Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review - Seduced by a Stranger by Eve Silver

Seduced by a Stranger
by Eve Silver
September 2009

After receiving a letter from a childhood friend pleading for her to visit, Catherine packs her bags and journeys to Cairncroft Abby. A place where unbeknownst to her, secrets lie. Terrible, disturbing secrets. As the story unfolds, so too does the romance between Catherine and Gabriel. Together they shed their secrets, freeing their souls, opening themselves to each other to grasp and hold the love long denied them.

If you haven't read an Eve Silver Gothic historical, I would urge you to pick one up. She is simply an amazing story-teller. I have not read any thing that compares to the eerie tone that she sets in each of her books. She is one gifted author in the art of making your eyes widen, your blood curdle, your skin crawl, your heart to beat in anticipation, as each scene unfolds, engaging you further and further into the disturbing plot and the lives of each of the characters.

Without a doubt, Seduced by a Stranger is Eve Silver's darkest, most twisted tale to date. I wondered how she would top His Wicked Sins, and as I read this one I was amazed all over again at her uncanny ability to seduce you into the mysterious, dark and at times morbid lives of Gabriel, Geoffrey, Sebastien, Madeline and Catherine.

Eve Silver builds such amazing intensity, leading you to the culminating ending. If you want to read a little something dark, and completely riveting then this book is sure to meet your needs.

5 starts!



Eva S said...

Hi Amy,
some great books you've read these past days! Now I've got more books again for my wish list, although it's very long already...
I love Gothic historicals, I've read His Dark Kiss, will look for these two!

Blodeuedd said...

You have been reading so many great books lately :)