Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Reading List

Compared to my reading for June, I didn't do too awful bad for July!

1. Karen Ranney - A Scotsman in Love
5 stars (I really loved this book)

2. Josh Lanyon - Fatal Shadows
4 stars (My first m/m and mystery)

3. Josh Lanyon - A Dangerous Thing
4 stars (My second m/m and murder mystery. I really liked these two books. I have a few others of his to read.)

4. Deidre Knight - Butterfly Tattoo
5 stars (WOW, so much emotion packed into this story!)

5. Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere
4 stars (very interesting to say the least!)

6. G.A. Aiken - What a Dragon Should Know
5+ stars (Dude! I loved this book!)

7. Morgan Howell - A Woman Worth Ten Coppers
4 stars (First time for this author and I can't wait to read more of his work)

8. Gail Dayton - New Blood
5 stars (This was the one that almost wasn't and I am so glad that it was!)

9. Shelly Laurenston - Pack Challenge
4 stars (I read this because I love her dragons under the name GA Aiken!)

10. Karen Marie Moning - Darkfever
3.5 stars (This one was all right. I enjoyed it for the fact that it enhances the highlander books, delving into the Fae.)

11. Karin Tabke - Master of Craving
4.5 stars (I love her Blood Sword brothers. This is one fine set of Medieval Historicals. And I can't wait for the next one!)


Mandi said...

Nice list! I love Josh Lanyon and the fever series. Did you find Barrons intriguing?

Amy C said...

Hi Mandi,
Honestly, I think if it weren't for Barrons I may not have cared as much for the book. I already had issues with what I felt like was an awful lot of ramblings. I don't know, I just felt that the story could have been told in half the time. I do plan on reading the next one sometime. Anna told me that one of the highlanders has an appearance in that one :). I did enjoy it because I was familiar with Moning's Fae world already!

Mandi said...

I understand that...and the story doesn't really get resolved in the next two book either:) But more question are raised and the ending of the third will make you go..HUH?? :)

Amy C said...

I think that is what has intrigued me the most to read these books--Everyone says how they were left hanging at the end of each book, wanting the next one right away. Not so much with the first to the second but definitely with the second and third and third and fourth. I'm curious to see what these cliffhangers are!

Mary G said...

Hi Amy
It's great that you have varied tastes. I have to be "in the mood" to read anything other than contemps but then I switch & devour other genres for a while.
That's a great list. BTW Romantic Times mag did an article on Steampunk. Let me know if you haven't seen it & I'll send it to you.

Amy C said...

Hi Mary,
I hadn't even realized how varied my reading genres were last month. I think I'm always like that though. However, you will find very few contemps in my reading :).

No I didn't see the article about steampunk in the RT magazine! I would love to read it! I used to subscribe to it but never renewed my subscription and always forget to look for it at B&N when I'm there.

Blodeuedd said...

You have sure read a lot of good books lately :D
I am mostly curious about the Tabke ones, they sound wicked

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

You had a really good reading month. I'm glad to see you enjoyed Neil Gaiman's book. I have G.A. Aiken's Dragon books and Karen Marie Moning's Faefever books actually sitting on my shelves but I haven't read them yet. I wanted to read Ms. Moning's Faefever books before her new release coming up but I don't think I'm going to make it. :(

Mary G said...

OK - I'll find the issue & let you know. I have a feeling I'll be reading some hysterical, I mean historical soon. I still have to read Sam's Creed before Tucker's Claim gets released. I just ordered Ride The Fire by Pamela Clare & I got Broken Wing for my birthday.

Lea said...

Great List Amy!!

I am so looking forward to reading "The Butterfly Tattoo".

I'm hoping to get more reading done this month. July was pitiful for me. ;(

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Amy C said...

Hey Blodeuedd, I hope you try the first one, Master of Surrender. She does add a nice dose of history, but not too much that it takes away from the romance. Love them!

Yes, Donna, I did, and I have American Gods to read sometime! I hear that one more often, I think. Aiken's Dragon books are my favorite Dragons! And the one that comes out in September, WHat a Dragon Should Know, is one of my top reads for this year, might even be my top read!

HAHA! Mary! Hysterical! Oh yes, I have to read Sam's Creed also! I really liked the first one. I hope you like Broken Wing!

Hey Lea! Here's to getting more read in August!
You should really like The Butterfly Tattoo. Very much character driven. The hero is great!
So far my weekend is good. Just got done cleaning a bit. I hope you are having a great weekend too :).

Leontine said...

Wow, Amy, that is some reading list and G.A. Aiken is really high on my list, I just have to wait if the first book is among my birthday presents. I have an after b-day list ready to go ;D

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy,
Sounds great, ad you know, in the end there are so many good books to choose i take that one with the hot cover hehe.
Tabke, well she is sure earning her spot. I am planning a nice little Amazon shopping spree this fall. She might just be the one

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy great list - its nice to see that you rated them all so well. I haven't read any Josh Lanyon yet, but a few of his books are on my TBB list.



Chris said...

*rushes off to add Josh Lanyon to TBR list*

I read The Butterfly Tattoo last month, too - I cried an awful lot! Loved that book.

Lori said...

K, I've read Ranney, Lanyon, and the Knight. Love all of them.

Have you read the Highland Lords series by Ranney? I loved that series - so wonderful!!

And I highly recommend the book that Josh Lanyon co-wrote w/Laura Baumbach - Mexican Heat. Awesome. Plus of course, the Adrian English books.

And what can you say about Butterfly Tattoo? Except wow.

Amy C said...

Hey Leontine, I sure hope you do get Dragon Actually for your birthday! It's one of those that I just can't imagine anyone not liking!

Hi Blodeuedd, There are so many books to choose from! Ohhh, a shopping spree! I hope you are working on a your list and checking it twice! Lots of owonderful books to choose from.

MsM, You would like Josh Lanyon, I think. You read the m/m stuff. These aren't erotic or anything but they are still very good :).

He Chris, oh yes, lots of tears for the Butterfly Tattoo! I read her Parallel series and I had no idea she could write emotional stuff like that! I loved that series to. Real Star Trekkie like!

Hi lori! I have not read Ranney's Highland Lord series, but I have many many times looked at them in the bookstore! I need to pick up the fist one soon! The books of hers I have read I have loved! She's another of those just wonderful authors that I'm certain I would love all her books.

And I will look into Mexican Heat! I've seen it. I met Laura at Lori Foster's. She actually lives about half hour to an hour from me :)

Cybercliper said...

Great list of reads!! I'm so looking forward to What a Dragon Should Know - glad to hear you like it - I just knew it was going to be awesome!!! Love the kitty picture - it's such a cutie!!!

Amy C said...

Hey Cybercliper! I loved it! Gwenvael is just, well, he's so darn arrogant, but in a way you just love him! I can't help but laugh whenever I think of him!

Christine said...

Great list Amy! Would you believe I almost kept up with you this month? I read a whopping nine books in July!

Amy C said...

Damn, Christine! You were on a roll in July! Hopefully it stays for August too! Now that things are getting back to normal for you with the house and all, it's easier to settle down with a book :)!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Great list Amy, I just seem like I can't get with it. I have all these great books to read and I desire to buy more, I just lack the energy to read them all.

Dottie :)

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey AmyC

I love your list -Lanyon - definate plus for me...

Aiken is up next after Howell's books and Laurenston - I am loving - wish she would finish her dragon series - They are great...

Happy August reading...