Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Warsworn by Elizabeth Vaughan


Elizabeth Vaughan

(Romantic Fantasy, 2006) Book Two in the Warlands Trilogy
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Wow! Warsworn is the second book in the Warlands Trilogy and it was so gripping and emotional. I loved every page of this book. For a long time I refused to read books in first person perspective. This was one of those series that I foolishly passed on the first time I looked into them when I discovered they were fantasy romances.

I read the first one, Warprize last month and thought it was an amazing book. The other day I picked up Warsworn, after starting three books and not connecting with them to stay with either of them, but Warsworn drew me right in. It picked up exactly where the first one, Warprize, left off. It could pretty much just be a new chapter in the same book!

Just a quick recap of Warprize. We are introduced to Xylara. She is a master healer, and after secretly watching her tend to one of his injured warriors, Keir, Warlord of the people of the Plains, claims her as his Warprize, thereby creating a truce providing she agrees. Lara and Keir discover that love has grown between them. I loved watching them learn each other in the first book, discovering that though they may be of different peoples, they were not so very different on the inside, where it matters most. Warprize had one of the best endings.

As they travel toward Keir's homeland, they happen across a village. At first thinking the village is going against the peace treaty by not allowing them entrance, they plan to break through the gates and lay waste to the people. But Lara, realizes that something far more horrible is happening beyond the walls. Plague. And as events unfold and Keir's people are exposed to this terrible thing called Plague, something his people have never heard of, doubt begins to settle among some of them.

Iften, who we met in Warprize, despises Keir for wanting to unite their people and the Xyian people. So he thinks to use this plague against Keir to help him gain the position he so covets as the Warlord. Of course he is thwarted in Warsworn, but he has not given up. Warlord, the conlcusion of this awesome trilogy, will reveal the outcome of Iften's need to take Keir's place as warlord. There are a few other things that need answering to also. I cannot wait to read the final chapter is this series! It is another that I will hold right up there with a few of my other favorite fantasy series like Jeri-Smith Ready and CL Wilson.

The use of the plague was a fascinating way to display the differences between Lara's people and Keir's people with several different aspects of what they believe. Not to mention the emotional level using the plague created. The characters have a realness to them and it's because of their actions. Especially so in Warsworn, with one character in particular. It might not be what you want but it's what would be if it were real life. Sometimes you can't stand and support your friends if you do not believe what they are doing is in the best of interests.

This is definitely a remarkable trilogy. And I can't imagine my views changing when I read the the final book.


Mandi said...

I just bought the first in this trilogy yesterday because you (maybe?) was talking about this trilogy somewhere. How is that for vague?? :) I can't remember but very recently I was reading discussion about this and it really caught my interest. Can't wait to start it!

Amy C said...

Oh, Mandi! You're in for a treat! Because you're with the same characters into the second book, it only gets better because you are able to maintain that connection. I doubt I'll wait long to read Warplord.

It could have been here that you read about this series. I talked about it a bit when I read DaggerStar, I believe :)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I'm really going to have to find this trilogy, it sounds great. I'm looking right now!

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Morning Amy,
I am so near the end of dagger star, and I really like Elizabeth Vaughan now. Thought about finishing it last night, but choose sleep, lol.

These war books sounds pretty cool, and yes the 1 persona would have had me backing too. Great to hear that its working.

Leontine said...

Good Morning Amy,
You so bring these books alive for me with your reviews and I so agree with you. I sometimes have it with a trilogy that the second book is a bit of a slump because it is ongoing on the first book and doesn’t seem to have a true ending. Not with Warsworn though, I loved going back to Vaughan's world but Keir and Xylara *smiles dreamily* yeah they have great chemistry together and their romance is deepened in this novel. I finished them all in one breath but the last one was spectacular IMO I know you'll enjoy yourself Amy! I think my vacation time will also contain a week of re-reading. C.L. Wilson and Elizabeth Vaughan are on the top of that list!

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie, how did your search go? I hope you do give a read!

Hi Blodeuedd, if you have enjoyed reading Dagger-Star and White Star, you are going to love the Warland Trilogy! I totally understand how readers of this trilogy would feel a little disappointed with the other two. The first two books in the trilogy are just so rich and amazing!

Leontine :), that is so wonderful to hear that you love CL Wilson also! I would like to reread hers before the fourth book comes out. She is an amazing world and character builder! And wasn't the end of Warprize one of those *smiles dreamily* endings??

Kati said...

Amy - I adore these books! I think I've told you that Warprize is among the books I've read most ever.

I've been disappointed by Vaughan's last two, but this trilogy is just superb! I love, love, love Keir of the Cat. And he only gets better in Warlord!

Amy C said...

Hi Kati,
Yes, you did mention that Warprize is one of you most read books! And I totally understand why.

You know one of the things I love about these first two books...Keir and Lara established their relationship in the first book and so in the second it was nice to see that no matter what doubts formed among keir's people regarding the joining of the two peoples, Keir never doubted his claim on Lara as his warprize and lover. He remained true to her and his feelings, never showing any animosity toward her. I loved that!

nath said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the books Amy! Me too, I'm not a fan of first POV, but for this trilogy? It really works :) I think we get enough insight from all the other characters via Xylara.

I thought out of the three books, Warsworn was actually the weakest. It's not that it wasn't good, but I like the two others better :D and I don't think you'll be disappointed by Warlord.

I do hope Ms Vaughan is going to write WarKing or a sequel featuring Xylara and Keir.

As for her new trilogy, I agree with Kati... a bit disappointing comparing to the War chronicles. They just don't grip me the same way :(

azteclady said...

Yay! :grin: can't wait to see what you think of Warlord!!!