! I have Kathryne Kennedy's next book and Virginia Kantra's Sea Lord on my wishlist... And I'll be looking for Clockwork Heart, never could resist a good fantasy.

Some of my favorites in April were Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood, Lora Leigh's Wild Card (love her heroes)and Karen Marie Moning's The Dark Highlander (Highlanders, yes!)

Tracy said...

Was that your first read of Fantasy Lover? Are you just starting the Dark-Hunter series?

There were actually quite a few that I really liked this past month. Clockwork Heart - well, you already know I loved that one.

Let's see:
Josh Lanyon's The Dark Horse and The White Knight
L.B. Gregg's Happy Ending
Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas
And though there are quite a few others that I liked the last one I read was really good. It was called Twist by Colby Hodge. It was a paranormal/time travel - one of Dorchester's Shomi line. Just good reading.

Amy C said...

Oh no ma'am, Tracy, I reread Fantasy Lover for the book club me and my mom attend at B&N. I was going to use that for the reread challenge also but didn't feel like writing a review for it :(.

Josh Lanyon writes m/m, right? I see his name at a few different blogs. I think I need to try one of his books!

Amy C said...

Eva, don't you just love Kathryne Kennedy's magical world? It's got a cuteness to it but yet it's not. I'm looking forward to reading the third one. It got a top pick with RT!

I hope you like Clockwork Heart! But if you like a good fantasy then I'm quite positive you will like it!

Oh and Anne Bishop is just amazing! Shame on me though, I still have read The Shadow Queen!

Amy C said...

Lea, my mom just finished reading Just the Sexiest Man Alive and she really liked it! She's bringing to me to read. She has the next one too!

Oh and I do love Jade Lee's Dragon books!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Amy..

Just catching up after my mini blog vacation..

What a list - I have Karin Tabke an a few others on the pile or to buy...

Only heaven knows when i will get to them...
Congrats on your April read..

Looking forward to a roaring May..