Monday, September 21, 2009

Review - Dark Legacy by Anna Destfano

Dark Legacy by
Anna Destefano

August 2009

Born with an extraordinary psychic link to each other, twin sisters Sarah and Maddie discover a secret piece of paper when they were little girls hinting at a legacy. But mom, in her state of denial, disposes of the paper and swears the two girls to forget what they read, it's just a silly myth. Eventually the two sisters grow into teenagers who despise each other. For Sarah seemed evil and on a path of destruction, where as Maddie was all that was good. Then one night a tragic car accident killed Maddie's and Sarah's father, and left Sarah in a coma. To Maddie it was like a blessing having the psychic connection severed from her sister.

Ten years later, all seemed to be going well for Maddie. Until three months ago nightmares began to haunt her in the dark hours of the night. Maddie is on the verge of a mental break-down and with the help of Jarred, a psychiatrist at the hospital she is an ER doctor at, Maddie turns to her mom, insisting, demanding answers to the truth about her and her sister be revealed. And no matter how much protest Maddie spouts against Jarred, he still insists on helping her. Because as strange as it sounds, he senses vaguely the strange things with Maddie, the way she can sense other peoples feelings and get inside their heads. Jarred being a psychiatrist only spurs him on to explore and help Maddie deal with whatever is causing her to mentally shatter piece by piece.

The unnatural and perplexing connection between the two sisters was fascinating and eerily written. But less than halfway into it, it seemed repetitive with the questions and the conversations between Maddie and her mom, and the episodes when things become critical with Maddie and Sarah within their minds. The length almost felt forced, I think everything could have culminated sooner than it did. For me, the suspense and build up began to fall short and I just wanted to know what the Legacy was, and have the answers to other questions.

Overall, I thought it was a near edge your seat suspense. I enjoyed the delicate yet intense bond between Maddie and Sarah. I would liked to have had some of the dream sequences eliminated to focus more on the relationship between them prior to the car accident. I just didn't feel a strong connection with either sister. I liked the relationship between Maddie and Jarred as it was explored and enhanced during Maddie's break-down, how he was there for her, keeping her strong with his warmth and determination to help her.

I do have my reservations with the execution of Dark Legacy, but by the way this one ended I would have to assume there is going to be a second book exploring more of the legacy . And if there is one then I will no doubt pick it up.
3 1/2 stars

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Lea said...

Sounds like an interesting story Amy! Not my cuppa, I don't think but that's okay.

I've not heard of this author before and always appreciate learning about new writers.

Thank you for sharing!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

I like the premise of the book, I love stories involving twins, there always seem to be a mystical tie.

I'll think about this one, maybe pick it up. Definitely sounds like a story that I would like.

Dottie :)