Friday, January 1, 2010

Goal for the New Year! all my friends and to those that may stumble across my blog!

This is a pretty significant year for me and my husband. I've mentioned all this over the last year and a half or so, my husband finishes school in May. He'll finally have his degree. Surprisingly enough, it hasn't been too bad with him having lost his job. I did have to go back to work, as difficult as that seemed at the time, it's turned out to be a really great thing for myself. I actually enjoy getting up and having a purpose other than getting Devin ready for school and then plopping my ass in the chair for the remainder of the day to read! Well, and clean. But now, the cleaning chores are split up between us. It's a great feeling to know that I am helping out.

I'm hoping that our good fortune stays with us when my husband begins his search for a job. I have all the faith in the world in him. He's a pretty smart guy, and I know there's something perfect out there for him and he is going to find it! And then of course, I have to find another job. I'm already looking, so who knows, I might have something when Borders closes.

That's our goal for 2010. No resolutions. Just an optimistic outlook that with the right determination the things we need will find their way to us!

And if you didn't notice, I treated myself to a little blog make-over! Thank you, JennJ from Sapphire Designs, for doing such a beautiful job on my Avatar and Header! It is absolutely perfect for me. And a nice way to celebrate the new year.

Sapphire Designs

There are so many good books to read next year. Either books I already have, or books I am eagerly awaiting. But I know I am going to really enjoy my first read to kick off the new year...Book two in Gail Dayton's new magical series, Heart's Blood. I'm really excited about this one, and not just because I drove all over Western NY (I'm only slightly exaggerating :P) trying to get a copy of it yesterday! But I have it and it's top priority!

Blessings to all of you for a happy and healthy and most productive year of good reading!


Leontine said...

I love the header/avi Amy and i love Jenn's work :) I'm so glad to hear you out on the job has given and still is giving you so much gratification! I still remember the post where you told us you were a bit scared going out there.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your husband, both in graduating and finding a job, that would e a true reward for his study.

Happy New year Amy, my reading year kicks off with Erica Hayes - Shadowfae and it is goooood :)

Amy C said...

Hey Leontine,
Thank you so much! It's funny, I think back to when I knew I needed to look for a job and the feelings I had, and now I wonder why? It's not so bad at all. But man, was I ever nervous to get out there and do it. Now I look forward to it. Of course, in a year, or two, I'll wish I had the day off like everyone else :). But for now, I like getting up and going to work!

And I'm so glad that you are enjoying your first read for 2010! I've only had time to read one chapter in Heart's Blood, but I do love her writing. It has a nice flow.

Amy C said...

Oh and yes, Jenn does do awesome work. She was whippin up my banner in no time and her first draft was nearly perfect!

Erotic Horizon said...

Amy - I am so pleased for him... I am rooting for him getting that bit of paper...

I love your optimism - positive thinking does it...

Jenn did a great job - and I see your dragon is also loving it....

I am ready for 2010, a new leave, new ideas and just a change....

Health and happiness to you and your my dear...


Blodeuedd said...

It looks great Amy :D
You are worth it!

I hope you will have a great new year, filled with books and fun times. I am glad to have met you this year

Amy C said...

Hi E.H>,
Thank you! It's better to be optimistic in times like these. And besides, my husband is more the pessimist, so I have to even things out or life would just be way too stressful!

I agree, my dragon is loving it!

Hey Blodeuedd,
I agree with your sentiments exactly! I'm glad to have met you too. So many wonderful people out there. It's nice to have a place to share my thoughts and books. And I'm glad it's with people like you :).

Here's to another wonderful year!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Happy New Year Amy, and I'm sure you'll both have a great year, attitude is everything and as long as you are optimistic that half the battle!

Love the new look and header!

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Your new header and lay-out looks great, Amy! Wonderful job!
I admire your spirit and optimism and will keep my fingers crossed for the job hunting for the both of you, sweetie!
Hope 2010 brings you a lot of wonderful new things that make you happy! :)

Anna said...

Happy New Year Amy!

The new banner looks great!! :)

Lori said...

Happy new year Amy! Love the blog's new look.

Your reolution/goal this year is a fantastic one. I know you're proud of your hubby. And look at you! I'm so glad that you seem happy about your job and the prodpect of a new one.

Wishing you all the best in 2010!

The_Book_Queen said...

Love the new look-- Jenn does amazing work! She's helping me with a bit of a new look right now, and I can promise you, I'm very excited to see the finished results! :D

That's actually a very smart resultion/goal-- to just live the best way you can, and not worry too much about sticking to resolutions you pick spur of the moment. I hope you and your husband (with his new diploma in hand soon) have a great year!


Eva S said...

Happy New Year Amy!
I hope you and your family will have a great year, a new job for you in the near future.

Great looking blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Amy!!



Christine said...

Happy New Year, Amy! Your family goal for 2010 demonstrates a really great attitude toward life that all of us should have. I wish you and your family the best! :)

The header looks great. It suits you very well.

Enjoy Heart's Blood! I'm reading Wild Heart by Lori Brighton right now and enjoying it very much. Kind of funny that both of our first reads for 2010 have Heart in them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! May this year be the best of the best. :)

Amy C said...

Hi Julie!
Happy New Year to you as well :D. I always try to stay positive. Sometimes it doesn't always work and I have my moments. But I'm determined not to let things affect me in a negative way.

Hi Janna,
Thank you. JennJ did a lovely job and I couldn't be happier with it! Here's to a happy new year!

Hey Anna,
Happy New Year to you! ANd thanks!

Amy C said...

Hi Lori,
Thank you, and yes I am very proud. Sometimes his brother or his dad will make comments about just getting back to work, makes him feel that going to school is less important, that he's simply feeding off the system and it drives me nuts! I have to go through the pep talk with him everytime, letting him know that he is doing the right thing. Even though he knows in his heart he is by going to school. It's just hard on him knowing he needs to get a job, but not having the support of his family behind him while he goes to school first to help improve his chances of getting a better job. I don't really understand their lack of support! Shawn is doing such an amazing job in school. He's extremely dedicated.
Anyway :D, I have been enjoying going to work!
And all the best to you in 2010, Lori!

Amy C said...

Hi Book Queen,
I can't wait to see what Jenn is cooking up for you and your blog!
Happy New Year to you!

Hey Eva,
Thank you! Here's to you and your family for a happy and healthy new year as well!

Hey MsM,
Happy New Year to you :D

Hi Christine,
Well, you know, I let life get to me last year. I'm not about to let it get to me this year!
Yeah that is interesting that both books have Heart. I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying it. ANd I am enjoying mine too. Nice choices we picked to start the new year!

Hi J.Kaye,
Thanks for stopping by :D. Wishing you a wonderful year of good books and good health!

azteclady said...

Optimism and determination... I like that!

In fact, I think I'll borrow it :grin:

And as the others have said, I really like the banner, congrats!