Monday, May 3, 2010

Haunting Warrior by Erin Quinn

Haunting Warrior
by Erin Quinn

Available - May 4, 2010

First thing that came to mind when I turned the last page was how long must I wait for the third book, Haunting Desire! Erin Quinn won me over with Haunting Beauty and sealed the deal with this second installment centered again around the mysterious and evil Book of Fennore.

Haunting Warrior expands on the events that took place in Haunting Beauty regarding Rory and his father and the encounter they had with the Book of Fennore, which resulted in the sudden disappearance of Rory's father, Cathan. Ever since that terrifying experience with the book when Rory was five, he has not been the same. He grew rebellious and angry, and was eventually sent to live with his aunt in the US when he was twelve. Now thirty years old, Rory begins dreaming of a beautiful woman who haunts his sleeping hours.

After the death of Rory's grandmother and her prophetic visit, Rory travels back to Ireland to the Island of Fennore, a place he swore he'd never step foot again. During the funeral, he discovers that the woman he has dreamed about is not only haunting his sleeping hours but now his waking hours as well. She appears, luring him away from the funeral with her pleas for his help. But what he doesn't realize in order to help this mysterious woman until it's too late, is that Rory must travel back in time. And those first scenes as Rory is making that transition was just awesome. It was gradual, rather than a bam, here one second, there the next. A unique course of events, unlike anything I've ever read.

I think Erin Quinn is an amazing writer. She has such a talent for painting such vivid pictures with her prose. She's one of those authors that I love to read and I feel like I'm getting a treat, something special to get lost in.

Take a journey with Rory and Saraid to an ancient Ireland, where he rediscovers himself and a love he thought never to have. Haunting Warrior was both fascinating and compelling in its originality and the beautiful prose that sweep you along throughout the pages. This is a must read series, in my opinion!

Another 5 star read!

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Blodeuedd said...

Did someone say ancient Ireland
*looks up*
I love ancient Eire :D

Amy C said...

Well, then, Blodeuedd, I think you should get this book :D, because I did say ancient Ireland!

Leontine said...

I finished writing my review this morning and love the author's voice. She indeed brings you back to ancient Eire ;) Did you read the teaser for next story? I'm already clamoring for it!!

Amy C said...

Hi Leontine!
I agree! And I just finished reading another of her books, Whispers (Erin Grady). If you haven't read it, you should! There is a past story that is told along with the present, it's quite a dark tale. I loved it also! I have Echoes to read too. I get sucked right into her stories. I'm with you, Haunting Desire is going to be another good one! Tiarnan needs some love :).

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

wow, what a cover!! I heard a lot about the first book in this series.

Anna said...

Great Review Amy! They both look really good, I might have to check them out. I love the covers too. :)

Patti said...

I've got Haunting Beauty in my TBR, I should read it soon b/c this book sounds wonderful.

Amy C said...

Hi Carrie,
I hope you give these books a try. They are my kind of paranormal :).

Hey Anna,
Thank you! You would like them. I'm actually surprised to learn that you didn't read Haunting Beauty! LOL

Hi Patti,
Ohh, you need to dig Haunting Beauty out of that TBR and read it!

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