Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Fantasy Romance Series Coming in 2010!

I was browsing and happened to stumble across this new series on Amazon! It sounds pretty good...another Fantasy Romance series to add to the reading list :). I love it when books are released close together as this trilogy is.

You can visit L.J. McDonald's website here.

(Book One)

In a world where Elemental Sylphs are used for slave labour, Solie thought her biggest problem in life was avoiding an arranged marriage with an older man. That is, until she finds herself kidnapped for use as a human sacrifice in the luring and binding of a Battler, the most dangerous kind of Sylph there is. Terrified but determined not to die, Solie fights back and finds herself suddenly the master of an immensely powerful, shape-changing creature who can take on any form she wishes.

Heyou, however, isn't the only Battle Sylph around, and the two of them are forced to run, pursued by men determined to destroy them both. With no other options left to her, Solie flees with her newfound allies to the only source of sanctuary left to them, but death is tracking them down and Heyou is filling her with desires that threaten to change the world.

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2010


Years after Eferem and the battle on the Cliffs, Ril is a free Sylph, living with the man he still calls his master in Sylph Valley. Only Ril doesn’t care about his freedom. Instead he’s a broken creature, crippled in that final battle and, in his own mind, useless.

However, when Leon’s oldest daughter Lizzy is kidnapped by slavers and taken halfway across the world, Ril is the only one who can track her. Together, he and Leon follow to a world alien to both of them, following a bond Ril’s not willing to admit to, even in the depths of his own heart.

RELEASE DATE: April 2010


Life in the Valley is mostly peaceful, and newcomer Gabralina is settling in happily with her Battle Sylph Wat. The only problem is, not everyone in the Valley is interested in letting things stay the way they are and the council that advises the Queen is being targeted.

Tensions mount when even the Battle Sylphs can’t find the culprit, and a creature no one was ever expecting starts to study the Gate from the other side.

RELEASE DATE: November 2010


Cherry said...

Hey great find Am! Thanks for the heads-up!

Leontine said...

Oh.My.Gawd. Amy you can lure a book-addict to sin once more. This sounds fabulous and right up my fantasy alley!!! And with each new year coming I say; I will stick with the series and authors on my shelves, I possibly cannot add more new authors to my shelves. You so are proving me wrong.

Thanks for the heads up Amy!!

Amy C said...

Hey Cherry,
You're very welcome! I'm glad this new series sounds appealing to you :).

Leontine! I say the same thing...BUT it never happens! Sometimes I think series can go on too long and I love reading NEW things and places, you know? Not just different characters. So when I see a new fantasy series that's romance, well, I can't help but crave to read it!

Leontine said...

Amy, there are so many series that I've actually come to look forward to trilogies or even just novels. Sometimes I just long for a conclusion and I feel that, reading from the blurbs, it contains 3 separate couples *woohoo*

Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

Amy this is a super find! It sounds like an exciting read and like you I happy to see they are all released several months apart. I hope if they are good and that remains the case ie the Tairen Soul series.

Thanks for the heads up on this new series. :)

Oh, did you know Carol Berg also has a new trilogy coming out in January? The Spirit Lens. It looks really interesting.

Anna said...

This series looks intriguing. I love the covers. Great find!

Blodeuedd said...

Great find! That series looks very interesting

Christine said...

As usual, Amy, you are my go-to for finding great reads that are off the beaten or mainstream path. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, sounds like a great series! They sound really unique. Can't wait until they are released. Love the covers!

Eva S said...

Sounds interesting, thanks!

Amy C said...

thank you for the info about Carol Berg's new book coming out! I didn't know but will surely add it to the list! I still haven't read her last series...Flesh and Spirit and Breath and Bone. I have them and even started Flesh and Spirit but it was quite a detailed world, and I wasn't in the mood for something so complex. And she does write complex, doesn't she?

Hi Anna,
yes, the covers are interesting. I wonder what the deal is with their eyes? I'm curious to read about the why's of them!

Thanks, Linda! It's always fun finding new series :)

Amy C said...

You're welcome, Christine :).

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your comment! I hope this isn't one of those that I really look forward to, only to be disappointed with the first one. It happens sometimes.

You're welcome, Eva :)

Cecile said...

Sounds very interesting... And yes, I am going to dig a little deeper and check this one out... See what it is about... =)
Hope you had a great weekend honey!

Erotic Horizon said...

Sorry Hon - I left the message on the wrong post..

I will look out for this one, I love the cover...


Amanda said...

Hi Amy,

Sorry I haven't stopped by in ages!

This series sounds amazing I am going to have to look it up thanks for the heads up!

Amy C said...

Hi Amanda!
It has been awhile since I've seen you around :). It's nice to see you stop by. I hope things are well with you!