Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well hello there! So nice of you to drop by :). It's been so long since I signed into my google account I had to stop for a moment to remember my password! It's pretty dusty around here, nothing a little cleaning can't take care of.

Things have been a little...or rather, alot...out of whack these past few months. I have hardly read anything. Maybe I'm going through some kind of mid-life crisis or something. I miss my blog. I miss all of your blogs. I miss reading. My mom and I are going away this weekend to the RT convention for the signing Saturday and to hang out with the most awesome Amanda McIntyre Friday night. I'm psyched about that. I need this break something awful. And I'm hoping that being surrounded by so many other book lovers that it will reignite my passion again. I miss it dearly! I can't use work as an excuse anymore for my lack of reading. A lot of you do it everyday, and if you can do it, well, so can I!

I'm still working at Briarwood. Which reminds me, I went to see the lovely Anne Bishop again the other day and had to tell her about Briarwood! She thought it was funny. Anne didn't know back in March what she would be writing next, but I'm super happy to say that she is revisiting her Ephemera world! I'm thinking there really is no cure for Briarwood. It is the pretty poison. I can't seem to get away from the place. You see, I gave my notice that I was quitting and tomorrow was supposed to be my last day, but I am staying a few more weeks. I wonder what's going to happen when those few weeks pass, will I still be there? I just don't want to leave them in a bind, you know. And there is this other job that I am hoping to get but the position doesn't open til the end of May. So I have time that I can stay at Briarwood for a bit longer.

And then the other day, my husband was diagnosed with Diabetes :(. He started not feeling well a few months ago, and lost several pounds. He went to the doc, had some blood work done and his glucose was ridiculously high. So now he's on meds for that.

I hope to start a routine with visiting all your blogs again like I used to. I need to learn how to manage my time better, but sometimes I'm just so tired after working all day. I'd rather just watch a movie than try to read. It hurts my eyes and I'm nearly asleep after only a few pages...and it has nothing to do with the content and writing! My job at the calendar kiosk was nothing compared to this job cooking! I suppose my body is getting used to the hard work, but damn it, I don't want to get used to it! But I do get lots of yummy desserts to eat everyday!

Anyway, I'm going to try and be a better blogger. Heck, I've been away so long it seems, most of you might not even care about lil ole me anymore :P. I hope not though, because I do miss you all! And I have books to talk about...not yet, but soon...I hope anyway! LOL Well, there is one book that I have a review for that I'll be posting soon. I loved it! And the first one. Haunting Warrior by Erin Quinn! She is such an amazing writer. I'm actually reading another of her books now. Whispers, under her other name, Erin Grady. Fabulous also, and like I mentioned to her, I cannot figure out why the book is out of print. It's eerie and suspenseful...very well done. Maybe I'll finish it soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful night!

Until next time...


JennJ said...

Good to see you hon! We have missed seeing ya around! RL can sure be a bear at times so no worries. Sorry to hear about your DH's diabetes its a horrible disease and hope he does well with it now that he knows about it he can control it so that's a good thing! :) BIG HUGS and welcome back.

Blanche said...

Hi Amy! It is good to see you, we've missed you!
My husband was told he is borderline diabetic a month ago and we have made significant changes so that it doesn't get completely out of control for him. He gets tested again next week! Sending good thoughts for your husband!
Welcome back, looking forward to seeing you blogging again!!

Amy C said...

Thanks, Jenn! Sometimes I wish I lived in some of those fantasy worlds I read about, but then I guess in that alternate reality that would be RL and I would wish for a break from that too :). You can't win! LOL

Amy C said...

Thanks so much, Blanche! I've missed being around. Blogging was such a huge part of my life for awhile, and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully you and your husband are able to keep him borderline with your change in diet. Shawn doesn't like to listen to me when I tell him what he can and can't eat. He's okay with the sugar part, it's the carbs. There are a number of residents at the facility I work at that are diabetic so I've learned a little about the disease. Just have to get him to listen to me :). Men are stubborn like that. Hopefully it will get under control soon. Still experimenting with drugs and how much to take to get his levels down.

Anna said...

Hi Amy....

Never think that, you are definitely missed. I love reading your posts. I hope you and your mom have a fun, relaxing time at RT.


Lover of Romance said...

I hope things get better with your husband!!! My dad has diabetes and was in the hospital for a while, so I understand! I do hope you have fun at the convention, I have always wanted to go!!! Looking forward to reading future posts from you!!!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Not to worry, all of your blogger buddies are remembering you quite fondly, LOL! We miss you too and hope you'll have the time and energy to start blogging again soon. Real life tends to take over once in a while, for all of us. I'm glad you're leaving Briarwood if you're unhappy there, maybe the other job will pan out.

Sorry about hubby's Diabetes, but it's good that they were able to get it under control.

Hope you enjoy going to RT and visiting with Amanda! Say Hi to her from all of us, wish I was going too! *envious*


Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Amy :D
Missed you a lot and your beautiful blog.

I am so happy that you got to meet Bishop, I wonder what the possibility of a fav author coming here is ;)

Sorry to her about your husband. My mum got it too a couple of years back, I was kind of shaken up about it and gave up soda at once (not candy though, it is too yummy, should try to cut back.)But the meds are working for her and no probs at all so I am sure it will be the same for your hubby.

And I am sure you will find some routine that works for you, vising blogs, and reading, if not then we will see you around when you come by :)

Stacy~ said...

hey Amy! Good to see you blogging again, if it's just temporary.

Sorry about your hubby's health. Fortunately he can still lead a very full life, as long as he monitors his health and stays disciplined.

Are you going to Lori Foster's event again this year?

Amy C said...

Thank you, Anna :). I have missed you! My emails are far apart and few :( I'm sure it will be a good time this weekend.

Hi there, Lover of Romance :)
I hope to stick around this time, and spend some more time visiting your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you, Blodeuedd! JennJ had a big hand in beautifying my blog with my lovely banner and avatar! She's awesome!

Diabetes is a very common disease. It seems someone knows someone who has it. And for the most part, they live with it fine. I'm sure my husband will be all right too :). He just has to readjust his eating habits.

Amy C said...

Hi Stacy!
I would love to attend Lori Foster's again this year, but I can't. My husband is almost finished with school, and hopefully he'll find a good job again :). Hopefully next year we'll be able to attend. It was either that, or the RT signing, and we can't always go to that one, since it's sometimes too far to drive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!!
I still care, I'd love to see you back to posting regularly!
I hope you have a great time the RT Convention.



Christine said...

Hi Amy!! :)
It's so good to see a post from you! One of the most wonderful things about book bloggers is that they truly care about one another and never forget one another! Yes, it's true that we don't really know each other like we would if we were neighbors or friends with who actually see each other and spend time together.... but no one can deny that we forge genuine friendships in this realm through our blogs.

So sorry to hear that your husband has been diagnosed with diabetes. :( I hope he is able to manage it easily and safely.

As for finding your blogging and reading mojo... I hope that RT this weekend gives it all a jump start! It's tough finding the right balance between your interests and family and responsibilities. There certainly doesn't seem to be enough time to do it all, does there? I hope you at least find your reading groove again. Then you'll figure out how you want to fit the blogging back in again, too. :)

Cecile said...

I just wanted to peek in to say that you are missed! RL can be not nice sometimes to all of us! And I can only copy what those before me have said about everything... but most of all.. you are missed... and even if you don't post regular... just know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers (we are birth sisters after all)... Hugs to you honey!

Eva S said...

Hi Amy,
great to see you back! Take care of yourself and your family, and have a wonderful time at RT!

I hope you'll soon find an interesting job, and time to read and blog again.

Cybercliper said...

Hi Amy...good to read you again. RT convention - so color me green with jealousy!!! Have lots of fun!!! Hope all goes well with your hubs - my mom is a recently diagnosed diabetic but so far is avoiding medication through diet changes. Sending good wishes your way...

Lea said...


It is so wonderful to see your post. We miss you and as Christine so eloquently said, you are one of us and wouldn't be forgotten. I know how stressful life can be too well and appreciate how hard it is to fit everything in.

I hope your hubby's diabetes gets stabilized quickly on diabetic medication and that he feels better. Has he been referred to a dietician? Or a diabetic clinic?

You have an awesome time at the RT this weekend. I would love to be there too, sadly it was not in the cards however. Awesome about Ann Bishop, I know she is one of your favorites.

((hugs)) Amy

I hope to chat soon.

azteclady said...


I'm sorry about your husband's health news; I hope it can be controlled without too many issues.

And while I have missed you, as have many others, please do not allow us to become yet another "must do" thing in your life--we are here to enjoy your company, not sap the joy out of you!

Take care of yourself too, okay?

Lori said...

Hi Amy! Good to see you blogging again!

Sorry to hear about hubby's diagnosis, but thankfully, it's something that can be managed fairly easily most of the time. And I sympathize - I would die (figuratively, of course) if I had to reduce my carb intake. I'm such a breaditarian. But thankfully, there are some good carbs out there that he can eat without worry, as long as he doesn't go crazy :)

Hope to see more of you soon!

Donna said...

Howdy to you too! :)

I hope your hubby's diabetes is manageable and it gets under control so he gets his appetite and energy back soon. Hugs to you both!

Thanks for sharing that tidbit on Ephemera! I really like Belladonna and Sebastian so it makes me very happy to see there will be another book. I had kinda lost hope that there would be another book in this series since nothing has been mentioned on it for so long.

Take care of yourself sweet lady!

Renee said...

Amy!! It's good to see you online again!

Missed you much. Hope things settle down for you, and you get to do some reading, blogging, and visiting soon.

Have a GREAT weekend! :-)

I ♥ Book Gossip said...

Have a great time at RT! I've never been so have a great time!

Tracy said...

Oh honey I know how you feel about managing time better. I find the time to read and sometimes blog but rarely blog hop anymore. That time gets used up with the kids. :) Maybe if I read less? hmmm...NAH! lol

I'm sorry that you're not happy with Briarwood but I hope you don't stay at a job you hate because you feel bad for them. They'll eventually find someone else and you need to be happy with the job you go to every day.

I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby. That sucks - but hopefully with the meds now he'll be able to control it.

I've missed you and hope to see you around. :) I'll try to hop by more often.