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Diana Pharaoh Francis - The Turning TIde

The Turning Tide
by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Crosspointe Chronicles Book Three
May, 2009

They were the best of friends: Ryland, the son of the king, is bound by loyalty. Shaye is both a majicar and a Weverton, both rebellious factions. Fairlie, a fiery metal-smith, is the iron bond that held them all together. Until now.

Crosspointe’s greatest advantage at sea is its ship’s compasses—but the compass makers are dying. Without them, Crosspointe will fall. To save his country and repel the coming Jutras invasion, the king orders Ryland to commit an unforgivable act. And soon Ryland, Shaye, and Fairlie find themselves at war…with each other.

As King William of Crosspointe secretly prepares for the immanent war with the Jutras (we learn a little of these preparations in The Black Ship), King William issues a task for his son Ryland. A most heinous task that will devastate the trust he has with his best friends, Fairlie and Shaye. Ryland is torn between his loyalties to his friends and his loyalty to his father. Sadly Ryland's obligations lie with the king, no matter that this incident will tear him apart.

But what the completion of this task creates is something that no one would have ever predicted. It proves just how powerful love is. The king may have thought he was doing the right thing for Crosspointe, even if the deed is a horrendous one, but he never expected that deed to create something so powerful and frightening beyond anything ever known.

I was captivated from page one of The Turning Tide. The story starts off establishing the relationships between Fairlie, Shaye and Ryland. You get a strong sense of how close they are, and even learn that Shaye and Fairlie love each other. But shortly after Shaye reveals his love and Fairlie realizes that she returns that love, that tragic, yet amazing incident occurs. And wow, what a moment of reading that was for me. Intense. Engaging. Tear-inducing! I thought, yes, this is it! This is why I love reading. To have moments that just grab hold and suck you in, with either tears or laughter.

When I first read The Cipher, I must admit that the world confused me some with the magical substance found in the waters of the Inland Sea called sylveth, and its uses and the majick created from it, and the ciphers, but as I read, it became more intriguing, and of course more understandable. I think this third installment in the Crosspointe Chronicles is an amazing addition. Each book adds something new, expanding the world, further enhancing the already vivid details. The sylveth adds such a unique spin on this magical world, something so terribly feared, is also the secret that keeps Crosspointe safe. And we learn so much more about sylveth, shedding a whole new light on the majickal substance.

Encompassing the pages of The Turning Tide is another fascinating and compelling spawn-filled tale of politics, friendship, love and a whole lot of betrayal! I am eager to read The Hollow Crown to see how the incidents in The Turning Tide affect Crosspointe and its people. The Turning Tide is an apt title, for the tides were most certainly turned!

And luckily, The Hollow Crown is set to release in June, 2010! Not too long of a wait.

Thank you, Diana!


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