Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Tearful and Heartfelt THANK YOU!

I am still trying to come down off this exhilarating high that overcame me yesterday after I checked my mail. The Guernsey book has made it's way back to me, and what a truly amazing thing it is. From the entirety of my heart I thank all of you who read it. This book is a treasure that I will hold near and dear to me always, as it reminds me of all the people I have met and the friends I have made because of that one common interest...Books!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The 'Journey' isn't quite over yet. There are still four people left on the list, well actually six. I recruited my neighbor yesterday :) and I still have a friend who I've been taking her my books to read for several years now, she just doesn't know it yet :). I needed the book to make a pit-stop so that I could show the ladies at Borders before the store closes in a week and a half :(. I'm sure going to miss that store and the people that work there.

It's amazing to me how far this book has traveled and where it still is going to travel...from New York to Finland. New Jersey to Louisiana. Minnesota to Canada. California. And it's about ready to make another trip across the ocean to Norway then Ireland! Then back to Illinois and New Jersey!

You guys are amazing and awesome and wonderful! And I feel like the luckiest darn person in the world!

Thank you again for being part of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book journey!


Lea said...

:) So happy the book made it's way back to you Amy and look at all those wonderful letters!! ;)

Great endeavour on your part.


Blanche said...

It sounds like the book had an amazing journey so far!! I'm glad it is back with you and what a treasure to have the letters!! Thank You for letting me be a part of this!

Leontine said...

What an awesome, awesome journey this book has taken, and still has to go. And what a letters acompanying it, this must have been great to read too Amy :)

Anna said...

That's great it's finally made it back to you so you can read all the letters. I just loved the book and ended up buying my own copy. My mom even enjoyed it and she's mostly a Mystery fan. :)

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Thank you Amy for bringing this book to my attention, and letting me take part in it's journey. I loved and have recommended it over and over to my friends and relatives!

Amy C said...

Hi Lea,
Those letters are just amazing! I read through them and I can't even explain how it all made me feel. And if you do happen to remember that book you mentioned that is in letter format, i would love for you to share it with me!

Hi Blanche!
You are so very welcome! And thank you! I hope life is treating you well :).

Hi Leontine,
It truly was a great read. When I get it back for good, I plan on rereading it. I loved the way books brought that group of people together on Guernsey as they dealt with the turmoil of the German occupation.

Hey Anna,
That's so awesome that your mom read and loved it too! You know, I almost thought about not reading all of your notes until it came back to me at the end, but I couldn't help myself :)!

Hi Julie,
If it weren't for you all, I wouldn't have this amazing treasure. It makes me happy to know you recommend it!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Amy, what a wonderful thing, I have thought about doing something like this for months. Now I know it works and the book does make it's way back to you.

I didn't even get my secret santa so I was a bit nervous. It's not that I mind a book making it's way out into the world, I just really wanted to have it back so I can see the journey it's been on. Thanks for sharing this!

azteclady said...

Yay for books and for the people who love them!


Cecile said...

It was an amazing thing to be a part of. Thank you for allowing us in. I also went out and bought my own copy after reading it. Thank you!

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy
I can see my letter there :) and I have totally forgotten what I wrote. But it must be fun to look at them now before sending them off again

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

What a fun idea!

Christine said...

That is so great, Amy. I love that everyone wrote you letters with the book! I actually saw this at my library and was tempted to borrow it but then I thought, "No I want to wait my turn and read Amy's copy that all those other readers and bloggers read." It just makes it more personal... more special... to know where the book came from and where it's going next. I'm anxiously awaiting my turn! :)

Amy C said...

Hi Alaine,
that was a big fear of mine too, the book getting lost at some point along the way. But so far, so good! I can only hope that when it starts off again, it makes its way back to me safe and sound! If you decide to ever start a book journey, I would love to be included!

Azteclady! My sentiments exactly!

Hey Cecile,
I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for being part of it!

Ah, yes, Blodeuedd, that one is yours there almost on top :). It was really neat to see what you all had to say. I'm so glad the idea struck me and that you wanted to read it :)!

Hi Sheila,
Thank you! It's a real treasure :D

Amy C said...

Hi Christine,
You better wait! LOL :P No reading it before you get this copy! It shouldn't be too much longer. I hope to have it back out in the mail on Wednesday. I stopped in the bookstore on Saturday but they were so busy, and then one of the ladies doesn't work again until Wednesday. So Wednesday it is!

Christine said...

LOL! No worries, no rush! I am waiting for it and it's not like I don't have 100s of books laying around to read while I wait!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I wasn't involved in this,(wish I could havebeen) but what an amazing, heartwarming story!!

I may have missed this also, but have you since written the author of this book to let them know how it inspired you?

A truly inspiring story from an author's POV as well as a reader!

Amanda M

Amy C said...

100's?? That's ALL, Christine! LMAO! It'll be on it's way to you before you know it! (I hope it feels that way anyway!)

Amanda! It's not too late! If you want to join the 'Journey', I would love to have you part of it. Oh, yes, I would so love that! I can just do what I did with Christine. I just sort of added her to the list *wink*.

I did consider writing the author, actually Mary Ann Schaffer died before she finished writing it and her niece, Annie Barrows, finished it. It even crossed my mind to see if I could send it to Annie Barrows and have her sign it. Maybe I should consider it again :).

Sassy Brit said...

Hi! This is all new to me, but sounds like fun - let me know if I can be of any help, if it's not too late - maybe he'd like a trip to England? :)

Amy C said...

Hi there, Sassy Brit! No, it's not too late! I would love to have the book go to England for you to join in and read!

Ladybug said...

What a wonderful journey your book has been on! I'm sure it would feel special to Annie Barrows to know about the journey their book has been on. I think you should consider asking =) Your copy is one of a kind.

Viv Arend said...

As one of the fortunate participants so far, I'm adding my thanks to Amy. The book was very special to read, and having gotten it at the tail end of the first loop, I also got to read all the letters and thought of the earlier readers.

I made me feel connected in a small way to all of them.


Tracy said...

I have to add my thanks as well. The receiving of the book and all of its wonderful letters that were enclosed were just heartwarming to read. I'm so glad I was a little farther down the line in reading order so that I could take advantage of reading all of the inserts from other readers.

Amy - thanks so much for the great idea of sending the book forward. You rock. :)