Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Emergency rooms and Stitches, OH MY!

The joys of being a parent! I had my first emergency room experience today...yay me! It's like a milestone in parenthood. I breezed through it with flying colors, well, nearly flying colors. I'd say I get an E for effort at least!

Let me back track a bit. I was standing in the store when my husband called, telling me that the school just called and Devin needs to go to the emergency room. Huh?? He said that his little fingers were smashed in a door. I didn't really panic. I thought how bad could it be? I quickly paid for my stuff since I was done anyway. Drove 2 minutes to the school and rushed inside. Upon entering I hear little voices saying, "Look, it's Devin's mom." I guess I've spent a lot of time at his school over the years he's been there :). I walked in the nurses office. Devin was lying down, not looking so good. I saw the blood on his shirt and that's when I began to panic. The nurse carefully peeled away the gauze and, oh my goodness, my poor little baby's finger was a gnarled mess! Or at least to my eyes it was. Called the husband back immediately to tell him to meet us at the hospital. It was so cute, but Devin was embarrassed! The nurse wheeled him out to my car in a wheel chair :).

We drove to the emergency room, Devin had a few moments of panic, telling me that he hated his life. That he wished he could just live in a little box so that he never got hurt again. My baby :(. I hate when I can't take his pain away. But he was a trooper. I'm so proud of him. He may have had some moments where he cried as he imagined what the doctor would do to him. And I had no idea if stitches were needed. When the doc said he would need them (four total), Devin lost it all over again :(. And then again when he said that Devin may lose his fingernail! But whenever the doctor or nurses were around, Devin stayed strong through everything they did to him. He didn't even flinch when they stuck the needle in his little finger to numb it.

I can't say the same for myself however. When the doc was done, Devin sat up and that's when I began to feel queasy. I don't know, all of sudden my skin began to tingle. I got that sweaty sensation. I thought I was going to pass out. The doctor looked at me and told me to lay down. I grew extremely pale. The doc brought me a cup of water. That didn't work. One of the nurses came back in and she took one look at me and asked if I was okay. She got me a big glass of apple juice, and that did the trick. I think with the trauma of seeing my son going through something like this for the first time, and the fact that I was hungry caused me to go into a little bit of shock. When we were leaving the room another nurse who we hadn't seen was entering and she looked at me and asked I was going to be okay. Everyone kept saying how pale I was. It was the most bizarre thing to react that way to my son's injury. But we are home, and Devin is in good spirits.

We told Devin that this was like a rite of passage to manhood! That and hairy balls! Okay, that last bit is from Devin. I think it's a boy thing, the obsession with his balls :P. Sometimes I wish I had a girl...:).

On to other things, I'm one step closer to being enrolled in school this fall! The Medical Office Assistant program. I'm so excited about that. And then, last Thursday I hurt my back at work. I had already given them my notice, but gave them a few extra weeks to make sure that the girl replacing me was trained enough. I would have stayed on another week, but my damn back. It's doing better now, just have to watch how I move and what I lift. But it's okay, because I have an interview tomorrow at the mall working at mall customer service. I would love to be back at the mall. I really enjoyed working the calendar kiosk, seeing the people and interacting with them. It was fun and I loved going to work. I go to the mall and I miss working there. So I really hope I get this job.

Anything new and exciting going on with you?


Lori said...

Awwww, hugs. It's so hard to see our kids in pain and to want to wrap them up and make sure nothing bad ever happens to them. And your reaction after it was all over is really common, too. I can bleed all over the place, but if I see my hubby or kids pale and clammy or bleeding, I get faint. And I worked in the ER for years.

Love the comment about the hairy balls. Yup, sounds about right. Oh, and about the nail falling off? Chances are when it actually happens, he'll be in heaven. It's the coolest thing ever to show your friends (can you tell I've had experience with that one?).

Good luck on the job! I hope you get it since it sounds like just what you want. And boo on the back sitch. Feel better!

So glad he's going to be ok.

Heather D said...

Awe Amy, bless your heart! My sympathies go out to you.

In my opinion it is amazing that you made it 9 years, or is it 10, without having an ER visit. LOL My first visit to the ER with my daughter she was 4yrs old. She decided she was going to jump out of a swing mid air and landed on her chin. Fortunately she didn't break anything, and I was at work when it happened so I didn't have to deal with any blood. then in the 6th grade she broke her collar bone at school. Cody fell on the hardwood floor the day after having his tonsils removed and busted his chin wide open. I wasn't so lucky here, dealt with the blood and kept a cooler head than my husband. I don't know if it was a blessing or a curse that I had already given him his pain meds... they kept him calm after the initial fall and shock but could be the reason he fell. And the night before his last football game he broke his arm.

I always think of the son Chicks Dig It by Chris Cagle and the movie the Replacements when Cody gets hurt.

I hope both you and Devin are feeling better.

Tracy said...

Poor Devin I hope his finger is better soon. But good for him for his stand-up attitude with the doctor. He WAS a real trooper - that's awesome!

I'm so sorry to hear about your back and am THRILLED for you that you aren't working at Briarwood any more!

Good luck with the job hunting and the schooling!

Erin Quinn said...

Well you've certainly had an eventful time of it! I'm glad your "baby" is okay. :) Mine youngest is almost driving and I still get all gooey when she doesn't feel good.

Hope this is the last trip to ER you have to deal with for a long, long time!

Amy C said...

Hi Lori,
I thought of you when I added the hairy balls. When Devin makes comments like that I just recall some of your posts that you've posted about your boys. They remind me that Devin is normal!

I did mention to him that wouldn't his friends think the whole stitches and nail loss be cool. He said "NO! They'll call my finger demented and say it's gross!" and then he started crying :(. I think it might me more him thinking it's gross, so he thinks everyone will also. He gets that from me. I don't have the stomach for this stuff!

Amy C said...

Oh, Heather!
You certainly have had your share of ER visits! Devin is actually 2 weeks away from being 11, so I'd say we definitely are really lucky that this is our first trip. And luckily it wasn't too terribly bad. But it was bad enough :(.

And Devin was just talking the other day about the fact that he hasn't had any broken bones or stitches yet...YET! Well, that changed as of 3pm yesterday afternoon.

Amy C said...

Hey Tracy,
I was very proud of Devin yesterday. I always wondered how he would react if a situation like this ever arose. I know how he has always been at home with minor cuts, and it's never been pretty. Although he has mellowed out regarding his own blood over the last couple of years.

I am also so glad that I don't work at Briarwood any more :). I think it was destined for failure from the beginning! LOL I really enjoyed my coworkers, but that's about it.

Amy C said...

Hi Erin,
I wonder if that worry feeling will ever go away? I doubt it! We were doing so good, I thought maybe we'd never have a trip to the ER. I've heard stories over the years how awful it is to have to sit and wait in the ER. But I was very happy with our first experience. It only took 2 hours, from the time we got there til the time we left.

Christine said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Devin and poor YOU! :(

I'm glad you both survived the ordeal, but what a rough day!

Now you've got a bad back, too?! Hopefully you're feeling better already and I can't wait to hear good news about a new job that is more suited to you.


Blodeuedd said...

Poor guy, but at least he got through the whole ordeal.
And poor you, you really must have been pale.

Yay, school.

Nothing big like that to tell from my part. Moved in with my cutie, almost finished with uni

Anonymous said...

LOL at the "hairy balls" right of passage to manhood.

Sorry he was hurt. It's terrible to see our kids hurt or sick- we feel so completely helpless sometimes.

I hope he (and you) are both feeling much better now.



Anna said...

Ouch! Poor Devin and Poor Mom too! I hope his fingers heal soon. If it comes down to it I hope he doesn't loose a finger nail. I lost a toenail in kindergarten, it grew back just fine, but it's not a fun experience.


Cecile said...

Oh gosh Amy, I am sorry to hear about that. But at the same time very proud of him for being the Big man. Our children are our heart and soul... And I secretly thank the Gods above that I have a girl, lmbo!!

Here is to a speedy recovery!
Here is also good vibes going your way for the job!!!!
Hugs to you hon!

Renee said...

We've had 3 ER visits, though 2 were for the kid's asthma. I actually missed the visit to the ER when he fell off of his bunk bed, and did a faceplant. He got lucky and they were able to glue the cut closed with surgical glue. He was actually more upset about the idea of a shot/stitches, so when he was told that they'd glue it, his hysterics stopped.

So glad Devin is ok, and well enough to make jokes. Yep! Boys and their "parts". It's funny how that and potty humor are hard-wired into them. My kid is the same way! lol

Good luck with the program! It sounds like a great opportunity. :-)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy and ((((giant hugs)))) to you and Devin!

(oh, and it must be a guy thing, I have two boys and balls was a topic of conversation I had to eventually forbid. When my daughter was little, she asked where HERS was. Mortification.)

Well, you may I remember I'm the oldest of seven kids, and I had my first emergency room experience when my little sister ran a needle through her foot. My mom was, of course, pregnant out to here and in no condition to go to the emergency room. My baby sister begged me to go with her. So, my dad and I took her to the emergency room. I was fine while they opened her foot, took out the needle, cleaned and stitched her foot back up. Then suddenly it left like I didn't have any blood in the face, I got dizzy, and almost passed out. LOL I had to go sit in the hall while they bandaged it up. LOL I was passed all the gross parts, and it just felt like it all caught up with me. Needless to say, when my own kids had to make an emergency room visit, I was already indoctrinated. Still didn't care for it, but made my way through broken bones, cuts, and about 100 xrays. Not fun, but like you say, a right of passage!

Hope Devin is doing much better now, and the girls will think the stitches are sexy! LOL Everyone will have to see them.

Dottie :)

Stephanie*magic* said...

Hi Amy!
I'm so glad Devin is ok!
Your so lucky that this was your first ER experience! With 4 kids, i've had way too many! From split open heads to tips of fingers being ripped off all the way to surgery.
And OMG...... " We told Devin that this was like a rite of passage to manhood! That and hairy balls! Okay, that last bit is from Devin. I think it's a boy thing, the obsession with his balls "
LMFAO!!!!!! Boys and their balls I tell ya! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Good luck with school Amy. WTG!!!! I still havent found a job. And the thought of school gives me the hebbie jeebies! lmao!!!
Miss you lots! Hope Sean is doing good too.
Take care sweetie! *hugs*

azteclady said...

*knock knock*

anybody home?

Hoping everything is back to normal with Devin--and his momma!

Silver @ TRR said...

Hi Amy,

Hope Devin's fully recovered by now! Totally understand what you went through. :)

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