Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Poetry to Pass the Time

Today at work I decided to try my hand at some poetry. I did a Haiku, a Limerick and just a rhyming one :). It helped pass the time. Lord knows I have nothing but time. It's so darn slow, I have to find something to do. I've never really done poetry before, but I do like that second one. Wrote it for my husband :). I just thought I'd share them.


Midnight in the moonlight,
Warmth of Summer caressing flesh,
Desires fulfilled.


Hands on flesh,
a gentle caress.
Heartbeats pound,
from desires all around.
Breaths mingle,
creating a delicious tingle.
A whispered phrase,
passes through the haze...
I'll love you for all of my days!


Bodies dance to the music of desire.
The sight is one that will surely inspire,
the need to help you
turn your balls from blue,
Because inside I'm consumed by fire!


So what do ya think? Should I throw in the towel and just give up? :P I gotta say, though, that I'm pretty darn proud of myself :)!

Happy Tuesday to you!


Holly said...

I love your header! (I forget how pretty it is in between visits)

These are great, but I think I like the limerick best. You should make this a weekly feature. If nothing else it'll give you something to do at work. :)

Lori said...

Great job, Amy! Way better than I could do :)

Amy C said...

Hi Holly!
Thank you :). I owe my pretty banner to the lovely JennJ over at Sapphire Designs. She does some amazing graphics and she did me right!

I found myself laughing at my lonely kiosk today writing that limerick. It just struck me funny and then I had to laugh at myself for laugh by myself!

Hi Lori!
Thank you :). I don't know, some of the funny stuff you post on your blog about your family, you could probably come up with some good stuff.

Amanda McIntyre said...

I absoultely think you need to keep a journal of these ! Gems, I tell you!!

They can say what they like about poetry, but it is meditative--
letting your mind sail free, taking in the swells and the dips
soooo relaxing!!

More!" she called from the backseat shadows. "More!"


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Amy!

Well, you know I enjoy your writing :)

I loved the rhyming verse, it's very sweet. The Haiku and Limerick are sweet too, but the rhyme is my pick, very talented!!

Thanks for sharing Amy!

Dottie :)

Tracy said...

You do a hell of a lot better than me! lol

I like them - especially the haiku. :)

Amy C said...

"More," she says, "More!" That coming from you, Amanda, makes me just super thrilled. You've shared some amazing poems yourself, so I know you are extremely talented, and it just makes it all the more fantastic to see that you like mine! Thank you!

Hi Dottie!
Thank you :)
You know, writing different things like this reminds me of a Dr. Seuss line..."Oh the thinks you can think up, if only you try!"

Hey Tracy!
The Haiku was the first one I did. I remember in 9th grade we learned about Haiku and had to write one. Mine was about butterflies :). I bet you could come up with something too! Just remember..."Oh the thinks you can think, if only you try!" :P

You guys are awesome! Thank you :D

Lea said...

Beautiful poem / Haiku Amy:

You are very talented. I think it is wonderful. No throwing in the towel for you!


Cecile said...

Hey Amy! Oh how I have missed you my dear friend. And your writing is absolutely beautiful! You are very talented my dear friend.
Give up -->> I GUESS NOT!!! I am with Amanda on this one... More we chant together... More...

I love the one you wrote for hubby... Makes me think some very delicious things!
((Hugs to you my friend))

Christine said...

Oh definitely don't stop. These are lovely, Amy! :)