Sunday, January 24, 2010

Books Read In 2010

~Reading List for 2010~

1. Gail Dayton - Heart's Blood (5)
2. Diana P. Francis - The Turning Tide (5)
3. Helen Scott Taylor - The Phoenix Charm (3.5)
4. Cherie Priest - Boneshaker (3)
5. Jack London - The Call of the Wild (4)
6. R.A. Salvatore - Sojourn (5)
7. Donna Fletcher - The Highlander's Forbidden Bride (4)
8. Jennifer Fallon - The Immortal Prince (5)

1. Anne Bishop - Daughter of the Blood (5+)
2. Anne Bishop - Queen of the Darkness (5+)
3. Lilli Feisty - Dare to Surrender (3)

1. Janet Chapman - Tempt Me If You Can (3+)
2. Anne Bishop - Shalador's Lady (5+)
3. Erin Quinn - Haunting Warrior (5)
4. Lucy Monroe - Moon Craving (3.5)

1. Erin Kellison - Shadow Bound (DNF)
2. Erin Quinn - Whispers (5)

1. Alexandra Sokoloff - The Harrowing (5)
2. Elizabeth Vaughan - Destiny's Star (4)
3. James Patterson - Sundays at Tiffany's (4)
4. Megan Hart - Switch (5)

1. Jennifer Fallon - Gods of Amyrantha (4 1/2)
2. JR Ward - Lover Avenged (4 1/2)

1. Megan Hart - Dirty (5)
2. Jill Sorenson - Set the Dark on Fire (3 1/2)

1. Diana P. Francis - The Hollow Crown (5)
2. Kathryne Kennedy - The Fire Lord's Lover (5)
3. Moira J. Moore - Resenting the Hero (4 1/2)

1. Lisa Cooke - A Midwife Crisis (3 1/2)
2. Glenda Larke - The Last Stormlord (5)
3. GA Aiken - Last Dragon Standing (4)
4. Karen Ranney - A Highland Duchess (3)


1. C.L. Wilson - Crown of Crystal Flame
2. Stephen King - The Gunslinger


Total Read - 34


Christine said...

Six books already is great. And three rated a 5! That's awesome!

I just finished my fourth this morning, but my goal for January was 8 so I don't know if I'm gonna make it. Especially since I just started the last Harry Potter book and it's door stopper size! LOL

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

You had a pretty good month. I've thought of doing this too.

Dayton and Priest are my list to read. They are authors that have been on my radar for the past year but I haven't gotten to yet.

Have a nice week Amy!

Amy C said...

Hey Christine,
Oh, the final Harry Potter book! It's been awhile since I read it. I loved it, because it's HP, but I was a little disappointed too. After you read it, if you want, email me or something.
I didn't think I would get that much reading in this month, but I'm not doing too bad. Now the Call of the Wild is only a 100 page book! But it was very interesting and I read it at work! LOL. I had to smuggle it in :).

Hi Donna,
Well, last year I kept a running tally at the bottom of my right side bar. I alwasy meant to make it a post and then just update that. But I never did. I'm doing it now :)!
I'm pretty sure you will like Gail Dayton! Priest, I wasn't so happy with. I did like the concept and the mystery though. Reminded me of the old 80's movie, Escape From New York!

Dottie (My Blog 2.0) said...

Great list and January isn't even over yet. Still time to squeeze another or so in. It's been a good month for me too, but not sure I've done as good as you.

Dottie :)

JAD said...

Must atdmit, Boneshaker and Heart's Blood are a few I'd like to read myself! Great list, Amy. Enjoy the books!