Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Reading List

I really didn't get a lot of reading in this month. But the books I did read, I thoroughly enjoyed. I especially loved revisiting the Realms of the Blood in The Invisible Ring! Anne Bishop is just a most remarkable author. One of these days I'm going to re-read the first book in her Tir Alainn trilogy, Pillars of the World. I find her worlds tremendously fascinating. I was just talking to my mom yesterday and I think she is going to start reading the first one, Pillars of the World. I'll reread it with her then!

I suppose I should also be a little more consistent with rating books. Everyone seems to do it and I am always looking to see what ratings others give a book, but for whatever reason, I usually forget to add that. I'm sure it won't stick and I'll forget!

1. Lilli Feisty - Bound to Please (4/5)

2. Amanda McIntyre - Tortured (Review coming soon) (4/5)

3. Rhian Cahill - One Night in Bangkok (3/5)
I thought this was one hot and steamy book, but I wished it had a little more of a plot. Rhian Cahill certainly is talented and she can write some sex!

4. Elizabeth Vaughan - Warsworn (4.5/5)

5. Anne Bishop - The Invisible Ring (Re-Read) (5/5)

6. Elizabeth Vaughan - Warlord (5/5)
This is one of those just totally awesome trilogies! It will be reread in the future, without a doubt. I loved Keir and Lara! They meshed together and remained that way no matter what obstacles were placed before them.

7. Elizabeth Haydon - Rhapsody (4.5/5)
I'll have a review to post for this one soon! I loved revisiting this book also. It's one of those that has always remained with me.

8. Vivian Arend - Tidal Wave (3.75/5)
I'll have a review of this one to post closer to it's release date. But I can say that I did very much enjoy it. It's menage, and it's not usually something I like to read, but I will sometimes. And this one worked for me. I can understand and accept the why's of it :).


Mandi said...

Good list...can't wait for your Tortured review:)

Blodeuedd said...

very nice month for you :D
Will look forward to Tortured too

Stacy~ said...

I adore Anne Bishop's books, and I really loved Elizabeth Haydon's Rhapsody. I don't know why I didnt' continue the series. Huh. And I think I have the books too.

Amy C said...

Hi Mandi and Blodeuedd :)

I really enjoyed Tortured. It was different and definitely had a dark tone to it, and it fit considering the setting is in early Medieval times.

Amy C said...

Stacy! You read Rhapsody but didn't read Prophecy? Oh man, you get alot more of Rhapsody and Ashe! It was some very moving scenes later in the book. I was going to read it when I finish this one I'm reading now (I wanted something light to through in the mix before I settled down with Prophecy) but I'm going to reread Pillars of the World first with my mom, and then we'll get back to Elizabeth Haydon! I hope you decide to read it soon. It is such an amazingly detailed world!

Anonymous said...

I have never read an Anne Bishop book, but I hear a lot of good things about her books so I will be adding her to my list of authors to check out. Great post Amy!

Erotic Horizon said...

When I am finished with the Anne Bishop's - I am going to give the Elizabeth Vaughan a try...

Thanks for all the recommendation -


Amy C said...

Hey MsM, I hope you do decide to read Anne Bishop's Black Jewels books. They truly are an experience!

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Tortured looks really good. Wow you read a lot in one month Amy. I get so distracted in the summer.

Amy C said...

Oh E.H., your comment is like music to my ears! Anne Bishop and Elizabeth Vaughan! You are going to love Ms. Vaughan also! I hope anyway!

Amy C said...

I Heart Book Gossip! I usually read closer to 15 or 16 books in a month so I felt like I didn't get much reading in! BUT, Rhapsody is a pretty hefty book, so it was like reading two!

My reading does slow down in the summer since my son is home all day now. And it will likely stay down under ten a month if my plan on going back to school doesn't flop! But I have done really good about not buying alot of books :).

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Lea said...

Hey Amy!

You did well with your reading this month! I too am looking forward to your review of "Tortured". Even though it is a historical, I am really intrigued by this book and interested to read it. :)

Great post!

Cecile said...

Oh, I am definitely looking forward to your review of Tortured!!
And, Amy thanks for serving up some new authors to me... some of these, I have never heard of or may have just passed them by!!
Thanks honey! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Amanda said...

Ooooo Rhapsody!! Was it good?? I have always looked at this book and wondered about it! Would love to hear what you thought!

Amy C said...

Hi Lea, I hope my review of Tortured is good!

Hey Cecile, two of the authors up there are e-book and both fairly new, Rhian Cahill and Vivian Arend. Rhian is from Australia and has the coolest accent!

Amanda! Yes, Rhapsody is good! It was my second time reading it, and I have my review scheduled for tomorrow. I loved revisiting that world and characters. I plan on rereading Prophecy (book 2) soon!

nath said...

Hey Amy :) So glad you enjoyed Warlord. It was good, wasn't it? Seriously, this trilogy just rocks!!

Glad that you had some good reads :D Seriously, that's the most important no? The quality, not the quantity...

Amy C said...

Hi Nath,
I absolutely did enjoy Warlord! And you are so's the quality not quantity!! I feel like I got some good quality reading in too.

Tracy said...

Wow you did read some great books this past month! I'll have to look into that Vaughn series.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I leave for a few days, and now I'm catching up.

I just recently picked up Bound to Please, but I haven't even really looked at it. The rest of your reading looks great too, I'm waiting for the other to books of Anne Bishop trilogy and I'm going to order The Invisible Ring as well.

As always, great recommendations!

Dottie :)