Monday, June 29, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I mentioned the other day that me and Devin were going to have a yard sale. We did for a while on Friday, even made a few bucks. Saturday we were away most of the day and Sunday we were going to pull the stuff back out to try and get rid of some more, but it rained! All day!

Thank you all so much for commenting on my post the other day. Hearing that a lot of you have been where I am now regarding going back to work, makes it a little easier. If you can do it, well, so can I! I'll keep y'all posted. I'm really glad that I have a place to come where people understand, not jsut about that but books also. You see, Saturday we went to a picnic at Fort Niagara State Park. A friend of my husband's, his son graduated high school. I know two of the ladies there, but I always feel out of place because they are always talking about the night before, how they drank and ate and all that. There is never any mention of a book! Not one book! So I sat there quietly acting like I was interested in what they had to say, but inside I'm thinking is that all you guys do is get together and drink? I don't know, me and my husband are so different from that. I don't drink. Well, maybe once in a blue moon. I like to be out and about but by myself or with my family. When I'm around them, I feel like I'm weird or something because they are so outgoing! But it's all good, we are who we are! And I'm happy with that :).

Anyway, on to my mailbox. I didn't get much this past week, but I did get three books that I've wanted for a few years now, two of them anyway. One I already read when it released back in 2005, The Compass Rose, by Gail Dayton. I really really enjoyed that book. I have no idea why I never kept it or never followed up with the next two books. I have always thought about the world and the characters and wondered how they all made out. It was a very interesting set up, and the dynamics of the group of people, very interesting. So I ordered all three books. I did get them used. I already bought the first one new once! :P.

The Compass Rose - Book One
The legends of the Godstruck were just that -- legends.

Until, in an attempt to defend her people, Captain Kallista Varyl called on the One for aid and was granted abilities such as no one had seen in centuries.

Now Kallista has been charged with a new destiny as one of the most powerful women in the land -- but her power is useless if it cannot be controlled.

Mastering her "Godstruck" abilities is the first step. The next, learning that she cannot unlock the secrets of the Compass Rose and defeat her nation's enemy alone. And finally she must stop a demon-possessed king . . .

The Barbed Rose - Book Two

Demons are coming.

One woman has been chosen to face them . . .

Demon hordes still threaten the Kingdom while open rebellion has broken out within its cities, separating Kallista from her new family.

Assassination attempts, magical attacks -- she's surrounded by devastation unlike anything she's ever known, and her unique magic power no longer works as it should. Yet her own pain must yield to the needs of her country, for this military mage is charged with searching the four directions of the world for the other "Godmarked" -- the only ones who can help her keep demon invaders from shattering her world.

But can she find them in time?

The Eternal Rose - Book Three

Kallista, now Reinine of all Adara, still has demons to seek out. She and her family journey south to her mate Obed's homeland in pursuit of the demon who absconded six years previously with Kallista's temple-bound ilian, Merinda, and her child. But when one of the godmarked dies, Kallista is devastated and her mates must cope without her. A trial by combat is needed to regain custody of a child and a new ninth godmarked must be located in order to make the magic whole again and powerful enough to defeat a truly formidable demon. But Kallista needs more than magic to heal her.

What about you, did you get any new books lately?

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bermudaonion said...

I hope you enjoy your new books!

Mary said...

Have a great week. Happy reading!

Mandi said...

It is true that it is hard to find people that share our love of reading. I have to mingle a lot with my husbands co-workers and clients and once in awhile I can find someone who has common interests, usually it is just blah blah small talk:)

This series looks really interesting.

Erotic Horizon said...

I agree with Mandi...

That's why the on-line community plays such a big part in all of our life...

I am liking this series..and the cover does look old school

you enjoy your series..


Amy C said...

Thanks, bermudaonion, I'm pretty sure I will enjoy these books!

Happy reading to you too, Mary :)

Mandi, yes the blah, blah, blah small talk! I have not encountered one person who reads when I tag along with my husband to a friend's get together. Well, once I did, one lady's daughter read the Harry Potter books! She didn't, but her daughter did. Not quite the same :).

Hey E.H., you gotta love the internet!

This series does have some interesting things in it. From what I can remember, the world is very well detailed.

I Heart Book Gossip said...

I got a lot of books this weekend. I went over budget and I think I'm about to cry because I just got another coupon in the mail today! I got Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh, Darkness Calls by Marjorie Liu, and a couple more. I posted it on my site.

Congrats to your son! Graduating High School is exciting.

Anna said...

I'm pretty a shy person when I first meet people. But I eventually come out of my shell. I can talk books with my brother in law and sister, they both read fantasy so that can be nice at times. :)

Friday one of my orders from EC Came. I got
Hunters The Beginning- Shiloh Walker
Hunters Interlude- Shiloh Walker
A Kind of Magic- Susan Sizemore.

I should get some books in the mail today, but we'll see.

Blodeuedd said...

Oh nice looking series there :)
I hope they are great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I understand about feeling out of the loop with some people. I have a group of friends who never read, not even one book a year! I just don't understand that and when they talk about going out drinking, partying etc, on the weekends then ask me what I did, they look at me like I have 2 heads because I ENJOYED being home reading on the weekend. They don't understand my love of books and I don't understand their total disregard for books. Opposites, but they are still great people.
I did do some book shopping and have 2 posts on my blog about it listing my purchases if you're interested in taking a peek.

Kaye said...

Sometimes it is hard to understand how other people can get through the day without reading. I sure can't. Enjoy your books. My mailbox is here Have a great week and happy reading.

Kristen said...

Isn't it lovely to rediscover old favorites?

I've discovered that very few people talk about reading, even if they do actually read. It boggles the mind sometimes.

Amanda said...

That sounds like a great series!!

I have the same problem with people not understanding my obsession with books, without my on-line haunts I think I would be lost!

Wendy said...

Great books!! Enjoy :)

Michelle G said...

Wonderful books. Happy Reading!!


Lea said...

Hi Amy!

Sorry to be so long getting over, my work computer boots me off your blog every damn time!! lol

Anyway, glad your yard sale was a success. Looks like you got some nice books there. I love the cover art. ;)

You enjoy and take care. It rained here all dy yesterday too. And, it is raining again today! lol


Estella said...

Hope you enjoy your new books!

Cecile said...

Hey Amy!!
I did your post the other day, I never commented because my laptop must have had to much "computer sex" all the eye candy I downloaded to my blog folder that it gave up on me.. And kept kicking me off and losing what I said. So, I gave up!
But anyway... I know how you feel and it is nice to see that there are other people who feel the same way. I agree with Erotic, I am very thankful for online friends like you that I can talk with, even though it all might not be able books, but at least we know we all have that in common... and our daily lives! We are here for each other and that is a promise (at least from me)!!!

Fantasy Dreamer (Donna) said...

Hi Amy,

I'm the same at parties and outings, I'm usually the quiet one and ready to get the heck out of Dodge as soon as possible, too. So, I totally get what your talking about.

Enjoy your reads!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I feel the same way when I have to go to my hubs work stuff. Usually it's at the country club, and I'm just not a country club kind of girl, I'm always out of place. And all they talk about is being out together, drinking, how great each other's kids are....blah, blah, blah. They don't know me and I don't know them, and I'm not missing anything. So, I sit there politely counting the minutes until we can leave.

Your purchases look great, new series for me. I'll look them up.

Dottie :)

Gail Dayton said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed The Compass Rose. Hope you like the others. :)

Gail D.

Amy C said...

Hi Gail! I'm honored you dropped by my blog! Thank you so much!