Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm a Little Bit Country...

As I sit here on this chilly, sunny Sunday afternoon, I'm struck with the urge to share a little something with you. I've sort of taken to listening to country music again. I feel like I'm getting back in touch with my roots. I grew up listening to Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, just to name a few. I always tend to fall out of love with it though. When I reached High School, I rediscovered my love of the genre with people such as the one and only George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Tim Mcgraw, Mark Collie, Travis Tritt. When I was in 10th grade Conway Twitty passed away. I loved him, and I swore that one thing I would do before I died was see my all time favorite, George Strait, in concert. And I did :). About seven years ago! I wasn't listening to country by then, I kinda fell out of love with it, but when my husband told me George Strait was coming, well, I just had to go! He was awesome and I swear, he did that crooked smile he does while singing right at ME!! (Probably just wishful thinking, but I sure can dream!)

A few years ago, I turned on the country station and a Tim Mcgraw song filtered through the speakers, and I began to cry because the song is just so unbelievably sad. Have you heard it? Don't Take the Girl. Well, that stint of country listening didn't last long. I just wasn't in the mood, but I did discover some good guys.

A few weeks ago I turned on the country station again and this time it wasn't a sad song that played, but a very sexy song. ANd then the next song was another romantic sexy song, and later that day, yet another romantic song. And I thought, these songs are like my romance books! I fell in love all over again :).

The reason for this post was so I could share with you some of these most amazing songs! I wonder what makes me lose the urge to listen to this genre. I just love it and it reminds me of Kansas and when I was younger.

Anyhow, if you care to listen, here are a few songs that I just love, love, love. And the last one is the one that never fails to bring a tear.

This here is the first one I heard the other day. Kinda reminds me of those erotic romance novels I like to read :)!

These here remind me of those ones that create those lovely warm fuzzies!

And this one, I just love this one! Oh, I just love that deep voice and look at that eye peeking out from under the brim of that hat! Is that not sexy?? :)

And the one that never fails to bring a tear...

I know I haven't been around much, but I do so hope everything has been well with you all :).


Anna said...

I grew up to some of those you mentioned and still love them.

I have the Bucky Covington cd, that song just kills me everytime Sad!

Amy C said...

All this time I've known you, I had no idea you listened to country music! That is so cool :).

Oh yes, that Bucky Covington song, I just heard that yesterday! I loved it. Very inspirational and moving.

It really is amazing how these songs tell such wonderful stories, you know. I always love it when I rediscover country music. It's uplifting. That may sound strange, but I feel good!

Cindy W said...

I have done the same thing too! I really listened strong in the 90's Alan Jackson, Dwight Yokam. Loved every bit of it, got out of listening to it, and just felt like something different. Now, I listen mostly and embarrassed my kids when Watermelon Crawl came on the radio. GOOD TIMES!!! Anyways, you did not mention Josh Turner's Your Man! Here's the link.

Oh, and don't forget Trace Adkins. He's one of my faves since I've been back. Favorite funny song is Craig Morgan's Redneck Yacht Club. Hope you are doing well! C

Anna said...

Yep, I grew up on both country and rock n' Roll. But I like all kinds of music. :)

That is what I like most about country music, the storytelling.

Amy C said...

Oh Cindy! Yes! Josh Turner! He's another with that deep as hell sexy voice. And Watermelon Crawl. You know, I must have listened longer than I thought I did because those two songs came out one in 2005 and the other in 2006. So it must have been for about a year or so, or maybe just on and off.

Gah, Alan Jackson! Sigh...I saw him in concert years ago with my husband and mother in law. Great, great time!

You know, my brother in law, he lives down in TN. Well, he's a bug man, and he has done Alan Jackson's home :). He says he's kind of an odd guy. He's met several country music singers.

There are so many great songs out there. My mind draws a blank with most of them, but you have reminded me of some that I love!

Amy C said...

I grew up listening to all kinds too! But I remember this one time in our lives when I was in like second grade, my mom was on her won with me and my sister for the first time and we didn't have cable tv so all we had was the radio and we ALWAYS had it on country. Oh there were some really great songs from back in the 80's that I love. That's when my thing for George Straight started. I used to always buy his cd's but I haven't in years now :(.

Anna said...


When I was younger I remember listening to music more than playing with toys. The 80's did have some of the best songs! You know I like George Strait too. He has ageed very well I think, he still looks about the same when he did when I was little. LOL!

Amy C said...

Oh yes, he has. I think he's so handsome :). Did you ever see Pure Counrty? I saw that at the theater when I was in high school :). I love that movie. So romantic at the end when he sings I Cross My Heart! Antoher sigh :) I had that on VHS, but I need to get it on DVD :). I love the soundtrack for that movie.

And shame on me for continuing to spell his name wrong. My brain's one sided when it comes to spelling words wrong sometimes :).

There really were some great music made in the 80's, and in all genres too. Me and my sister used to watch MTV and VH1 all the time :).

Anna said...

I have seen part of Pure Country, but not all the way through.

I needed my MTV all the time, but sadly now it really sucks. I loved VH1 too, The VH1 Classics channel still plays some good stuff.

Amy C said...

Isn't that the truth, Anna! I remember MTV was pretty much straight up videos, but then around the early nineties or so, it changed! I stopped watching it all together by then.

We used to watch a segment on VH1 that played old 80's videos. That was fun to flashback with Shawn. I haven't bothered to turn on either of those channels in a long time.

I think you should rent Pure country and watch the whole thing :)!

Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

I didn't grow up listening to country music. My parents were either listening to rock, classical or Korean music. But living off and on in Texas, I was exposed to country music. It not one of my favorite genres in music, but I do like some of the up beat tunes they have like the song Red-Neck Girl, the band Brooks and Dunn and I do like listen to some of Tim McGraw's music. Oh, I do love listening to Pasty Cline, that's an oldie but oh so good music. :)

Oh, my hubby is a big Dierks Bentley fan.

Amy C said...

Hi Donna,

Oh geez, Patsy Cline. You know, she was like a really heavy smoker, but you would never know. She has one amazing voice. I have a greatest hits cd of hers. My momma was a listener of hers :).

Country might not be your favorite but at least you don't put it down as if it's the ickiest music! :)

Heather D said...

I won't lie I am very Country. I didn't start listening to Country music until I was around 17. I fell in love with Reba, Garth Brooks, The Judds, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, and Toby Kieth. I went from being a total rocker listening to all the Hair Bands to Grunge to Country. I have never given up my love of Country music but I do listen to more rock than I did previously. I also find myself listening to what ever they call the music my teenager is listening to... maybe poprock? The songs you have here are really awesome!! I really love Dierks Bently. Then you have Billy Curringtion, who is hit and miss, but his most recent song is one of my favorites, People are crazy (

So good to hear from you Amy!! hope all is going well.

Amy C said...

Hi Heather,
When you said you listened to country when you were around 17 and then listed who you liked, I knew we were about the same age! I hadn't really paid attention before :). There just really are some great songs. Heart warming, romantic, sad, they can really touch you, you know :).

I'm actually listening to the song you sent the link to right now. I've never heard it before, but it's one of those heart warming songs. I like it.

Ah, 80's hairbands. They had some of the best ballads, didn't they??

And it's nice to hear from you too, Heather :).

Amanda McIntyre said...

I grew up on country-Patsy Cline, Hank Thompson,, Hank Williams, George Jones and the list goes on...the first full novel I ever wrote was to the song,, "She Said Yes,"by Chad Brock.What a great song!

I'm a fan of Sugar land, Dixie Chicks (Cowboy Take Me Away--wrote a story to this one--) Josh Turner, Brooks and Dunn, the ever wonderful Garth (is there anyone better?) Tim McGraw(Live Like You Were Dying) and Faith (This Kiss!)Keith Urban, Trisha Yearwood, Reba, Dolly Parton and the brilliant banjo playing of Roy Clark.

so many great songs--the thing I've always loved about country music is just what you mentioned--it takes us back to our roots--to the core of our daily emotions--

Amanda M

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Thought I'd join the conversation.

I grew up listening to country, but hard line country, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, if it tanged and was a hard sell, my dad listened. I didn't start listening to rock until maybe 8th grade, that was the year my parents bought me a stereo with a record player.

I jumped with both feet into rock and I've loved it ever since. Once in a while, a country singer will come along and do a crossover and I think, wow, this is pretty good. But, I'm a rocker all the way.

My kids listen to a wide range of music from rock to country to classical to japanese rock/anime toons.

The hubs only listens to rock, I think this influenced my kids in a big way. He's a walking trivia book, and the kids have inherited the gene.

Nice to 'see' you again.

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

"I don't need your rockin chair. Your geritol or your medicare."...LOL! I remember when that song came out by George Jones. That's probably about the only song of his I really know. I know he dueted alot with a female singer from years past, and I really only know at from one of those true story movies :).

That's a great list, Amanda! I love Garth! I was so sad. In high school, my best friend went to see him in concert but I wasn't allowed to go :(. Garth Brooks is one of those like George Strait. They play Thunder Rolls quite frequently here. I love so many of his songs. And Trisha Yearwood, Walkaway Joe. I love that one :).

Music is so moving!

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie, Thank you!

I've always listened to rock. I can't remember ever not, but country has always been there for me to fall back on. And I love that. I do have my favorites I could never not listen to and love, like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. I love the easiness of country music. Even the upbeat songs are laid back, you know? :)

Because Devin has never really been exposed to Country music, he had been very unsupportive of having to listen to it in the car! Poor thing :(! I'm so evil, like that...making him suffer :P.

Cindy W said...

Oh I loved Garth!!! The movie Pure Country is one of my faves, I watch it every time it comes on.

And Johnny Cash! I love his music, hymns, classics and his Hurt cover.

Can't forget some girls--Jewel has gone country, and has an awesome song, Cowboy Waltz that just makes you want to slow dance. I also love Kasey Chambers, Wayward Angel is one of my favorite albums.

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy :)

Hm I think it was a McGrwa song I loved, he made it with Nelly and I loved his voice. But now I can't remember it.

Not much country here

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

I am such a country girl, that is no secret! For the first time ever I didn't cry listening to don't take the girl...because I was too busy crackin up over the video. The labor part is hilarious! What was she doing!? Sims *dies*

Heather D said...

I am so glad that you are liking "People are Crazy". Billy Currington actually lives in a town not too far from where I grew up and one of my best friends gets together with him when ever he is in town...Im so jealous. LOL.

There are so many great country music artists. I can't see me not listening to it at least once a day. I have some very fond memories that go along with many of the songs. For instance, "I Want to Talk About Me" by Toby Keith had my daughter at age 5 screaming along with the lyrics in the backseat of the car... it was just too cute. Oh how could I forget about Deena Carter, Michaela was taking a bath one day and asked me to play her CD loud enough for her to hear "Did I Shave My Legs For This"

I just watched The Hannah Montana movie with my son (yes I said son not daughter). I thought it was a really cute and heart warming movie. The reason I bring this up is that the song Butterfly Fly Away really touched me. Its another one that she did with her father. Great, tear jerking song...well it was for me cuz it made me think about Michaela growing up.

Christine said...

When I was really young ... like 10-13 or so, I just LOVED Olivia Newton John. Now... I love Taylor Swift! I'm not joking... I really do. I adore her and her music. She's incredibly talented writing and performing her own music at such a young age.

It's good to see a post, Amy. Stay well. ^_^

Cecile said...

Sorry I am so late getting here! You would not believe me if I told you what kind of weekend I had... Anyway... I love this post! I love all those songs... And you see, I just thought it was a southern thing to love Geroge Jones, Dolly Parton, Kelly Rogers, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr.... and the list goes on... When I was in my teens, I so desperately want to not like country music, but then Garth Brooks came out and Tim McGraw... and man they were hot and sounds super sexy!! Now... give me all "Need You Now" "Black Dress song" "Boot On"... all of Taylor Swift songs... I so rock out to her songs! wonderful post Amy!
I hope you and your family had a great weekend and you had a wonderful Monday!

Lea said...

*Waving* at Amy...

Sorry, me no listen to country music... I missed all the fun over here... :(

Hope you had a good weekend Amy!


Tracy said...

Those were great! I go through my country music spurts where that's all I listen to. I'm happy to say that I never get stuck on just one thing. Lately it's hard rock/metal - don't ask me why! lol

Thanks for sharing those wonderful vids.

JennJ said...

I grew up on Country too and I've been listening to it more often lately myself again. I take it in spurts seems like I will listen for a while then listen to another type then back to country. Missed ya hon and glad to see ya back. :)

Amy C said...

Thanks ya'll, for stopping by and putting in your thoughts :).