Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tortured by Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre

August 2009
Harlequin Spice
The year is 500 C.E., and the land of Brittania is brutally being plundered and conquered by the vicious Saxons. The self-proclaimed king, Lord Aeglech knows no mercy when it comes to the native Britons. You either follow his rules, or you die.

Sierra is nothing more than a slave, but one the Saxon king values. She is Druid; a seer of the past and future. After her mother is ordered to be murdered for hiding her young son from Lord Aeglech, a betrayal punishable by death, Sierra is forced to apprentice the king's executioner, Balrogan. Nine years now, Sierra has wondered what the fate was of her young brother and clung to the last words of her mother, "Dunna fear." Those words gave her strength through the cruelty that has consumed her life, helped to shape her into the fearless woman she has become.

Now a Roman soldier, Dryston, has been captured, and when the torture that Balrogan unleashes on him proves fruitless for information regarding the rumors of a rebel army drawing near, he is turned over to Sierra. Lord Aeglach has assigned her a new form of torture...that of her body. Rather than punish him, they form a pact to help each other escape.

“She was his pleasure, he was her survival.” Pg. 101

Now freed from her man made prison, Dryston must free her from her self-imposed prison, because the more time he spends with the prickly Sierra, the more he feels a connection to her.

The title implies more than just the torture of the hero Dryston or that the heroine Sierra is the apprentice to the executioner, Balrogan. Dryston may be physically tortured but so too is Sierra mentally tortured everyday of her life. Numb to the pain and anguish of what her life has become since her mother’s death nine years earlier, Sierra begins to yearn for something each time she’s in the presence of the Roman prisoner. My heart went out to Sierra as she opened herself to the longing for love. No longer is carnal pleasure, her one form of escape, with Cearl, a young stable hand, able to quench her need. That yearning now rests in the hands of Dryston, and that yearning proves to be yet another form of torture.

With her broken spirit from the pain and terrible existence that was Sierra's life, she finds a sense of peace within the embrace of the Roman. Sex had always been used as a tool of escape, but with this man, it has become so much more. With Dryston, as she learns to trust, she senses she can be more than the empty, nameless, genderless being she has been for the last nine years. She can be the woman she now longs to become.

Amanda McIntyre's books never fail to move me. The harshness of the times, the cruelty, the survival seems so terribly absurd considering how we live today. I think we all need to thank our lucky stars that we live in the times we do. Tortured is driven with the need for hope during such tumultuous times as was that part of history. I felt as if i were whisked away to that time and that land. The vivid descriptions and steady rhythm of the story made for one disturbingly touching tale of hope, love and survival.

A recommended read for any Medieval lover. And one that is set in the beginning of the Middle Ages, that you don't see often at all!

I have been a fan of Amanda MacIntyre's since I read her first Harlequin Spice novel a few months ago, The Diary of Cozette. An amazing book of a young woman coming into her sexuallity set in 19th century England. You can read my review here.

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Kristie (J) said...

This is one I've had my eye on for a while now. Now I'll have both eyes open for it *g*

Lea said...

Lovely review Amy!!! As you know I'm not much for historicals but have a few in my TBR now thanks to all you lovely blog ladies.

I've had my eye on "Tortured", since reading about it and am even more intrigued.

Looking forward to your contest!


Mandi said...

I've been looking at this one for awhile too:) Can't wait for her to come here in Aug!!

Stacy~ said...

Wonderful review. I've been eyeing this one for awhile now, and it sounds like something I might like to read.

Amy C said...

Thank you all so much! I do hope you pick it up :).

I am so excited to have Amanda visit my blog too! She is such a nice lady :D.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Excellent review, sounds great!

I'll be checking for this one, and be back for your blog tour.

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy,
Great review, but, hm, would it be too sad for me. Sometimes I just can't take of the heroine or hero is too abused. Still is sounds so good

Amy C said...

Hey Blodeuedd, I didn't find it sad in that way. Some scenes were intense with the violence, but I didn't cry. The tone was a bit dark when it came to the torture in some scenes. It definitely had a different feel than her other books, and I've read them all. Which I think is really cool that Amanda can change her writing voice to suit the genre and time setting!

Hi Dottie! Thanks :).

Christine said...

Great review, Amy. I love heroine-centered novels and this one sounds really good... and quite emotional. I'm also going to keep my eyes out for it!

Blanche said...

Hi Amy!!

Awesome review! I've been watching for Tortured too!! I have The Diary of Cozette sitting right here and I really need to read it! :)

Amanda said...

Oh this sounds really good! I have been looking at the cover for a while now on various blogs! I must look into this one!

Thanks for the great review Amy

azteclady said...

oh man, Amy!!!!!!!

I want--and have you seen my TBR mountain range?

(I'll be here)

Anna said...

Hi Amy,
That was a great review. I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

Amy C said...

Hey Christine! Thanks, it is definitely heroine centered. And the setting is so different than anything I've read set in the middle ages.

Hey Blanche! Oh I love Cozette :D. Gotta be one of my favorite books!

Hi Amanda, I hope you decide to get it. If you do, your thoughts are always welcome :).

Hey Anna, I look forward to your thoughts! I'm sure you'll like it!

Amy C said...

Azteclady!! Geez, I somehow bypassed replying to you :(!

I'm glad you'll be here :)!

Cecile said...

Hey Amy!! It feels like forever since I have been here, but I told you I would make it here...
Now, I have to say that I skimmed this post... only because I will be reading this book soon too... And when I do, I will come back to see what we thought!!
I can not wait!! I still have The Dairy to read as well!
I hope you are having a better day today!!

Blodeuedd said...

If you put it that way, then I do think I could read it. Cos it sounds so good, and would love to read something from that time cos yes you don't see it often

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Amy for the lovely review! I was so pleased how well you nailed the emotiions of this story squarely!
It is an emotional read to be sure!
But life is emotional, isn't it? I love this story, I think because I was challeneged to see if and how love could survive in such darkness...

See you later in August and I'm looking forward to the visit!

Amanda M

Amy C said...

Thank you, Amanda! I'm so happy you are happy with my review! It was definitely a darker story than your other ones. I really loved it and always look forward to more of your books!

Can't wait to have you in August!