Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

It's a beautiful, gorgeous day out on this fine Saturday! It's not too often we get sunny days in the 40's and it's not windy this time of year! So Devin and I took a drive up to the Galleria Mall for lunch. We ended up leaving with a full belly AND a new dog! Yup, I let Devin get another dog. He was just born today and his name is Kyle. He's a soft and cuddly Dalmatian :).

Devin asks me everytime we go to the Galleria Mall if he can get another Build-a-Bear and I always tell him no. I don't know, today I decided to let him. He loves stuffed animals. Has a ton of them all over his bed! It's one of those comfort things. He's so into the action and fighting games for his x-box and the internet that it's nice to see him get mellow for a time as he welcomes his new friends to the house!

The other puppy dog is Devin's first Build-a-Bear friend. His name is Scrappy! That one I let him pick out an outfit, but as you can see, he is no longer wearing it, so I did not let him get an outfit this time. I think they are so darn cute. There is a wolf that I would like to get for my book room. I think there may have been a dragon one time we stopped in to browse. There is also a little tote bag you can get. I thought how fun would it be to have one, get a tote and stick a book inside and have him sit among my books! LOL. I don't know, maybe next time we go I'll get me one too!


One other thing I thought I'd share. Devin is always begging me to experiment with deserts. But I don't like to do much baking. The other day I finally told him that if he wanted to, HE could! So he did! And surprisingly enough, he did a fantabulous job! He used a Red Velvet cake and added some peanut butter and marshmallows! And he made the WHOLE thing ALONE! I only went in the kitchen to check on him and this is what I spied!

The end result?


The cake had just the right amount of peanut butter. I've never had a cake with peanut butter before. And the great thing about it...Devin likes it too! He's so dang picky!

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!


Lori said...

I just love Build-a-Bear. Love the dalmation! Steve has a Raiders bear from a couple years ago (they didn't have the Saints here in So Cal, which is his favorite team).

I wish he still wanted more :(

And go Devin! I would take peanut butter in pretty much anything :)

Amy C said...

Hi Lori,
Isn't it just a fun store? I love what they have the kids do to the little heart that goes inside the bear...rub it on their knee to make sure it's always needed...their forehead to make it smart...their side so it always by your side...and then jump up and down three times to jump start the heart!

Oh and the peanut butter thing...he had me make peanut butter pancakes for dinner tonight! LOL!

Cecile said...

What a great post Amy! My daughter (even at 16) still loves that store. I can not tell you how many "family" members we have due to that store.

And Go Devin for being the baker of the family! Hummm... Master Chef in the making!!!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us! Devin is such a cutie!

Eva S said...

Hi Amy,
great pictures! I miss the time when my girls were 10 and loved the same things... Now they are both adults, I'll have to wait for grandchildren I guess :)

Amy C said...

That's wonderful, Cecile! I can just hear you and your daughter having a grand time in that store, picking out the right animal and clothing! It's a great store to spend some time in. It makes you smile, you know.

Master Chef? I don't know! He needs to learn to like food first!!

Amy C said...

Hi Eva,
They grow up so fast, don't they? But grandchildren are good! I'd like to have a couple of those some year :).

Christine said...

Aww. A new puppy! LOL
My youngest LOVES Build-a-Bear, too. I try desperately to maintain a moratorium on stuffed animals because we just have sooooo many over the years since my teen was a baby, it just gets nut. However, last summer I did break down and let my youngest build an owl at Build-a-Bear. She loves Harry Potter and just HAD to have her own owl. How could I say no? *sucker*

Looks like you've got a little chef in the making there. ;)

Amy C said...

Oh Christine! I would love to have gotten the owl too, since I'm a huge Potter fan also!

Christine said...

The owl is very sweet. Looks just like Hedwig. ;)