Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday

I was browsing Samhain's Coming Soon pages and found a few that look really good. Here are two that release on the 28th. Both are fantasy also :). I love that first cover.

“At Earth's Edge” by Christine McKay

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Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60504-631-0
Length: Short Story
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: July 28, 2009
Cover art by Tuesday Dube

True love transcends all boundaries—even the ones we erect for ourselves.

Man is an upstart species that was once welcomed by Aderyn’s kind—the Others. Like a weed, humans left much in ruin. And the Others retreated behind an enchanted wall guarded by Keepers. Aderyn is one such Keeper. And Man’s battles have reached her tower.

Owen, the nearly dead ex-soldier she once found at her gates, is a different sort of man. He didn’t want anything—except to give her flowers and make her laugh. As he drank in her healing magic like life-giving water, she drowned in his eyes. She was taught to defend against Man’s violence; she was helpless in the face of his kindness.

Now that she has had a taste of it, she would kill to keep it.

Her visions tell her it’s only a matter of time before more soldiers attack her boundary. With no intention of failing her people—or losing the man she loves—she uses her magic to unleash an apparition with the power to decimate armies.

But there’s a price to be paid—in blood. As the tide of it rises higher, everything she has fought for threatens to slip through her fingers. Including Owen…

Warning: Contains hot interspecies sex, a creepy boogey monster lurking in the shadows, a male gardener with not only a green thumb but shape-shifting body parts, and a horde of man-sized bloodthirsty bugs bent on world domination.

“Lover Enslaved” by Jodi Redford

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-635-8
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Publication Date: July 28, 2009
Cover art by Natalie Winters

Sometimes love is the only prize worth stealing…

Thieves of Aurion, Book 1

Mara Sheppard has no love for the Fae, but to free her brother from prison, she’ll do whatever the treacherous Queen Nalia asks. Even kidnap Dashael Rhyder, a womanizing thief.

She should have known the deal would go sour.

It’s almost too easy to bait and trap Dashael. Resisting his potent Fae allure isn’t. Especially since Nalia’s unexpected demand for a missing magical rune means Mara will have to hold strong far longer than she’d planned.

Dashael’s best shot at escaping? Seduce her. If he can survive a few dozen of his closest enemies out for blood and the queen’s scheme to make him her personal stud…he might just make it.

Then his game of seduction trips over a snag named Mara, and he falls. Hard. For a commitment-phobic thief, love might as well be a prison sentence. Yet the idea of losing her makes him miserable.

Mara can’t deny that her enemy has stolen her heart. But their love is about to be tested by a lifetime of secrets. The risk may not be worth it. Especially if a life together means death for one of them.

Warning, contains one or more of the following: Hot, sexy thieves, pain-in-the-butt sprites, handcuffs, intriguing new uses for a silk bed curtain, and scorching, shake-the-ceiling-tiles sex.

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Amanda said...

Oh both of those sound great Amy!! I'm really liking Lover enslaved!

Blodeuedd said...

This is a great waiting on Wednesday :)
I have been neglecting Samhain so I went to have a look, and to be in that print contest cos of course I found such a great book.

Amy C said...

Hi Amanda! I agree, I love Fae stories :D

I do the same thing, Blodeuedd. I forget about Samhain for long stretches, and they put out some really great books. And they have some of the best covers!

Lea said...

Thanks for the heads-up Amy! Both of these sound like great stories and I love the Samhain "warnings"! lol

The cover art for the first book is indeed beautiful..


The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks for the heads up! ;) I aree- the first cover is amazing, and both of them sound interesting! I always laugh when I read their warnings, too.


Christine McKay said...

Thanks for posting the cover art for "At Earth's Edge." One of my favorites ever. Hope you enjoy the story. -Christine McKay

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up on the warning for both books! I just love those! The cover is great, love the moonlight and blue/black colors.

Blanche said...

I should spend a little more time browsing at Samhain! These look like great reads Amy!! :)

Jodi Redford said...

Hi Amy and everyone. Thanks for putting up the cover for Lover Enslaved. And I agree, Christine's cover is gorgeous too! I really had a blast writing Lover Enslaved so I hope everyone enjoys it. ~ Jodi Redford

Amy C said...

Christine and Jodi, you are both very welcome and thank you for dropping by :). I'm looking forward to reading both of them!

It is a nice bonus, Samhain adding those warnings!

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

The Samhain warnings are a hoot! I need to go there and check out their website.

I like the first cover, it's beautiful.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Shaking the ceiling tiles sex!! Woot!! I love these warnings. I haven't visited Samhain lately, obviously, I need too! lol!

The covers are great! And for only $5, may have to purchase one, only drawn back, is I have to download to my computer. Still having computer problems, so can't read it right now!

Thanks for sharing these wonderful books! Heading over to Samhain now to take a look around.

Dottie :)

Leontine said...

Hi Amy,Just had to lurk at the steampunk pc again :D
I need to make a big round so I'll cut right to the chase and say I've given you some award love:

I've given you an award(s) click ~here~ to receive it.

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie, that's sucks you're still having computer difficulties. Thankgoodness for my husband. He's the computer fixer. I'd be lost without him :). The first one is only 2.50! And Samhain usually has the new releases discounted by about 50 cents! So you could get the first book for about 2 bucks! I'm all over that!

Hi Leontine, I love that freakin laptop too! And the great thing also, my husband thinks that that Steampuck art is pretty cool too! I love it when we find something like this in common.

Thank you for the awards. They are all so special, and what do I do with them? Nothing :(. But I do love them and you all that blog with me and I blog with. You guys are all just awesome. I'm just glad to have a place to talk books!

Amy C said...

Hi Donna,
Samhain is the only e-pub I browse coming soon books. I buy from others when I see a book being promoted, but there are so many out there, I just stick with Samhain. And they put out some good books with awesome covers!

naida said...

visiting your blog has added to my 'must read'

Amy C said...

Hey naida! Thanks for stopping by :). I'm glad some of the books that interest me have interested you too!

Amy C said...

HAHA! I just noticed you're bookworm also but with an o!! :D

Christine McKay said...

I love the Samhain warnings. It's an awesome little marketing strategy and whoever came up with it at Samhain should be showered with rose petals (Gold coins would obviously be more appreciated, but eh, in this economy, roses are easier to come by).