Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Job and Anne Bishop...

Howdy :). It's been awhile. Sort of been in this funk with blogging and reading since I lost my job at the bookstore. But I do have good news. I have another job! It'll be a couple of weeks before I start. Have to get a physical and fingerprinted and a few other things. I'll be working in a retirement home, cooking. I never thought I would do something like that, but heck, the pay is good (more than I've ever made), and I need a job!

There is one thing that I find extremely bizarre about this retirement home. The name of it's Briarwood. For those of you who know, Briarwood is the pretty poison. There is no cure for Briarwood! And if you didn't know, that is from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy. Briarwood is an incredibly disturbing place, and it is one of the main components in Daughter of the Blood that makes it such a dark and emotionally intense read. Considering my fascination with Anne Bishop's realms of the Blood, I found it very interesting that I would find employment at a place with that name, a place that is absolutely unforgettable, in the worst sort of way.

I just recently reread Daughter of the Blood and Queen of the Darkness. I often wonder what it is about the Black Jewels trilogy that draws me to it like no other books have ever done. I've never felt compelled to reread a book the way I am with Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, and Queen of the Darkness. But what is it that's in those books that's not in another? It has the good vs. evil like many other books I've read. It has the man and woman who fall in love, again like so many other books I've read, but what is so special about this book that sets it apart from the rest for me?

"Everyone knows I'm different. It just doesn't matter to some - and it matters a lot to others." A tear slipped down her cheek. "Why am I different?"
Daemon looked away. Oh, child. How could he explain that she was dreams made flesh? That for some of them, she made the blood in their veins sing? That she was a kind of magic the Blood hadn't seen in so very, very long?
- Daughter of the Blood

Maybe it's the demeanor of the characters or word choices used. Daemon, when nearing his killing rage will speak calmly and quietly, and often times with his hands in his trouser pockets, with a lazy smile lifting the edges of his lips. But what gives his highly volatile state away are his eyes. The cold and glazed look in his eyes. Daemon Sadi has the most casual yet intense persona, the most vivid and remembered character I have ever read. And even though he may be the most powerful Warlord Prince, he has an incredibly vulnerable side. His love and dedication to Jeanelle is boundless. He is hers, always and forever.

"Daemon opened Cornelia's door, closed it behind him, calmly tugged his shirt cuffs into place and then smashed his fist into the wall.
Lucivar felt the mansion shudder as the power of the Black Jewel surged into the wall.
Daemon tugged his shirt cuffs down once more. When he finally looked at Lucivar, his eyes were cold and glazed as a murky gemstone - and no more human.
Daemon smiled.
Lucivar shivered."
-Daughter of the Blood

Maybe it's the familial structure that has formed between Jeanelle, Saetan, Lucivar, Surreal and others that make up her first circle. There is a line between Queen and family, and that line is always being explored. It adds a depth to each of the characters, seeing the two sides of them and how they interact with one another. Especially so with Jeanelle and Saetan, and Jeanelle and Lucivar. Saeten being her adopted father and Lucivar her adopted brother. It's always known before an issue is addressed if it's Court or personal, and if not, it's asked. It's interesting to see the difference in Jaenelle, how quickly she can go from being Jaenelle to Witch, when necessary.

"Then who is going to war with Terreille?"
Jaenelle turned around.
For the first time, they were seeing the dream beneath the flesh. Karla stared at the pointed ears that had come from the Dea al Mon, the hands with sheathed claws that had come from the Tigre, the hooves peeking out from beneath the black gown that could have come from the centaurs or the horses or the unicorns. Most of all, she stared at the tiny spiral horn.
The living myth. Dreams made flesh. But, oh, had any of them really thought about who the dreamers had been?
Karla quietly cleared her throat to ask the question she suddenly hoped wouldn't be answered. "Who is going to war with Tereille?"
"I am," Witch said."
- Queen of the Darkness

If there is any world I would love to visit, it is definitely this one. I wonder if Peter Jackson knows about this trilogy? Could you imagine? His visionary brilliance in The Lord of the Rings knocked my socks off! He could turn this trilogy into one hell of a three part movie. I could care less if another movie was ever made! It would be epic...beyond epic. Orgasm inducing epic! Peter Jackson masterfully captures the visionary brilliance and emotional poignancy of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels world in Daughter of the Blood, the first movie in an epic trilogy you don't want to miss! Coming this Fall to a theater near you! Okay, I'm delusional, but, oh it's such a fun place to be!

It's been five years since I first journeyed into this amazing world, and I don't think I've ever left it! It's always there, popping in my head. And now it seems my new place of employment will be a constant reminder...Briarwood!

I hope all has been well with all of you. Winter's almost over, but you wouldn't know that here. We've gotten several inches of snow the last few days and it's not done yet. It looks pretty though. In a few more days, however, it'll have that yucky dirty look. But soon the buds will begin to appear on the trees, the grass will begin to turn that beautiful shade of green that I so dearly miss in the winter, and the birds! the birds will begin to chirp, singing their songs. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cecile said...

Nice to see you out and about again. And congrats on the new job! =)
Hope all is well my friend. Hugs to you.

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

Congrats on the new job!! I hope it works out well for you. :)

Great summation on the Black Jewels Trilogy! Anne Bishop found the just right combination of characters, personalities, emotions, plot and events with these books. They are priceless! And they are the only books I have ever truly wanted to reread without a doubt.

Tracy said...

Congrats on the new job! I can't imagine cooking for anyone but my family. I'd kill those poor people! lol

OMG Amy - Briarwood? I almost spit my coffee all over the desk when I saw that! I love the Black Jewels world so much but that was just a horrendous part of the story. But YOUR Briarwood will be wonderful. :)

Gerri Russell said...

Amy, Congratulations on the new job! Wishing you all the best.

Amy C said...

Hey Cecile,
Thanks! I hope things are well with you too. Hugs!

Hi Donna,
Thanks. You're right, the BJT does have the right combination, absolutely priceless! I hope you do reread them again.

Tracy! I had to laugh at your comment. I know, pretty damn bizarre about Briarwood. I hope MY Briarwood will be wonderful! Until I reread DotB, I always forget how sick and twisted that part of the story is.

Amy C said...

Thanks so much, Gerri!

And I'm looking forward to getting Seducing the Knight! Not too much longer now, only two months!

Anna said...

Congrats on getting the job!!

That is a little freaky that you'll be working at a place called Briarwood.


Blodeuedd said...

Yay congrats Amy! :)
And yes a job is a job.

I did start the first book, but then I stopped. I was too afraid I wouldn't like it

Allison('s)Reads said...

Woot! Yay! Super! Hi Amy, very happy for your news on the work front and loved your "press release" for Peter's next movie :). You should write them for real when the movie does happen! Take care.

Christine said...

Hi Amy! :)
Congratulations on your new job! How freaky that the home's name is Briarwood!

I loved your write up about the BJT. It's so great to read your enthusiasm and love of this series. You must be getting so psyched about the upcoming book!!

Have a great weekend and I hope spring is indeed right around the corner for all of us! We got another 16" or so just a day ago. I'm now done. LOL.

Tori [Book Faery] said...

The second I read the name of the place you were going to start working at, I thought about Daughter of the Blood. Once again you've made me REALLY want to restart the series!

It's a mixture of personalities (they all compliment each other so well), mannerisms, and just the wording that Bishop uses that resonates with readers, I think, that makes BJT so memorable.

Good to see you posting again! :)

Cybercliper said...

Hi Amy - congrats on the new job!! It's been years, but I worked in a retirement home once - they were called 'rest homes" then. I tell you, if you get a chance to talk to or just listen to some of the residents you will hear some of the most amazing stories - things that make fiction pale in comparison. It wasn't all roses - some of the residents were scary no longer living in this world, but some were unforgetable. Working there reminded me that these older folks were young once too and were pushing the envelop long before I was ever born.

Eva S said...

Congrats on the new job and great to see you again!
Funny about the name! I think I should get some more Anne Bishop books...

Lea said...


Congratulations on your new job! That is awesome news. :-)

I have the Black Jewels Trilogy here in the stacks thanks to you and will get to it eventually I hope. You summation of the stories really makes me want to read it. lol

I'm so delighted you posted your news.


Lori said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job

Dottie (My Blog 2.0-Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

So glad that you've found a new job! Congrats! WTG!

Interesting about the name and since Anne Bishop is a favorite of yours makes it doubling interesting. Her books are also waiting in my stacks per your recommendation.

Again, Congrats Amy!


Dottie :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Congrats on the new job, Amy!

Maybe down the road , you could start up a reading program and have Deven come in and read them his stories!? Or you, your poems?


Leslie said...

Wonderful news on the job. The name being Briarwood might be an odd sign that you are meant to be there.

I still need to read this series. I've had Daughter of the Blood on the tbr pile for a couple of years. Yikes!

Good luck with the new job. :)

vvb32 reads said...

congrats on the new job. and i'm going to have to read some anne bishop. it sounds good.
btw: you've been awarded ;-D

Mary G said...

Congrats on the job Amy. Must be fate. I'm sure your sweet cheer will be an asset there.

Marissa said...

Hi Amy,

Congrats on the new job!

I agree with you on Briarwood, I really hated to read that part, just shows how vivid and intense Bishop writes!

Silver @ The Raving Readers said...

Congrats on the new job, Amy!

Glad to see your perspective on the trilogy. See, I loved Daughter of the Blood, but Heir and Queen, not so much. :)

Ladybug said...

Congratulations on your new job, Amy! I haven't read any of Anne Bishop's books but it sounds like I ought to.