Thursday, July 30, 2009

Master of Craving by Karin Tabke (What type of sexual encounters do you like?)

Master of Craving
by Karin Tabke

Most of England has submitted to King William, but Wales refuses to yield. The King's trusted Blood Swords are unable to prevail, and while Stefan de Valrey is left unconscious on the battlefield, his sworn brothers are captured. Despite terribile injuries, Stefan vows to liberate them. Even rescuing a delicately beautiful -- and naked -- maiden from peril cannot deter him, for the silver-eyed Arianrhod is a Welsh princess, a hostage Stefan can exchange for his long as Arian remains as pure as when he met her. But that is a constraint Stefan finds harder to honor with every passing day.

When the scowling knight slings her across his saddle, Arian knows she should fix all her thoughts on escape. But Arian has never before experienced the deep, soul-changing desire that Stefan arouses with merely a glance. Breaking their vows could set two kingdoms ablaze -- can they control the sweet, terrible burning between them? Read an excerpt.

I really love this series by Karin Tabke. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book. I love her writing, but the kidnapping of the heroine, well, I wasn't so sure. But it turned out to be a fabulous read in the end. She did things I'd never seen before! And she made it work. Both the hero and heroine have a stubborn streak, which complimented the other nicely, except when she slapped his face right over a nasty sword slash. Not necessary! There is much sexual tension between them, and a few scenes that I just loved! And no hands or touching was involved. So good!

There was a scene like that in one of Kresely Cole's books that I loved, very senusal. The one book where the heroine is a ghost and they can't touch each other. So instead they say what they would do to each other if they could! Oh, that was an uforgettable scene. Another book had a similar scene. It was in The Reawakened by Jeri Smith-Ready. Dravik and Sura are forbidden to have a releationship. One day while Drakik is training Sura to use her gifts they describe to each other what they would do if they could. They are laying together side by side staring up at the sky. It was just such a great scene. I love those kinds of scenes. There is just something so terribly erotic about being verbal!

Is there a particular type of scene that you really like? Like maybe being tied up? Or spanking? Or Voyuerism(that's another I love reading!)? Or the verbal kind like I mentioned above? Tell me, what strikes a chord within you?


Stacy~ said...

Cool topic ;) I admit that I pretty much liked everything Vic did to Niall in Beth Kery's Wicked Burn LOL. I'm not into the spanking, pain or humiliation stuff. I've read some of it and it just doesn't work for me. I'm pretty much okay with the really hot scenes as long as both the h/hn are enjoying it.

I like it when an author is creative. I'm so curious now to read this book. So it's in a series huh?

Amy C said...

Hi Stacy! Yes, this is a series. I just added a link to the post I did a few months ago. I spotlighted the series. It has info on the other two books :). It's really a great medieval series.

Ahh, yes, Vic was pretty intense with Niall! He was demanding but not in a demeaning sort of way! He was just a take charge kinda guy, very secure and comfortable with his sexual appetites and not afraid to take what he wants! Very confident, which is very much a turn on!

Michelle G said...


I have not read Ms. Tabke - but I have this series on my wish list. :) I'm glad to know you enjoy the series. Thanks for the wonderful review.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy,
Oh what a great blurb, I want to read this one now. Awesome review.

As for what i like...honestly I just want to it be sweet and cute. That is my fav

Blanche said...

Hi Amy!

I LOVE this series! I just need to read Master of Torment!!

So for a fav...........I pretty much can read something atleast once but I'm also another one who doesn't like the pain or humiliation stuff!

Amy C said...

Hi Michelle,
I've only read this medieval series of hers, and they are very well written. Once I get started I have a hard time putting them down. When I started this one, I felt like I was in a slump, having started three books and not finishing any of them. I picked this one up and finished the next night!

Hi Blodeuedd,
Thanks! And I love her covers too!
You know a lot of my favorite books have milder sex and maybe only one in the book. I like the buildup. And the touching and kissing and dialogue that bring on the shivers and warm cheeks!

Amy C said...

Hi Blanche! Yay, another lover of this series! I am in total agreement, none of that bondage for me. A little dominance is okay, but I don't much care for all the paraphernalia involved! I read this one by Angela Knight, and this contraption that was used on the heroine held her mouth open so he could, you know, do the deed without her closing her mouth! It was not very good for me :P! And ball gags? Ugh! NOT!! :D I told my husband that my brother in law ought to get one of those for his wife...a ball gag... she could use something to shut the f up sometimes! I know not very nice of me, but she has not been very nice herself.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Amy! What a cool post. I'm a big Karin Tabke fangirl and the bloodswords are my fav!

I'm with you, I love words! I like men who like to talk during sex. I always find that fun to write and read!!!!

Mary G said...

OMG Amy about your sister-in-law LOLOL.I read all of Karin's contemps & she is awesome. I need to try these ones too. I love the moment when the H & H stop fighting their feelings & finally get moving. On their relationship of course.

Cybercliper said...

This is a great series!! Karin is wonderful and I can't say enough about her work. As for the type of scene - I like the sensual, verbal. Sometimes the images a characters words convey are as emotionally charged as sensual - very telling of the depth of the characters emotions. Anything between consenting characters is fine with me. What I don't read and can't deal with and maybe it's the 21st century woman thing is bondage!!

Amy C said...

Hey there, Charlotte! I think I seen somewhere on a blog post that you liked them! I really do get sucked right in to her stories. I wonder what happened to Rhys? Is he dead or what?? And I like how each book builds on the next, continuing the plot with the politics and war and all that, but yet each of them are very different!
Yes, sex talk is so good. I love that kind of banter between characters, whether it's during a sex scene or taunting each other before :).

Hi Mary! Yes, well if you ever met my SIL, I think you would agree! She can be very condescending, and in a way that you might not even realize it until later :(.

Hey Cybercliper, Oh so glad to see another fan! Although I have not read her other work, just these ones. I don't do the bondage thing. I have read a few here and there, and I guess if done right, it's not bad, but it just can't use those off the wall things :P! If I can't see myself doing it...then forget about it!!

Armenia said...

Hey Amy. Nice post and thanks for the heads up on this series. Karen Tabke is a new author to me, but I'll be sure to check out her books next I go to the bookstore.

As far as verbal enticement, yes, I really like it when authors work that in their love scenes. There is nothing like anticipation for a great love scene.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Been hearing a lot about Karin Tabke and Master of Craving, sounds wonderful, I'll have to pick this series up.

I love sex scene between h/hn that are taunt, wanting, sweet, hard...I guess I like them all. Words are great, before and during, I enjoy the interplay of the characters.

I'm not much into apparatus' along with my sex scenes though. That I can do without, no bondage for me please. I've read some and just skim over those parts. I can enjoy the story, and skip want I don't want to read.

I like sensual with or without the deed as well as sweet and sexy or hot and spicy. It's all good. I love paranormal, contemporary, or historical.

Great post Amy!

Dottie :)

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Wow, I'm going to add this entire series to my wish list! Sounds terrific!

Lea said...

Great question Amy!

This does sound like an awesome series and I actually have the first book in the stacks.

I'm pretty open to erotic scenes as long as there is a good story to go along with the erotica and the scene is emotionally charged. Lots of sexual tension as a preamble helps too. ;)

Best to you.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Rhys had better not be dead, because he's my fav right after Stefan!!!!!! :)

Amy C said...

Hey Armenia, I agree, nothing like good anticipation. However, I get so frustrated when the h/h will get so close to consummation only to pull back at the last moment, you know? :)

Hey Dottie! I am so with you. It doesn't have to have lots of sex to be a powerful, consuming romance!

Hey Lisa! Do add it to your wishlist. They are great stories and characters!

Hi Lea! Definitely, gotta have a good story otherwise the erotic scenes kinda fall flat!

Charlotte, I wonder whose book is next? Do you know? I looked but found no info on her website. Do you think Brigid(? spelling) will be his heroine? I don't remember how old she is, just that she's younger than Tarian. I was thinking it would be cool to have their book next, if she's old enough!

Cecile said...

Okay, great post Amy. I am writing this series right now to go to goodreads and updat my list there!!! This series sounds very hot!

Humm... what I like. The only book I have read so far that deals with bondage is Joey W Hill's The Vampire Queen's Servant. For me, it was more about submission than the actual bondage thing. But I am like you, if I can picture myself doing it, then okay... I can follow. But if I am having a hard time trying to picture that in my head... skip. I am not into the pain and humilation of self or others. So, I guess everything else is a go!! =) Hussy that I am!
Great post honey!!!

And I did love the ball and gag for your SIL... I know a couple of people that need one for sure, and in no way sexual!!! LOL!!

Amy C said...

Hey Cecile! Ahh, we think alike! Yes, if I can't picture myself doing it then forget about it!
I hope your new job has been going well! Hugs!

Karin* said...

Rhys is not dead! I promise!

Karin Tabke

Amy C said...

Oh, thank you, Karin, for letting us know that!

I wonder when the next book is coming and who it is? :)