Monday, July 13, 2009

Clarity of Night Contest Entry

The other day Dottie posted about this short fiction contest. I thought, why not! It was fun, but I'm sure I have like no chance of winning, but it certainly was fun to see what my brain could conjure up regarding this picture. Dottie's was wonderful with a nice vampire twist at the end!

The Interview
by Amy Cummings

The glowing of the candles sporadically placed on the walls lent an eerie ambiance to the room. The near darkness wrapped itself around me, creating an unnatural chill to rush over my skin. I looked around and rubbed my hands up and down my arms.

“Thank you for accommodating me.” His voice drifted through the shadows. “You must be nervous having this interview in my home. I do apologize, but as you know, I am confined within these walls.”

He turned from the bar situated in the corner of the room and held out a glass of red wine. I took it, and again found myself startled by the disfigured man before me.

“Thank you,” I replied then smiled up at him, knowing full well that his confinement was his choice. But this would hopefully be my employer. I needed this job, no matter how daunting the man appeared. They were only scars. I took a deep breath to bring back some regularity to my jumbled nerves, then tentatively sipped my wine. The bitter taste on my tongue slid smoothly down my throat.

“So, Ms. Hill, are you interested in being my personal assistant and all that I require of you?”

I considered him momentarily as I stared directly into his eyes. I smiled, showing him that his flawed face did not affect me.

“Yes, Mr. Grant, I’ll take the position.”

If you're interested in reading other entries, there are at least 100 there now! Maybe you might even want to give it a go yourself :). You have until July 15th to enter. Click here if you want to learn more!


Kimberly B. said...

I like it! Your entry, I mean; it really piqued my curiosity and made me want to know more. I entered this contest, too, and I have to say, even if I don't win anything (and the competition is stiff!), it sure was fun to play with that prompt, and it's really rewarding to read people's comments on my piece!

Amy C said...

Kimberly, I just popped over to the Clarity of Night blog and read your entry! It was awesome! You got great feedback!

Good luck to you and thank you for stopping by to leave me a comment :).

It was my first time doing anything like this. It was fun!

Lea said...

Wonderful piece Amy! Well thought out. Lovely prose. You never know my friend! ;)

Good Luck

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I still think it's excellent!

It's dramatic and visual, I like the pictures it creates.

I hope to learn more about these characters!

Dottie :)

Cecile said...

Amy!! This was great... and now I want more... you know me... I love your stories! I am your cheerleader!

I wish everyone that entered it... good luck!
I may later... right now, my mind is gone on vacation... not sure where! LOL!!!

Blanche said...

Amy it is wonderful and I want to read more of it!! :)

Blodeuedd said...

Oh no, if you send in something you get I chickened out.
But great job Amy :D It sounds good.

Eva S said...

Good luck, Amy!

Great story, I'd really want to read more! You will write more, I hope!

Amy C said...

Thanks, y'all! But, umm, I don't stand a chance! LOL!

It seems what is liked over there is the more gritty stuff, like death or pain or something!

I did think about trying to expand these characters a little. I did do a little actually, but I lose interest too quickly! I just want to jump right to the part where they have sex, forget all the rest! :P