Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It Snowed! And November Reading List!

It finally snowed! The month of November was such a wonderfully mild month, highs in the 40's and 50's and not a lick of snow. But you know, it's getting closer to Christmas and I'm missing that lovely white stuff. It enhances all the beautiful Christmas decorations outside. However, once the Holiday has passed, I'll be wishing we would stop getting all this snow, cuz then it just isn't anymore fun. Only means it's cold! And people are predicting we are going to have a bad winter. But don't they say that every year?? :) But for now...

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

Devin and I also took a drive through a bit of Lockport looking at Christmas decorated houses, and we found a new one that was totally decked out, one we hadn't seen before! There is this one house just up the road that we look forward to seeing every year. It's a house we drive by anytime we go shopping, we pass it. It's always exciting to see everything lit up. My husband does our outside lights and he does such a pretty job too! And now with the bit of snow, it's only prettier :).

Have any of you gotten any snow yet? Do you like the snow? Or are you like me...Love it until after Christmas then wish it would just go away and get warm again? :)

Also, here are my list of books read in November!

1. Janet Chapman - The Seductive Imposter ****

2. Cindy Miles - Highland Knight ***

3. Lois McMaster Bujold - The Sharing Knife: Beguilement(Book One) *****

4. Kathryne Kennedy - My Unfair Lady ****

5. Diana P. Francis - The Black Ship *****

6. Janet Chapman - A Highlander Christmas ****

7. Tessa Dare - Surrender of a Siren *****

8. Tessa Dare - A Lady of Persuasion ****

I had started Bujold's second book in her Sharing Knife series a week ago, or maybe longer. I don't know what happened, but I have been unable to stay with it :(. I loved the first one! And I did read two short stories from two different anthologies.

I have a couple Christmas books to read this month! And looking forward to reading them :). I still have a few I didn't read from last year. Not sure if I'll get to them or not.


Blodeuedd said...

I love snow, and I live in freakin' Finland, do we have snow? No! :( We had a tiny bit in early Nov but that melted away since it has done nothing than rain for weeks.

I am so spoiled with white winters that I get sad these days when there is nothing *hoping for snow for xmas*

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Snow? Really? I'm so jealous!! I love the snow, especially with the holidays! But we don't get that much in the Netherlands... Although we usually get to do some outdoor skating every year, that's great too!
Enjoy the snow, honey!

Amy C said...

Hey Blodeuedd,
It snows a lot in Finland, right? We don't usually get the snow that stays for weeks and weeks until after Christmas. And that's when it begins to get on your nerves, because it just gets dirty, you know? But this snow is good for a day or two :). I think more snow is in the forecast for today.

Hi Janna,
Thank you for adding your name :)!
I haven't been ice skating since I was in 6th grade! When we lived in Germany (my step-dad was stationed over there for three years) we used to take fieldtrips to this one indoor place once or twice a year. It was fun! There's a place here in Niagara Falls. Maybe I should consider taking Devin this year. It's outside. It's one of those things I never thought about doing before. I wonder if the place is still there? I don't even know!

Christine said...

Oh I LOVE snow, Amy! Just LOVE it!!

We actually had a little bit of flurries this morning in NJ. It was the kind that made you say, "Was that a snowflake I just saw?" and then you see a whole bunch... but then it stops. I thought it was a perfect way to welcome December.

I love the snow anytime from after Thanksgiving to a week or so after Valentine's Day. Then I'm done. LOL

Christine said...

I just realized that my run class is meeting at the wildlife reservation nearby to run some trails along a lake up there today (in less than an hour!) I hope it flurries while we're running. That would be cool!

Erotic Horizon said...

Nope I am so not a snow lover - when it snow in London ...The entire city literally drags to a halt...
---I am serious...

It is as cold now as I am able to tolerate it...

I love looking at it on the telly thought - if that helps...

Hope you and Devin are bundled up nice and warm when you go house viewing.....

Enjoy the snow hon...


Amy C said...

Hey Christine! Have fun on your run this morning :). I hope it does snow for you during your run. Especially with the setting where you will be...along a lake! Sounds pretty.

Ha! E.H.!
No snow for you, huh? Places down south get that way when it snows because they aren't used to it. Up here, since we can get some pretty intense snow falls, they are usually always prepared. They'll drop so much salt on the road in preparation. It keeps the roads from getting too bad but it does a number on your vehicles.

It made me smile and even a little envious that you said London. Man, to think you live in that area. I read my books and only dream of someday going over there and seeing and experiencing the beauty of England and Scotland! So much history!

Patti said...

I'm so jealous! Here in the South we get about an inch of snow every few years - I've lived in New Orleans 25 years and it's snowed maybe 4 times? We can usually make a tabletop snowman.

I want to take my kids Up North one winter to see REAL snow - my 3-year-old thinks snowmen are made of painted plywood, LOL.

Christine said...

"my 3-year-old thinks snowmen are made of painted plywood, LOL."


I laughed so hard at this, I can skip my abs workout today! ;)

Amy C said...

Oh, Patti! I'm with Christine! That is too funny :D.

Painted Plywood!

You know, I lived out in Las Vegas until I was almost ten and the only time I remember seeing snow was one year we went up to the mountains to help one of my uncles get a real Christmas tree. It was like a big family even and we played in the snow. Then the winter after I turned 10 we moved to Germany for a few years and there was snow every year. Now I've lived where it snows since. But here in NY, we can get lots and lots of it in January and February. Sometimes it can just be ridiculous! Of course, my son never argues, because he'll get snow days from school! Every kids dream this time of year! He actually asked this morning if this little bit of snow we got was enough to cancel school! He was only teasing, but he has to ask anyway :)!

Anna said...

This is a sad, but i'm a bit jealous you got snow. LOL! We got some the other day, but it was gone within hours. Hopefully we'll get some soon. ;)

Leontine said...

Oh, now I want water cold wind on my face, red nose and ears of the cold, coming home to find hot cup of tea or cocoa waiting for me and curling up on the couch.

Oh snow, you've got snow Amy!! The last time we had snow during the December month was...okay probably only a few years back, I don't really recall but snow and christmas don't go well in the Netherlands *waves at Janna*

Leontine said...

WTF - did blogger eat my comment...it's really off today, peeps commented on my blog as well that gotten eaten too - weird. Blogger fix it!!!

original message:
Oh, now I want water cold wind on my face, red nose and ears of the cold, coming home to find hot cup of tea or cocoa waiting for me and curling up on the couch.

Oh snow, you've got snow Amy!! The last time we had snow during the December month was...okay probably only a few years back, I don't really recall but snow and christmas don't go well in the Netherlands *waves at Janna*

Leontine said...

jeez...okay...ignore previous comment LOL

Amy C said...

Hi Leontine,
I noticed that yesterday. I had left a comment and it took awhile to show up!

I think we usually always have snow for Christmas. I can't recall one where we didn't. It doesn't always snow on Christmas, but it's at least on the ground. It's always nice when it does snow.

Speaking of coming home to hot tea or cocoa...I did that for my son yesterday :). I had a cup of hot cocoa in hand for when he walked through the door!

Hey Anna :),
Well, sadly the snow is mostly gone here, but me and my mom did take a drive up to the bookstore this afternoon and up there where I work there is a lot of snow! I couldn't believe how much!

Lea said...

Sadly no snow yet here Amy and I do like the whit stuff.

Hey, I like the cover on that new Megan Hart book! Very cool. :)

Great reading list for November, you put me to shame.

((hugs)) I hope you are doing well..


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! We got some snow in October but nothing in November.
I like the snow only because it gives me an excuse to stay home and read - but I hate having to shovel it.

Nice book list.

Marissa said...

I love snow, but we do not have a lot of snow in Holland. So every time there is snow I am outside with the kids!

I have an award for you over at my blog.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Painted plywood. LOL

we're supposed to get some of the white stuff along about next week. every once in awahile we'll get snow like I remember from my childhood--8-10 inches at a crack, but now it seems to come in blustry waves~~~~

which, after a moments pause, sounds a bit orgasmic to me--oh well...back to plotting steamy scenes...

Would love to have you all check in at Lust in Time this week if you have time--as we share recipe ideas (drinks included!) as well as holiday traditions!

Be well!


Cecile said...

Oh Amy, you must take pictures again... For those of us that do not get to see that!!! Rarely do we have snow... if the weatherman calls for it... it means nasty wet weather... rain/sleet/flurries... snow that will not stick and you can't do anything with it!

OMG... ROLFLOL... Painted Plywood!!
Hope all is well my friend!
Warm hugs to you!

Donna said...

Snow is so beautiful. It actually snowed up in North Texas today, in the Dallas area. And they are forecasting for my area to get some this coming Friday. If it does snow, I'm calling it Freaky Friday because snow just doesn't happen down here in central Texas. :)

You had a nice reading month! Sorry to hear about the Bujold's series but that happens sometimes. Maybe putting them down until your in the mood for them again.

Have a great week Amy.

Blodeuedd said...

It should snow a lot but these days it does not. These days we have the winters like southern Finland has. First today it got cold, and nowadays snow comes at xmas or after. But yes then it snows more and more, gets freezing, but at least it stays pretty and white.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

We haven't had any snow yet, it's been icy several mornings, but that's it. The weatherman keeps predicting a chance for snow, but none yet. I like nice little snow for Christmas to make it look pretty outside, just for that day. Then, I want it all gone and Spring to come, lol. I'm not much of a winter girl. Unfortunately, living in Illinois means that we have winter until about May, then we have Summer until about October, then Winter starts all over again.

I only read 4 books in November, just couldn't settle and read. But I did finish the NaNo challenge, so I don't feel so bad about not being able to read. LOL. Hope this month is better.

Dottie :)