Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson

Fire at Midnight
by Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Medallion Press

After being drugged, Rachael Penrose awakens to find herself shackled to a bed in the infamous Bedlam insane asylum. Her malicious and greedy uncle has concocted a terrible conspiracy in order for him to gain Rachael's and her brother James's inheritance. He needs them both dead, but things don't always go as planned, especially for the bad guy.

Sebastien Falconer is obsessively searching for the woman responsible for the death and incarceration of his men. He is a french smuggler, and he and his men are blamed for crimes that are not their own. That of wrecking. A most heinous act, which lures unsuspecting ships out at sea into treacherous areas so that they crash, allowing these wreckers to pilfer through the debris, stealing the merchandise that may be aboard. This woman just happens to be Rachael Penrose.

As the story progresses and events unfold, so too does a violent storm which only adds to and enhances the twists and turns of the plot, shifting the story this way and that. Some people are not who they appear to be. Much deceit is dolled out between the characters, keeping things complicated. I highly enjoyed the complexities and intricacies of the characters as they make their way through the lies and vengeful plots.

I originally thought the romance between Sebastien and Rachael lacked, but I think looking at Fire at Midnight as more of an action adventure with romantic elements allows it all to work out perfectly. The two must learn to trust the other and look past the lies and scheming to find and embrace what's brewing between them.

I did think there were a few too many POV's from characters that had small roles. I'm always tossed about writing negatives in a review. I may have found the POV's to be a negative, however I did very much enjoy the overall experience of reading Fire at Midnight!

I will look for Ms. Wilkinson's next release, Stolen Promise, in March 2010! Sounds full of intrigue and more deception!

Cultures clash and passions collide when a stunning deathbed confession by his mother sends Evan Dark, the heir to a sprawling South Carolina plantation, to England in search of information about the father he never knew. Evan, a Southern gentleman who has just discovered his Gypsy heritage, cannot resist coming to the aid of a spirited young Gypsy woman, Jade of the Lowara tribe, who has fled her campsite after learning she is betrothed to a brutal clansman. Jade's father, seeing an opportunity to bring wealth to his clan through marriage, pegs Evan as Jade's bridegroom. Coerced into marrying Jade, Evan intends to abandon his Gypsy bride and return to South Carolina, where his own fiancĂ© awaits him, unaware that she has been unfaithful with his half brother and that the two are plotting to challenge Evan’s status as heir. When loyalties divide and fortunes are at risk, will Jade's love be enough?


Lea said...

Ooooh Amy; This one sounds very intriguing and a little "spooky". Nice review of an interesting book.

Thank you for sharing. :)


Amanda said...

Oooo I like your review of this, I've seen it a few times and wondered about it...... Thanks for the review Amy!

btw, how are you liking the fever series?

Amy C said...

Thank you, Lea! I hope you have a great day today :).

Hey Amanda,
You're welcome, I hope you consider giving it a try! Lots of adventure and scheming going on from all different sides!
I just ordered the next two fever books the other day. I wasn't too excited about Feafever, but enough to want to keep reading! I just thought Mac rambled a little too much :D. But it certainly was interesting!
Oh, and did you ever finish Rhapsody? :)

Amy C said...

Oops, I meant Darkfever :).

Amanda said...

LOL If i'm honest I wasn't too crazy about Darkfever the first time I read it either for the same reason as you, but then I got into the series and now i love it!

I LOVED Rhapsody!!

Amy C said...

Whew, that's good to hear, Amanda! It's not just me with Darkfever. I figure the further I get into the series my outlook on Darkfever will change!

Ohh! So glad to hear you loved Rhapsody! Do you plan to read the next one, Prophecy?

Leontine said...

I have read this book too Amy and enjoyed the historical setting and plot, the romance had bumps in the road for me but all together I nice debut novel. Her second novel sounds intriguing!

Amy C said...

Hi Leontine,
I agree with you regarding the romance, but like you said all in all, it was a satisfying read! And yes, her next one, Stolen Promise does sound intriguing!

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy,
Sounds like a good book, but dunno, maybe I having a bad bookday cos it just doesn't do anything for me

Amanda said...

I will read the next one, but I think it'll have to be after I read Dreamfever!

Mandi said...

This book sounds like fun..I really like the premise.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Wow Amy!

Sounds great! I'll have to look up this author too.

BTW, I'm a Moning fanatic. I've read everything she's written and she fantastic. I don't know if you been on her blog, but she has a few read (at least the first five chapters so far) of a novel she wrote way back when. It's called The Lady Lies. It's a historical, but I love it. I wish she'd polish it up and release it.

I can't wait for her next installment of her Fever series, just a few more days!

Dottie :)

Erotic Horizon said...

I love these books with a hint of romance toss in - they feel more solid..

I must say the cover is very dramatic - I like it alot...

Remind of a Japanese artist - who does surf paintings..

Amy C said...

Ha! Amanda, yes after Dreamfever! It is definitely just as good if not better than Rhapsody! You get so much more with the relationship between Ashe and Rhapsody.

Hey Dottie, I'm a huge fan of KMM's Highlanders, but I did enjoy the first fever book enough to continue when I get the other books.
If you do give this book a try, I look forward to your thoughts! Thanks!

Hey EH, and I would love to read your thoughts if you read this one as well! I agree and sometimes I get sidetracked with the romance. Sometimes I want more, and sometimes less. I think it's a mood thing. But yes, sometimes less is better. And the cover does very much go with the book :D!