Sunday, May 31, 2009

Winner and an award

Happy Sunday to you all! It's cold here today :(. And windy. But I do have a winner of my "Lift Your Spirits" Gift Bag thanks to and the handy dandy list generator!

And the winner is...

Cindy W!

Thank you to all who stopped by. Your comments were all fabulous and I loved reading what you all do when your feeling down.

Now onto the lovely award I was hoping not to get that I am honored to receive from the ever wonderful and awesome blogger friend, Renee. Thank you! I don't normally pass these on, cuz I'm lazy, but I fear, as everyone else does, the repercussions of Little CJ if I don't!

Here are the rules from crazy Little CJ...

“You have to award it to two people or I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick pins in it. Was that not clear? And if those two people do not award it to two other people, I will make voodoo dolls of them, and stick pins in them.”

I am awarding this to...
Anna @ Anna's Book Blog
and Lea @ Closetwriter

Good Luck!


Anna said...

Thanks Amy! I'll definitely pass this on. Little CJ is a vicious little thing isn't she.


Lea said...

Congratulations Cindy W! You enjoy your wonderful prize!!!


Thank you for the little CJ award! I am truly honored - if not fearful of the consequences if I don't comply with the award rules.....

I will assume the mantle and pass on this most prestigious of awards in the next couple of days.

I love Anna's comment by the way! lol

And, little CJ - YIKES!!!

Warm Regards

Amy C said...

Yes ma'am, Anna, she certainly is!

Amy C said...

Haha, Lea, warm regards, you say? I just awarded you with something that could potentially cause you harm if you do not follow the rules!

Blodeuedd said...

Congrats :>

Cindy W said...

Thank you Amy!!! You have definitely lifted my spirits!

azteclady said...

Yay, Cindy! *applause*

Amy, you know that this is one of those times when I'm ecstatic not to have a personal blog? :grin:

Renee said...

You rock, Amy!

You've dodged the bullet --um, voodoo doll pins, so you might as well breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy it. :-)

Anna said...

I gave you an award too. :)

Fantasy Dreamer said...

Congrats Cindy W!

Um, do I say congrats on your award or congrats on not getting stuck with pins? LOL! What a rare award!

Monroe Dawson said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded your blog the 'One Lovely Blog' award!

Stop by my blog to pick up your award!!

Amy C said...

You are so welcome, Cindy!

Haha, azteclady, good point!

Yes, I have dodged the, umm, voodoo pins!!

It is quite a rare award.

Thank you, Anna and Monroe!

You guys are all just awesome :).

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Congrats Cindy W on your wonderfully up lifting win!!

Also, congrats on your award win Amy!


Dottie :)

Cecile said...

Congrats Cindy W on your win!!!!
Amy ~ Congrats on the awards... however you are not done yet... head over to my place to pick up a couple of more!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! Looking forward to hearing about the birthdays boys weekend!

Little CJ said...

Hold on...did you say you were hoping NOT to get my award? You must have meant hoping TO get it, right?
Thanks for passing it on. No voodoo doll of you!

Amy C said...

There's no hiding from Little CJ!

Whew, thank goodness I'm safe from the voodoo doll!