Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday - The Chancellor's Bride by Kirsten Saell

The Chancellor's Bride by
Kirsten Saell
Coming July 21, 2009!

A few months ago I had went in search of some F/F romances and I discovered the very talented Ms. Kirsten Saell! Not only does she write some fantastic f/f situations, but she also writes Fantasy! Be still my heart, I was in heaven! I read Healer's Touch first, and immediately had to purchase the other two! I gobbled up the three books in no time. And now I have been patiently waiting for this fourth book! It may be m/m/f, but I met the two males in the previous book, and I won't mind at all. I've been anticipating this one since I read Bound By Steel! And the next one after this one is going to be F/F! It's going to be like a preqeul to the first book, Crossing Swords. The Heroine in that will be the same, along with her lover. But it's gonna be sad. Oh, I can't wait to read that one too!

“The Chancellor's Bride” by
Kirsten Saell

Genre: ,
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Publication Date: July 21, 2009
Cover art by Natalie Winters

Her love for two men could save their future. Her secrets could destroy them all.

Recently re-elected Chancellor Collin sur-Gaerig is a rising star on the political scene, and everyone expects he’ll soon be rewarded with an estate and title. He also has a dirty little secret: he’s in love with his manservant, Harral. If anyone—especially the wife he’s expected to take—discovers their affair, all his aspirations will go up in smoke.

The mysterious woman he finds lying half-dead in the street is strong, beautiful, independent…and aroused when she catches him and Harral in a compromising position. As Aelis worms her way past their closely guarded defenses and into their bed, they realize she’s the perfect match for both of them.

But Aelis has a secret of her own, an ex-lover’s blackmail scheme that could get them all killed. To save the men she’s come to love, she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness, maybe even her life.

Collin’s not about to let that happen. For the first time in his life, he’s willing to risk it all in order to have it all. Even if it means he could lose the man he’s loved for years—and the woman they both want to love forever.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, including m/m and m/m/f; violence; bad language; financial irregularities; uneaten dessert; gratuitous invocation of various deities; and breakfast-table hijinks you’re not likely to witness at your neighborhood IHOP.

Read An Excerpt Online

Series Order:
Crossing Swords
Healer's Touch

Bound by Steel

The Chancellor's Bride

To learn more, visit Kirsten's Website Here.
You can also check out my reviews for Crossing Swords and Bound by Steel here. And Healer's Touch here.

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On another note, my mom, Devin and I are going to Syracuse this morning for the afternoon. You see there is this mall there, the Carousel Mall, supposed to be an attraction in NY. I never heard of it until the other day at the video game store, an employee was telling me about it. Of course, my first thought was, I wonder what kind of bookstore there is? Considering the guy said the mall has like 7 stories. So I got home, looked and it's a TWO STORY Borders! Not a little Borders Express but the big one! I do love my Borders Express, the people that work there have gotten to know me and my mom quite well over the years! So that pretty much sealed the deal to drive to Syracuse. My son is tagging along because he just can't resist eating out! Since it's a mall we're going to, me and my mom usually always get Chinese. I don't know why, but we do. And then I have my 5 dollar Borders Bucks coupon! AND a 20% off coupon! Oh, yeah! I'm ready to hit the road. Thank goodness my husband doesn't say much. Although he did when I told him I was conisdering driving to Cleveland (3-4 hours) to go to the library there to meet Neil Gaiman in October! HAHAHA!! I'm not really going to, but I would love to! He just can't believe that I would even consider traveling that far to meet some dude who wrote some books :).

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday!


Mandi said...

A two story Borders?? That is awesome:) Have fun!!

And I would totally drive 3-4 hours to meet an author..husbands just don't understand ;)

Cindy W said...

Wow, can't wait to see what you get!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Amy..

Another book to the series - I have Crossing The Sword, but still have not gotten to it yet...

But I will..
I hope you enjoy your visit to borders.. I am going to the CASSANDRA CLARE signing on Monday.. God I hope the queue isn't too long...

Make sure you spend your vouchers wisely...

Before I forget - here's my WOW this week -


Cecile said...

Hey Amy!
OMG.... a two story Borders... be still my beating heart! I think I would pass out!! Just thinking about alll those books and alll those possiblties of taking them home!!!
I hope you guys have a wonderful day!! It sounds like the perfect day!!

Cecile said...

OH and ps... you must tell us what you bought!!!! That's a given!!!

Anna said...

I have been to a two-story Barnes and Noble, but not a two-story Borders. (drool) Hope you have fun shopping. :)

kirsten saell said...

Aww, thanks for posting this, Amy! Glad to know I'm not the only one squirming over the wait. I hope you enjoy Chancellor's Bride as much as you liked the others.

If anyone wants a little taste of Collin and Harral, I've posted the scene of their first meeting for the Summer Reading Trail. It's got f/f, f/f/m, and some m/m tension. And you get to meet Yamina, one of my favorite characters from the book.

The scene is here:

And I hope Lianon and Rhianna's story won't make you sad. It will end on a Happily For Now, but I know those who've read Crossing Swords might still feel a bit maudlin about it. :(

Thanks again, and have a blast at Borders! Hugs.

Lea said...

Hey Amy;

So happy Kirsten has written a 4th book in the series for you to look forward too. I will await your thoughts!

I hope you had an awesome day today!! Sounds like lots of fun.


Amy C said...

Thanks y'all! I did have a nice outing with my mom and Devin, but the two story Borders wasn't all that great :(. My big Borders is alot nicer on the inside. I didn't even notice a place to sit and have coffee and a snack! But they did have a lot of books. And it was still neat!

You are so very welcome, Kirsten! I need to get over there and read that short you have posted. I was going to the other day, but it completely slipped my mind :(.

Amy C said...

Hey E.H., I hope you like Crossing Swords! It's a really great series. I loved Healer's Touch. Oh and an author signing!! How cool. I hope you have a great time on Monday!

Monroe Dawson said...

lol! I just love your "Warnings"! Good review girl!

Amy C said...

Hey Monroe, those warnings are great, but I can't take credit for writing them! That's all from the publisher, Samhain. I love reading them too. Sometimes it's those warnings that make me buy a book :).

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I think St. Louis has a two story Borders there too, we used to go after going to Shriners for my son. We make a whole day of it, go the Whole Foods Market, they have the best pizza and a hot food bar - baked chicken and potatoes are too yummy! You can spend hours in the two story Borders, and they had a Starbucks and had samples given out throughout Borders. I always have to stop and get a Strawberry and Cream, I can guarantee Devon would love this - like a Strawberry smoothie - so good.

I would seriously love to drive to Cleveland to meet Gaiman, it's like 6 or 7 hours from me though. Kind of a long drive, too bad it's not somewhere a lot closer!

Dottie :)