Saturday, August 22, 2009

Show Me Yours Saturday...A New Weekly Meme!

I Heart Book Gossip has made a new segment for Saturdays.

"Show Me Yours Saturday"

"Each weekend I will try to post a Show Me Yours.
It can include a favorite food to something about me.

I want a teeny bit of anonymity so I won't post pics of myself.
Show me the deets and I will show you mine.Key word is show: So show us some snazzy pictures not just words."

I think this is a wonderful idea! And I actually have just the thing to post today to stay with I Heart Book Gossip's theme...Where I live!

Me, Devin and my mom took a drive to Niagara Falls today. In all the years I've lived here, we've never seen the Falls from the American side. We always drive to Canada. Only once did I attempt the American Falls. It was shortly after my mom moved here. It was November. It was cold and VERY windy! So not a good day to be outside seeing something so splendid.

It was hearing about Amanda McIntyre's visit to the Falls during her long road trip this summer that made me really consider taking the day to drive there. And then my neighbor was telling me about Goat Island a few days ago and was shocked that I'd never been! Now that I've been, I'm just as shocked! I'd heard of Goat Island (It's the piece of land that separates the two Falls). And it's also where you see the Falls from the American side up close and personal. I didn't know that! And apparently neither did my husband or he would have taken me there sooner! It's really sad when you don't even know what your area has to offer!! But I'm tired of being clueless and me, Devin and my mom have done quite a bit of exploring this summer.

Above: This view is looking toward Lake Erie.

Below: That's the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. The US doesn't look that nice!

What a Ham!

This one is looking on at the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side! It was pretty misty today!

Below: The American Falls and the Rainbow Bridge in the distance.

This majestic, beautiful sight is only 1/2 an hour from me. It's practically in my backyard! It is just an amazing place to visit. I go to Niagara Falls often enough when we go to visit my husband's aunt, but I never once thought to make it a day trip here and there as an outdoor outing when I'm trying to find something for Devin and I to do.
I hope more of you decide to add this fun meme to your weekly line-up! It's always great to learn a little more about the people we 'see' nearly everyday in blogland! So head on over to I Heart Book Gossip's place and learn more!


Blanche said...

Beautiful pics Amy!! I'm working on mine too......awesome idea for a meme!! :)

Amy C said...

Hey Blanche! I couldn't agree with you more. I think IHBG came up with a wonderful idea!

I can't wait to see what you post!

You know, I've been wanting to post something about my animals. Now I have a reason too! That's next week :D!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's such a beautiful place. A few days ago my dad told me he wants to take me there, now I really hope he does.
I like the meme - I might try it out. :)

Amy C said...

Hi Hilda,
I think because I live here, I take advantage of the beauty that surrounds us here. The mention of Niagara Falls to me is not the same as it would be to you or someone who has never been. But it is an amazing place to visit! I hope you get to see it someday :D.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful photos! You should go into the postcard business! Seriously you post such beautiful photos of the places you visit, just stunning.
Thanks for sharing them.



Cecile said...

Oh Amy.... Those are some beautiful pictures!! Oh how I want to visit you, like now!!! Those are amazing!
Agreeing with Ms. M, you take some beautiful pictures!!
I will jump in this next week, so I can take my photos of my place! And of my food! =)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Beautiful pics my friend!

I can't believe you live near something so gorgeous. So envious here!

Have a great weekend sweetie!


Dottie :)

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

Amy, these are all gorgeous! The pictures look so refreshing and cool. I'd like to take a jump in the water and cool off from this Texas heat. LOL!

Your so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Wow those are some great views, and so close. The Niagara fakks would be so majestic to see, I am afraid it's very flat here, so a drop like that for the water, nope.
Great Saturday feature :D

Amy C said...

Thank you, MsM :)! That would be cool to have some of my photos turned into postcards! I don't know though, those postcards you see are amazing.

Hey Cecile! You can come visit me anytime you like :D. And please do share next week! I want to see that po-boy sandwich :D!

Hey Dottie,
You wanna know what's really kinda sad. My husband's family (brother and dad) live in TN and they are always giving us shit about living in this horrible state of NY. I just don't get it. THere is so much beauty here. And the summers are amazing here compared to down there...Hot and Humid! UGH! I love the summers here.
I hope your weekend was a good one!

Amy C said...

Hey Donna! Yeah, it's pretty hot down by you. It was about 80 yesterday. Our heat is gone for the year. We had a few days that reached about 90, but that's done and now we'll stay in the 70's mabye a bit in the 80's. We did walk in part of the river. There are these little islands you can walk to and not alot of water passes between them so you can walk a little in it. The deepest goes to your ankle. It was kinda neat that you are so close to the falls yet there are places by the little isalnds that you can walk in.

Hey Blodeuedd, even if it is flat where you live, I'm sure there is much beauty to be seen, not to mention the different culture. It would be amazing to visit Finland!

Mandi said...

How you cool you live so close! My In-laws just went to the American and Canadian side on vacation a few weeks ago. So beautiful...I want to visit one day.

Christine said...

Hi Amy! Fantastic pictures and really neat blog event idea that IHBG invented.

We visited Niagara Falls (and Toronto) in the summer of 2006 for a family mini-vacation and loved it. We stayed in this hotel that was like a tower with big windows facing the falls. It was so cool. In fact, it might even be that building in your third photo that looks like a cup on a stick. Do you see it? Too bad we didn't know each other in 2006... we could have gotten together.

Anyway, I'm so glad you made the time to explore and had so much fun. It's such an amazing and fascinating place, scientifically and historically.

Book Chick City said...

Great photos. I've always wanted to visit Niagara Falls but haven't gotten around to it yet. You are lucky that you live so close. But that's how it goes, you take for granted what others would love to visit. I live only an hours drive away from London, (UK) and I never used to go very often but now I try and visit twice a year but that's because I got married there so we always go back for our wedding anniversary :)

Thanks for sharing this with us. I may do this meme myself!

Renee said...

Great pictures, Amy! I've never been to Niagara Falls, but it looks like a beautiful place to visit.

I like this meme! I'll have to check out I Heart Book Gossip.

Have a great week! :-)

Danni said...

This is such a great idea! Beautiful pics.:)

Judy H said...

Wow, Amy, love the pics! I felt blessed to get to see the Falls when I was there, next time we'll have to do the American Falls. It's like another place to go.

Lea said...

Sorry I missed this one Amy. I've been run off my feet this week and not able to get out amongst the "cyber people" much!

Awesome meme and your pictures a beautiful!! I love the one of Devyn, what a cutie..

Thanks for sharing.

I'll try and join in this weekend.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thise are gorgeosu pics Amy! Brings back to mind that I need to get my developed! *sigh I'm so glad you guys got to go for a visit! You still have to go back to Cave of the Winds tho!;))

Amanda M