Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diana Pharaoh Francis - The Black Ship

The Black Ship
By Diana Pharaoh Francis
Book Two in the Crosspointe Chronicles

The Crosspointe Chronicles

Before there was Thorn, there was Sylbrac, and before him there was Fish. But before each of them, there was Geoffrey Truehelm, son of the lord chancellor of Crosspointe, and after a terrible incident in his youth, he swore he would never let his father use him in such a manner again and fled. He became known as Fish, and over the years he made his way on the cruel streets and eventually found himself a position on a ship, where he later discovered the blessings of being a Pilot--a rare and highly prized person to navigate the seas. Without them, ships have no chance surviving all the dangers that lie in wait. And on that day, Fish died and Sylbrac was born.

Now finding himself betrayed and sold by, Sylbrac can only assume, his own fellow Pilots, Sylbrac leaves that name behind and calls himself Thorn. Now the Pilot aboard the Eidolon, along with a motley crew who have been given another chance at the open sea, risk their lives in order to see a ship filled with unknown cargo to its destination. At first Thorn sees his kidnapping as a curse, but later sees it only as a gift as he makes friends from the most unlikeliest of people. And friends are something Thorn never thought he needed or wanted. Of course, that is what got him in this predicament in the first place, never making any alliances within the Pilots Guild, and realizing too late the error of his ways.

Brilliantly crafted and fully realized world, Diana P. Francis excels at writing a believable and highly engaging fantasy. I found myself immersed and lost aboard the Eidolon, for which Thorn was kidnapped to Pilot this illegal ship, otherwise known as a Black Ship. The crazy amount of research she had to do in order to make the scenes come to life aboard the ship was astonishing in my eyes.

The Black Ship is fraught with perilous adventure, raging sea storms, and the dangers that lie within the depths of the water, as well as a need to learn what it is exactly this black ship is transporting. The vivid characters drove this story. Thorn is such a great character. At first you think him rather selfish, but that's just the way of Pilots. But then you see that he is different from the rest of his ilk. He actually cares, and is quite an honorable guy. There is much fantastical things to sink your teeth into within the pages of The Black Ship, and I found it to be quite an experience, full of action and adventure! This is an amazing author whom I've grown quite fondly of since reading the two books I've read--This one and The Cipher (Book one in the Crosspointe Chronicles. And I loved it too!)

So put on your majicked boots and clothes to keep yourself dry and hop aboard the Eidolon for a sweeping adventure on the Inland Sea. But watch out for the silvery majickal substance known as sylveth, for it could turn you into spawn, a hideous and evil type of creature!

The Turning Tide is the third book in the Novels of Crosspointe. I still need to get it. And I'm wondering if I can still get it the same way I got the first two? The Cipher and The Black Ship I purchased directly from Ms. Francis's local bookstore and she came in and signed both books for me before the owner mailed them out! So I think I would like to have all the Crosspointe books that way if I can. I must email to see if I can still do that.

And coming June 2010...Book four in the Crosspointe Chronicles, The Hollow Crown!

I am also working on collecting this trilogy of hers as well. So far I have the first book!

The Path Books

And there is one last book of her's to mention, the first book in her Horngate Witches series--Urban Fantasy style. I have this one also!

Horngate Witches



Christine said...

Oh wow. You've totally piqued my curiosity with this author and ALL of her series. The Crosspointe stories sound very interesting and I do love a good "pirate" story, although I've never read one in a fantasy world. Plus I see there's an endorsement by Patricia Briggs on the cover! Not that that means that I'll love it just because Patricia Briggs says so... but it helps! :)

I have to ask... is there at least the tiniest romantic subplot in the series? I just gotta know. ;)

Thanks, once again, for the recommendation!

Amy C said...

Good morning, Christine :).

This is definitely high fantasy, but not so high that it wouldn't be enjoyable, in my opinion, but I do love fantasy, so I would imagine I'm a bit biased.

There is a very small dose of romance in this one, toward the end, but nothing like what you'd find in a romance novel. However in the first one, The Cipher, there is a romance between Lucy and Marten. Of course, it also is minor compared, but it is definitely there :).

I love the way the scenes are described. Diana P. Francis does such a phenomenal job. Sometimes they can be quite descriptive with the gore factor, but not so much that I was unable to read it :).

Blodeuedd said...

The sound great all of them, and I am loving some of those covers. Great post

Eva S said...

Oh no, now you've found a new interesting author again! And my wish list is so very long already....
But I think I can't resist this one!

AnimeJune said...

I've read the Turning Tide, and while I did really enjoy the worldbuilding, I might want to warn you that the writing style leaves something to be desired.

There is a GREAT deal of showing instead of telling done, and everything is painted in a very obvious light. You know how every creative writing teacher says to get rid of sentences where the main verb is "to be" (was, are, is, etc) because it's passive language? That's pretty much the entire book. "This was, that was, it was, she was feeling, he was doing" etc. etc. It gets pretty annoying.

Anna said...

I want to read this series eventually. I do have Bitter Night on my shelf. I've been see alot of good reviews about it. :)

Amy C said...

Hi AnimeJune,
Sorry you felt that way about The Turning Tide. I don't imagine her writing style changed much between writing The Black Ship and The Turning Tide, you would likely feel the same way about this one then. However, the was's didn't seem to hinder the story at all for me. The first two books were written with much vividness. I have no complaints! And am very much looking forward to reading The Turning Point :). I think she paints an amazing picture with her words.

Amy C said...

Hi Anna,
Yes, I have seen great reviews for Bitter Night also. I wasn't going to get it since it's UF, but, well, I couldn't resist :). I like what I've read of hers so far and this one's about witches :)! So on the shelf it went.

Amy C said...

Hi Blodeuedd,
She does have some really eye-catching covers!

Hi Eva,
Now what fun would it be if there were no more books to add to our wishlists?? LOL! I'm glad this one sounds good to you :).

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Another new author for me, I'll check out these books as well.

So glad for the introduction here, I've been missing something good.

Bitter Night really looks great!!

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Hi Dottie,
You like to read fantasy and things not always romance, you'd probably really like these books. Ms. Francis definitely does a wonderful job world building!

And I think Bitter Night is right up your alley, since you read alot of UF!