Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Annaliese Evans - The Prince of Frogs

Annaliese Evans
Prince of Frogs

September 2009


After reading Night's Rose (Book One) I wondered how the three main characters, Rose, Gareth and Ambrose, would fair. Rose being married to Gareth, yet magically bound to Ambrose, she's in love with both men, brothers actually, and they despise each other. She's torn between the desire her body craves for the touch of Ambrose, but doesn't want to betray the love she has for her husband, Gareth, by giving into temptation.

I was so very happy to finally read the continuing story of these three people. From the first chapter I was drawn into their lives once again as Rose dreams of a terrible and frightening creature known as the Mother, a myth, the creator of all things magical. She wants Rose. She wants Rose's husband dead. There is much more to Rose than what was revealed in Night's Rose, and I was drawn into this tale of deceit and lies and murderous plots, and court intrigue. And a terrible secret that threatens to destroy the love and marriage of Rose and Gareth.

The ending was everything that I hoped for after reading Night's Rose. I wanted so badly for Ambrose to find his place. He is dark and mysterious and he loves Rose as much as the handsome and ever charming Gareth. And after a near fatal attack on Rose, can the two brothers set aside their differences and do what they know in their hearts is best for Rose (and the reader!)? Is Rose finally going to get what she yearns for most, to be loved by the two men she has ever held dear to her heart?

The plot, the writing, all of it moved effortlessly forward. I cannot wait to read the third installment in Ms. Evans world of Faeries, vampires, ogres, harpies, and other known unknown magical creatures. There is much more to be learned of who Rose is and how this new relationship dynamic is going to play out for Rose, Gareth and Ambrose. What factors might arise that could falter the newly formed bond they have created. I'm intrigued and hooked and I want more!


Blodeuedd said...

2 loves you say, yay, oh I hope she gets both. Not I am really intrigued by these books

Eva S said...

More for next year....

Amy C said...

Hi Blodeuedd,
You know, I've read a few menages over the years, and while I think they are pretty good, I don't think I really like them. I wonder if it's because they are primarily erotic (explicit). There's more focus on their sexual actions rather than their emotions, whereas the triangle between Rose, Gareth and Ambrose goes being them having a physical relationship. I think the plot of these two books is interesting, but I'm way more fascinated with the characters!

Amy C said...

Ha! Eva!

Yes, more for next year!